733 8th Ave #1
New York, NY, 10036

This property is currently Off Market.


    • 42nd St Route ARoute CRoute ERoute NRoute QRoute RRoute SRoute 1Route 2Route 3Route 7 2 Minute walk, 0.1 Miles
    • Grand Central Route GSRoute 4Route 5Route 6Route 7 16 Minute walk, 0.8 Miles
    • Times Square Route ARoute CRoute ERoute NRoute QRoute RRoute GSRoute 1Route 2Route 3Route 7 7 Minute walk, 0.3 Miles


    • Elementary School

      • P.S. 051 Elias Howe
        • Grades: PK,0K,01,02,03,04,05,SE
        • Principal: Nancy Sing Bock
        • Phone: 212-315-7160
        • Address: 525 West 44Th Street
        • Website: schools.nyc.gov
    • Middle School

      • Zoned to District 2. No zoned school. Contact 718-935-2383 for more information.
    • High School

      • Citywide High School Choice

    Public Records

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    • This property was sold for $0.00 on 2016-07-08. Show Details
    • Maps filed 2015-12-16 Show Details
    • Condo Declaration (Deeds And Other Conveyances) was filed on 2015-12-16. Show Details
    • A Power of Attorney associated with this address was filed on 2002-11-19 Show Details

    HPD Registration

    This building was last registered at the Department of Housing Preservation and Development on N/A and the registration expires Sept. 1, 2015.