215 7th Ave
New York, NY, 10011

Built in 1973 this 109,366 sq.ft. building is 59% Residential, 22% Retail, 19% Garage Space and contains 120 residential units and 1 non-residential units.

This building has 1 unit available.


    • 23rd St Route 1 0 Minute walk, 0.0 Miles
    • 23rd St Route FRoute M 3 Minute walk, 0.2 Miles
    • 23rd St Route NRoute R 8 Minute walk, 0.4 Miles
    • 14th St Route ARoute CRoute ERoute L 9 Minute walk, 0.5 Miles
    • 23rd St Route 6 11 Minute walk, 0.6 Miles
    • 34th St Route BRoute DRoute FRoute MRoute NRoute QRoute R 13 Minute walk, 0.7 Miles
    • Union Square Route LRoute NRoute QRoute RRoute 4Route 5Route 6 14 Minute walk, 0.7 Miles
    • Times Square Route ARoute CRoute ERoute NRoute QRoute RRoute SRoute 1Route 2Route 3Route 7 17 Minute walk, 0.9 Miles


    • Elementary School

      • P.S. 011 William T. Harris
        • Grades: PK,0K,01,02,03,04,05,SE
        • Principal: Robert Bender
        • Phone: 212-929-1743
        • Address: 320 West 21 Street
        • Website: schools.nyc.gov
    • Middle School

      • J.H.S. 104 Simon Baruch
        • Grades: 06,07,08,SE
        • Principal: Rocco Macri
        • Phone: 212-674-4545
        • Address: 330 East 21 Street
        • Website: schools.nyc.gov
    • High School

