270 Broadway
New York, NY, 10007

Built in 1910 this 295,893 sq.ft. building is 70% Residential, 26% Office Space, 4% Retail and contains 87 residential units and 4 non-residential units.

This building has 5 units available.


    • City Hall Route R 1 Minute walk, 0.1 Miles
    • Chambers St Route ARoute CRoute ERoute 2Route 3 2 Minute walk, 0.1 Miles
    • Canal St (UL) Route JRoute NRoute QRoute RRoute ZRoute 6 9 Minute walk, 0.5 Miles
    • Broadway-Lafayette St Route BRoute DRoute FRoute MRoute 6 19 Minute walk, 1.0 Miles
    • Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall Route JRoute ZRoute 4Route 5Route 6 3 Minute walk, 0.2 Miles


    • Elementary School

      • Spruce Street School
        • Grades: PK,0K,01,02,03,04,05,06,SE
        • Principal: Nancy Harris
        • Phone: 212-266-4800
        • Address: 12 Spruce Street
        • Website: schools.nyc.gov
    • Middle School

      • J.H.S. 104 Simon Baruch
        • Grades: 06,07,08,SE
        • Principal: Rocco Macri
        • Phone: 212-674-4545
        • Address: 330 East 21 Street
        • Website: schools.nyc.gov
    • High School

      • Citywide High School Choice, students receive priority to Millennium High School (02M418).

    Units at this Address

    PriceUnitLast UpdateStatusPublic Records
    22BTOff Market13
    10BOff Market14
    Login Required13C2017-04-12Sold3
    23BOff Market17
    13AOff Market3
    13FOff Market13
    Login Required13E2017-06-07Sold8
    Login Required13D2015-10-29Sold13
    Login Required10D2018-07-01Sold14
    26BTOff Market19
    Login Required16A2018-04-28Available47
    16BOff Market19
    21AOff Market28
    Login Required16D2017-12-19Sold14
    12COff Market16
    12BOff Market17
    12AOff Market16
    12FOff Market16
    12EOff Market21
    12DOff Market14
    17AOff Market19
    Login Required15B2013-01-24Sold7
    PHBTOff Market8
    1Off Market36
    18BOff Market3
    8AOff Market4
    14DOff Market15
    24ATOff Market15
    20DOff Market14
    26BTOff Market10
    Login Required11B2017-12-19Sold6
    25BOff Market10
    24ATOff Market3
    11DOff Market8
    13DOff Market22
    13EOff Market16
    13FOff Market18
    13AOff Market16
    13BOff Market15
    13COff Market25
    Login Required12D2019-02-16Off Market9
    12EOff Market5
    12FOff Market10
    14FTOff Market15
    25BOff Market21
    Login Required12B2017-12-21Sold4
    12COff Market6
    Login Required10A2014-04-01Off Market1
    C1Off Market25
    C2Off Market24
    C3Off Market24
    C4Off Market24
    C1Off Market28
    15EOff Market8
    Login Required15D2012-01-05Sold8
    Login Required9C2018-09-23Sold2
    15FOff Market7
    9EOff Market2
    9DOff Market4
    15COff Market15
    9FOff Market8
    Login Required26B2011-12-27Available0
    26AOff Market4
    16COff Market11
    14EOff Market15
    Login Required18C2014-10-04Sold8
    18AOff Market6
    14AOff Market14
    Login Required18D2014-04-18Sold14
    14BOff Market19
    8EOff Market1
    Login Required13B2016-06-27Sold7
    23AOff Market18
    Login Required21B2017-01-19Off Market9
    16DOff Market22
    25ATOff Market2
    8COff Market15
    PHATOff Market16
    24BTOff Market27
    24CTOff Market13
    Login Required14E2016-03-25Sold6
    Login Required14B2015-12-14Off Market6
    14COff Market7
    14AOff Market2
    22AOff Market13
    20AOff Market29
    17COff Market2
    Login Required17B2014-07-02Sold20
    17AOff Market2
    15FOff Market20
    15DOff Market20
    22COff Market5
    15BOff Market15
    15COff Market16
    15AOff Market20
    12EOff Market1
    PHATOff Market4
    14FTOff Market7
    8FOff Market19
    8EOff Market17
    8DOff Market18
    16COff Market23
    16BOff Market21
    16AOff Market43
    Login Required12A2015-10-25Sold11
    C4Off Market2
    C3Off Market2
    C2Off Market2
    C1Off Market5
    20AOff Market8
    Login Required20C2014-07-17Sold22
    20BOff Market14
    20DOff Market12
    23CTOff Market3
    11FOff Market7
    22ATOff Market3
    8AOff Market34
    8FOff Market2
    14DOff Market4
    23CTOff Market13
    22ATOff Market6
    19BOff Market11
    8BOff Market7
    Login Required8C2011-12-27Available6
    17BOff Market14
    17COff Market29
    Login Required8F2019-02-19Available2
    8DOff Market5
    8EOff Market6
    26AOff Market17
    8BOff Market16
    9AOff Market19
    Login Required19A2018-09-25Off Market9
    21COff Market6
    19COff Market15
    21AOff Market6
    Login Required19D2015-09-18Off Market5
    21DOff Market20
    PHCTOff Market5
    9COff Market15
    14COff Market1
    8AOff Market28
    Login Required19DWEST2016-07-06Off Market0
    9FOff Market15
    PHBTOff Market12
    24BTOff Market6
    22BTOff Market6
    14COff Market21
    Login Required22C2012-02-29Sold24
    17CPOMOff Market0
    17DTOff Market24
    11COff Market22
    20Off Market1
    18COff Market17
    18BOff Market25
    18DOff Market24
    10AOff Market16
    10COff Market16
    10BOff Market16
    10EOff Market21
    10DOff Market20
    10FOff Market15
    11AOff Market7
    21COff Market25
    21BOff Market17
    11EOff Market24
    21DOff Market15
    Login Required11F2018-03-20Off Market5
    9AOff Market2
    13AOff Market6
    Login Required10A2015-11-15Sold16
    Login RequiredPHC2015-12-17Off Market0
    Login RequiredPHB2013-09-05Available0
    9BOff Market2
    20COff Market5
    15AOff Market2
    24CTOff Market3
    11COff Market5
    15EOff Market23
    25ATOff Market23
    19BOff Market20
    19COff Market24
    9BOff Market14
    19AOff Market21
    9DOff Market15
    9EOff Market21
    19DOff Market20
    11BOff Market20
    18AOff Market26
    11AOff Market16
    11FOff Market19
    17DTOff Market11
    11DOff Market17
    11EOff Market17
    20BOff Market38
    10COff Market8
    10EOff Market11
    10FOff Market5
    23AOff Market2
    Login Required23B2015-10-05Sold7
    23COff Market0

