RealDirect for Sellers - How It Works

Whether selling your home yourself or using a RealDirect agent - our selling platform makes it easy.

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1. Find your RealPrice

Fill out your RealPrice Profile and tell us about your home. We'll then send you a customized price recommendation for where to price your property if you were to list it today. We factor in considerations like location, size, and condition, but also ask you to provide photos so we can see how your home really compares to recent sales.


2. Create your Listing

Ready to sell? After you've gotten your RealPrice, you can convert the profile you created into a listing. We'll ask you to swap out your photos with show-worthy ones to attract the right buyers, as well as to provide some additional information about your home, like a description for buyers and buyer agents to highlight the best aspects of the listing.


3. Decide how you want to work with RealDirect

We give you the flexibility to decide how you want to work with us.

Want maximum exposure for your listing, but can show your home yourself? Use our Owner-Managed service.

If you want to manage the sale of your home yourself, but want to get maximum visibility of your listing, select this program. In this exclusive arrangement, RealDirect acts as your broker and lists your home in the REBNY (Real Estate Board of New York) database, putting it in front of every New York real estate agent. You also get listed in Streeteasy, Zillow, Trulia and many others. We also coach you on how to leverage your personal network by sharing your listing on Facebook and Twitter, and give you tips and recommendations every step of the way.

What's it cost?

You choose how you want to pay for the owner managed service. You can either pay $349/3 months for the duration of your relationship with us, or 1% of the purchase price on closing. Bear in mind that if you sell your home to a buyer who is working with an agent, you will need to pay the buyer agent up to 3% of the purchase price of your home.

Want a full-service experience? Use our Agent-Managed service.

If you don't have the time to show your home yourself, and want all the bells and whistles of a full service brokerage, and all of the visibility of our Owner Managed service, our Agent Managed Service may be for you. We manage all of the details including pricing advice, staging recommendations, professional photos, floor plans and videos, as well as all showings, open houses, negotiations and board packages. And we have one goal: to maximize your net proceeds.

What's it cost?

Use RealDirect on a full-service basis and pay us only 2% on closing. We earn the same commission whether we find you a direct buyer or the buyer is represented by an agent, so there are no conflicts of interest. As the seller, you are in control and can decide which offer is the best deal for you. If your buyer is represented by an agent, then you will need to pay the buyer agent up to 3% of the purchase price, but if they are not represented (and more and more buyers are doing the legwork themselves), then you save the 4% you would have paid to a traditional 6% brokerage.

4. Friction Free Appointments and Contact Management

With the RealDirect service, your listing includes the times and dates your home is available for showing, and lets buyers book those appointments right on the listing website. This makes showing your home to buyers as easy as booking dinner at their favorite restaurant. And all of your appointments are automatically added to your contacts so communicating with potential buyers is easy.

Why It's Better: No other site gives buyers the ability to have "one click showings" and only talk to an agent if they want to. And the more "buyer friendly" your listing is, the better it will perform.


5. Data Driven Recommendations and Alerts

RealDirect pulls data from multiple sources to give you and/or your agent real time, personalized and actionable recommendations about what is working and not working in your sales process, and the ability to fix any problems with the click of a link.

Why It's Better: By utilizing real time data to make decisions, we catch problems before they can negatively impact your sale process, and provide that information in an actionable and impactful way.


6. Massive Listing Distribution

Your listing is ineffective unless buyers can find it. We make sure your listing is everywhere a buyer might be looking by displaying it on top real estate search engines and classifieds sites like Zillow, Trulia, Google, Streeteasy and others. Plus, because RealDirect is a licensed real estate broker in New York, we can place your listing in the local MLS databases to ensure buyers' brokers are showing your listing to their clients.

Why It's Better: RealDirect is the only full and self serve solution that distributes your listing to the big search engines, national real estate search, social networks, local real estate search sites as well as professional agent databases.


7. Measurable Advertising

The RealDirect platform not only allows you to advertise your listing in Premium media like Streeteasy and, we also help you see what is working and what isn't, so you can focus on what works for your listing, and eliminate what doesn't.

Why It's Better: Time is money, and money is money. Our advertising metrics tools help you save both.


8. Licensed Agents, Expert Help

With our Owner Managed and Agent Managed programs, you have access to our licensed agents and technologists to ensure you have all the information and tools necessary to sell your home at the highest price, in the shortest timeframe.

Why It's Better: Whether you choose to sell your home yourself or let us sell it for you, you have access to professionals to support your sale.

9. Real Value

Our choice of fee for service and smart commissions means you can choose the right service for your situation, and know that either way, you have the potential to save thousands off of a typical 6% commission.

Why It's Better: Why pay 6% when you can do it for less and get better results.

Cash Back for Buyers

Use RealDirect as your designated buyer’s broker, you get up to .25% of your purchase price back at closing.

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