      • Citywide High School Choice

    Units at this Address

    PriceUnitLast UpdateStatusPublic Records
    4UOff Market6
    4TOff Market3
    Login Required4V2018-08-30Off Market0
    Login Required4Q2012-08-01Sold2
    Login Required4P2017-10-17Sold3
    4ROff Market11
    4YOff Market11
    Login Required4Z2017-12-22Sold11
    2TOff Market2
    Login Required4F2015-02-03Sold3
    Login Required4A2014-10-24Sold5
    4COff Market1
    Login Required4B2018-10-18Available31
    4MOff Market7
    Login Required4L2013-02-28Off Market7
    Login Required4N2013-05-16Sold6
    4HOff Market1
    Login Required4K2017-12-22Sold14
    Login Required4J2016-10-07Sold20
    2QOff Market21
    5GOff Market24
    Login Required2S2018-09-29Off Market4
    3POff Market11
    3QOff Market5
    3ROff Market7
    3SOff Market4
    Login Required3T2015-12-17Sold5
    3WOff Market4
    Login Required3X2014-07-15Sold3
    3YOff Market1
    3ZOff Market1
    3AOff Market3
    3BOff Market9
    3COff Market22
    GAROff Market6
    3EOff Market7
    1GOff Market1
    Login Required3G2015-01-28Sold11
    3JOff Market1
    Login Required3K2013-04-11Sold4
    3LOff Market1
    3MOff Market4
    3NOff Market17
    6HOff Market35
    5Off Market0
    Login Required6Z2017-12-19Sold6
    6YOff Market2
    Login Required6X2016-02-11Sold4
    6SOff Market6
    Login Required6R2017-10-03Sold0
    6QOff Market1
    6POff Market3
    6WOff Market0
    6VOff Market2
    6UOff Market1
    6KOff Market1
    6JOff Market12
    6HOff Market2
    6NOff Market1
    6MOff Market2
    6COff Market32
    Login Required6F2017-07-20Off Market16
    6EOff Market0
    2COff Market19
    2BOff Market24
    2AOff Market24
    2GOff Market31
    2FOff Market20
    2EOff Market15
    2DOff Market30
    GAROff Market5
    2JOff Market13
    2HOff Market19
    2NOff Market27
    2MOff Market30
    2LOff Market24
    2SOff Market13
    2ROff Market12
    Login Required5UV2013-07-24Sold0
    2POff Market14
    2WOff Market22
    2VOff Market14
    2UOff Market39
    2TOff Market24
    2ZOff Market22
    2YOff Market18
    2XOff Market19
    5VOff Market3
    5WOff Market1
    5UOff Market9
    Login Required5R2015-03-05Sold6
    Login Required5S2016-02-06Sold4
    Login Required5P2018-03-22Sold2
    5QOff Market1
    5ZOff Market4
    5XOff Market3
    5FOff Market2
    Login Required5G2018-06-19Sold7
    5EOff Market4
    5BOff Market5
    5COff Market15
    5AOff Market3
    5NOff Market1
    5LOff Market6
    5MOff Market1
    5KOff Market2
    5HOff Market3
    COMMOff Market5
    4MOff Market2
    RESOff Market1
    4QOff Market23
    4POff Market21
    4SOff Market15
    4ROff Market13
    4UOff Market25
    4TOff Market26
    4VOff Market21
    4YOff Market20
    4XOff Market11
    4ZOff Market12
    3UOff Market19
    4AOff Market15
    4COff Market18
    4BOff Market12
    4EOff Market16
    4DOff Market21
    4GOff Market11
    4FOff Market19
    4HOff Market13
    4KOff Market19
    4JOff Market32
    4MOff Market24
    4LOff Market13
    4NOff Market16
    2NOff Market11
    5POff Market26
    2LOff Market3
    Login Required2K2013-10-22Sold4
    5WOff Market16
    3DOff Market20
    3EOff Market21
    3FOff Market22
    3GOff Market19
    3AOff Market16
    3BOff Market28
    3COff Market4
    3LOff Market19
    3MOff Market23
    3NOff Market22
    5UOff Market26
    3HOff Market25
    3JOff Market18
    3KOff Market20
    3TOff Market19
    5ZOff Market29
    3VOff Market16
    3WOff Market16
    3POff Market11
    3QOff Market19
    3ROff Market17
    3SOff Market28
    3XOff Market22
    3YOff Market19
    3ZOff Market38
    5YOff Market19
    1QOff Market0
    2KOff Market14
    6WOff Market15
    6VOff Market19
    6UOff Market15
    6TOff Market16
    6SOff Market26
    6ROff Market17
    6QOff Market16
    6POff Market18
    6ZOff Market20
    6YOff Market20
    6XOff Market20
    6GOff Market18
    6FOff Market30
    6EOff Market24
    6DOff Market19
    6COff Market8
    6BOff Market14
    6AOff Market19
    6NOff Market12
    6MOff Market27
    6LOff Market15
    6KOff Market12
    6JOff Market20
    2ZOff Market15
    5DOff Market13
    2XOff Market0
    2WOff Market5
    5KOff Market12
    2UOff Market12
    5ROff Market19
    5SOff Market26
    2MOff Market1
    5QOff Market26
    5VOff Market21
    2JOff Market0
    5TOff Market13
    2HOff Market5
    Login Required2G2017-08-30Sold7
    2FOff Market1
    5XOff Market21
    2DOff Market2
    Login Required2C2012-03-01Sold12
    2BOff Market3
    Login Required2A2017-09-20Off Market6
    5BOff Market13
    5COff Market3
    5AOff Market23
    5FOff Market20
    2QOff Market1
    Login Required2Y2016-11-21Sold0
    5EOff Market12
    5JOff Market22
    2VOff Market1
    5HOff Market28
    Login Required2P2012-06-08Sold13
    5NOff Market17
    5LOff Market13
    5MOff Market18