    Public Records

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    • Correct Index/Deed-Office Use (Deeds And Other Conveyances) was filed on 2010-04-28. Show Details
    • UCC3 Termination dated 2002-02-11, Secured Party: Dime Savings Bank Ofnew York, FSB, Assignee: Show Details
    • UCC3 Termination dated 2000-07-19, Secured Party: Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., Assignee: Show Details
    • Initial UCC1 dated 2000-05-16, Secured Party: Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. Show Details
    • Initial UCC1 dated 2000-05-16, Secured Party: Dime Savings Bank Ofnew York, FSB Show Details
    • Declaration (Other Documents) was filed on 2000-05-11. Show Details
    • Maps filed 2000-05-11 Show Details
    • This property was sold for $0.00 on 1999-07-22. Show Details
    • A $15,000,000.00 mortgage was taken from Dime Savings Bank Ofnew York on 2000-04-28. Show Details
    • A $20,000,000.00 mortgage was taken from Lehman Capital & Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. on 2000-04-28. Show Details
    • Tax Lien Sale Certificate (Other Documents) was filed on 1997-06-18. Show Details
    • A Miscellaneous legal document filed on 1997-02-19. Show Details
    • This property was sold for $0.00 on 1992-08-19. Show Details
    • Court Order (Other Documents) was filed on 1985-12-11. Show Details
    • This property was sold for $0.00 on 1985-09-30. Show Details
    • This property was sold for $0.00 on 1981-04-17. Show Details

    HPD Registration

    This building was last registered at the Department of Housing Preservation and Development on Aug. 31, 2018 and the registration expires Sept. 1, 2019.

    • Corporate Owner: The 270 Broadway Condominium, 270 Broadway, New York, NY 10007
    • Managing Agent: Maxwell-Kates Inc, Jared Zolna, 9 E 38Th St #6TH FL, New York, NY 10016
    • Head Officer: Robert Levine, 9 E 38Th St #6TH FL, New York, NY 10016
    • Officer: Stephen Fessler, 9 East 38Th Street #6TH FL, New York, NY 10016
    • Site Manager: Patrick Mccoy,

    Building Tips


    270 Broadway, 10007
    Square Footage
    Lot Type
    50.08ft x 242.69ft
    Condo Number


    Historic District
    Community District
    City Council
    Police Precinct
    Fire Company
    School District
    Census Tract


    Zoning District
    Commercial Overlay
    Split Zoning
    Special Purpose
    Limited Height


    Tax Class
    MV Land
    MV Total
    AV Land
    AV Total

    Floor Area Ratio

    Built FAR

    Zoned FAR 10.0
    Max 188,140.0 sq. ft.
    Remaining -107,753.0 sq. ft.

    Zoned FAR 15.0
    Max 282,210.0 sq. ft.
    Remaining -13,683.0 sq. ft.

    Zoned FAR 15.0
    Max 282,210.0 sq. ft.
    Remaining -13,683.0 sq. ft.


    Condo Number
    Special Condominium Billing Lot
    Land Use
    Mixed Residential & Commercial Buildings
    Year Built
    Residential Units
    Total Units
    Floor Area


    This property is located in the 1st Precinct of Manhattan.

    Property Crime

    Very high
    In 2015 the 1st Precinct saw 1816 felony property crimes (Burglary, Grand Larceny and Grand Larceny of Motor Vehicle) committed per 100,000 residents**. This is higher then the borough's property crime rate, which was 1219 over the same period.

    Violent Crime

    In 2015 the 1st Precinct saw 258 felony violent crimes (Murder, Rape, Robbery and Felony Assault) committed per 100,000 residents**. This is lower then the borough's violent crime rate, which was 444 over the same period.

    ** This does not take daytime population into account. Actual crime rates in areas where many people work (higher daytime population) may be lower. Conversely actual crime rates may be higher in areas where many people commute out for work (lower daytime population).