RealDirect for Buyers - How It Works

RealDirect for Buyers helps you find the right home for your needs through our proprietary tools, technology partners and real estate pros. Our goal is to give you the guidance you need, without the sales pitch. And best of all, we save you thousands of dollars in the process through our closing rebate. Use your rebate check to renovate your new home or to simply reduce the net cost. Either way, RealDirect makes the home buying process better.

1. Fill out our Buyer Survey

This will help us determine which properties are a best match for you. At the end of the survey, we will provide a synopsis of your “Must-Have,” “Wish-List” and “Deal-Breaker” criteria to assist in your search.

Buyer Survey

2. Search for Properties

Use our smart lasso tool to define your search area down to street level. Our proprietary relevancy ranking will return your best match properties first. Choose properties you are interested in learning more about and save them for review.

Finder Search

3. Review

View your Listing Manager in greater detail and decide which properties you’d like to visit. Our licensed agent will set appointments for you and accompany you on showings if you wish.

Top 5 Properties

4. Buy Your Property

Continue updating your list until you’ve narrowed it down to the property you wish to purchase. Your agent will be available to help you determine how much to offer and handle the negotiation. We’ll coordinate your closing and assist with any needs, including board package.

Make An Offer

5. Get a Check

When you work with RealDirect, you get a check for up to .25% of the purchase price when you close on your new property.*

Buyer Rebate

*rebate percentage dependent upon broker commission associated with closed property.

Ready to get started?

Use RealDirect as your designated buyer’s broker, you get up to .25% of your purchase price back at closing.

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