    Public Records

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    • A $203,900.00 mortgage was taken from Webster Bank Na on 2015-09-09. Show Details
    • This property was sold for $5,941,469.48 on 2014-09-30. Show Details
    • On 2014-03-19 a mortgage on this property was transferred from N.A Citibank to National Association U.S. Bank. Show Details
    • On 2013-05-17 a mortgage on this property was transferred from N. A. Morgan Stanley Private Bank to N. A. Rbs Citizens. Show Details
    • On 2012-07-18 a mortgage on this property was transferred from Discover Bank to N. A. Morgan Stanley Private Bank. Show Details
    • On 2012-08-07 a mortgage on this property was transferred from Newbury Place Ventures Iii, LLC to N.A. As Trustee For Cmlti Asset Trust Citibank. Show Details
    • On 2012-04-25 a mortgage on this property was transferred from Newbury Place Reo Iii, LLC to Newbury Place Ventures Iii, LLC. Show Details
    • Tax Lien Sale Certificate (Other Documents) was filed on 2011-11-23. Show Details
    • This property was sold for $7,275,632.00 on 2006-02-03. Show Details
    • Tax Lien Sale Certificate (Other Documents) was filed on 2000-07-27. Show Details
    • Tax Lien Sale Certificate (Other Documents) was filed on 1999-06-29. Show Details
    • Tax Lien Sale Certificate (Other Documents) was filed on 1996-06-12. Show Details
    • A Miscellaneous legal document filed on 1989-10-13. Show Details
    • Release dated 1985-01-10. Show Details
    • Declaration (Other Documents) was filed on 1984-12-28. Show Details
    • A Miscellaneous legal document filed on 1984-12-10. Show Details
    • Maps filed 1984-12-06 Show Details
    • Declaration (Other Documents) was filed on 1984-12-06. Show Details

    HPD Registration

    This building was last registered at the Department of Housing Preservation and Development on Sept. 7, 2018 and the registration expires Sept. 1, 2019.

    • Corporate Owner: Chelsea Seventh Condo, 1740 Broadway #2ND FL, New York, NY 10019
    • Managing Agent: Orsid Realty Corp, Neil Davidowitz, 1740 Broadway #2ND FL, New York, NY 10019
    • Head Officer: Mitchell Firestone, 1740 Broadway #2ND FL, New York, NY 10019
    • Officer: Dee Degrushe, 1740 Broadway #2ND FL, New York, NY 10019
    • Shareholder: Tj Russo, 1740 Broadway #2ND FL, New York, NY 10019
    • Site Manager: James Dijan,

    Building Tips


    215 7th Ave, 10011
    Square Footage
    Lot Type
    148.13ft x 175.0ft
    Condo Number


    Historic District
    Community District
    City Council
    Police Precinct
    Fire Company
    School District
    Census Tract


    Zoning District
    Commercial Overlay
    Split Zoning
    Special Purpose
    Limited Height


    Tax Class
    MV Land
    MV Total
    AV Land
    AV Total

    Floor Area Ratio

    Built FAR

    Zoned FAR 9.0
    Max 258,759.0 sq. ft.
    Remaining 149,393.0 sq. ft.

    Zoned FAR 6.0
    Max 172,506.0 sq. ft.
    Remaining 63,140.0 sq. ft.

    Zoned FAR 9.0
    Max 258,759.0 sq. ft.
    Remaining 149,393.0 sq. ft.


    Condo Number
    Special Condominium Billing Lot
    Land Use
    Mixed Residential & Commercial Buildings
    Year Built
    Residential Units
    Total Units
    Floor Area


    This property is located in the 13th Precinct of Manhattan.

    Property Crime

    Very high
    In 2015 the 13th Precinct saw 1756 felony property crimes (Burglary, Grand Larceny and Grand Larceny of Motor Vehicle) committed per 100,000 residents**. This is higher then the borough's property crime rate, which was 1219 over the same period.

    Violent Crime

    In 2015 the 13th Precinct saw 390 felony violent crimes (Murder, Rape, Robbery and Felony Assault) committed per 100,000 residents**. This is lower then the borough's violent crime rate, which was 444 over the same period.

    ** This does not take daytime population into account. Actual crime rates in areas where many people work (higher daytime population) may be lower. Conversely actual crime rates may be higher in areas where many people commute out for work (lower daytime population).