2109 Broadway

Built in 1902 this 412,222 sq.ft. building is 73% Residential, 12% Retail, 8% Office Space, 6% Other and contains 385 residential units and 2 non-residential units.

This building has 9 units available.


    • 72nd St Route 1Route 2Route 3 1 Minute walk, 0.0 Miles
    • 72nd St Route BRoute C 8 Minute walk, 0.4 Miles
    • 59th St-Columbus Circle Route ARoute BRoute CRoute DRoute 1 14 Minute walk, 0.7 Miles
    • 57th St Route NRoute QRoute R 21 Minute walk, 1.1 Miles


    • Elementary School

      • P.S. 452
        • Grades: 0K,01,02,03,04,05,SE
        • Principal: David Parker
        • Phone: 212-496-1050
        • Address: 100 West 77 Street
        • Website: schools.nyc.gov
    • Middle School

      • Zoned to District 3. No zoned school. Contact 718-935-2385 for more information.
    • High School

      • Citywide High School Choice

    Units at this Address

    PriceUnitLast UpdateStatusPublic Records
    541Off Market4
    6126Off Market2
    1792Off Market1
    Login Required9419432019-02-10Off Market0
    6129Off Market2
    5129Off Market3
    1502Off Market0
    1154Off Market2
    Login Required160022013-03-10Sold0
    519Off Market2
    1318Off Market2
    16112Off Market13
    640Off Market3
    643Off Market8
    Login Required11102013-03-10Sold6
    16137Off Market6
    893Off Market1
    Login Required8922016-04-01Sold7
    1708Off Market3
    694Off Market5
    15131Off Market1
    15137Off Market11
    1706Off Market2
    806Off Market3
    Login Required4182014-06-05Sold7
    1010Off Market2
    13157Off Market2
    Login Required4102017-12-14Off Market0
    1018Off Market2
    387AOff Market2
    1387Off Market2
    631Off Market11
    632Off Market1
    7131Off Market13
    787Off Market4
    4109Off Market2
    13112Off Market8
    Login Required10772017-12-22Sold18
    1179Off Market4
    754Off Market16
    Login Required11752018-12-26Sold0
    1177Off Market7
    1079Off Market1
    1631Off Market6
    1632Off Market6
    1206Off Market10
    1202Off Market2
    10112Off Market1
    1331Off Market2
    Login Required61572013-03-10Sold5
    1640Off Market1
    Login Required71022017-09-01Off Market0
    10129Off Market2
    17129Off Market6
    7104Off Market3
    Login Required7109122013-02-05Sold0
    7109Off Market4
    8159Off Market0
    10126Off Market4
    1520Off Market2
    17105Off Market19
    831Off Market2
    Login Required3222013-02-05Sold0
    1441Off Market6
    320Off Market0
    310Off Market2
    14109Off Market11
    316Off Market12
    9159Off Market5
    Login Required91572013-03-10Off Market6
    319Off Market12
    4160Off Market2
    14102Off Market2
    6077Off Market6
    8161Off Market2
    4112Off Market6
    1143Off Market9
    1570Off Market9
    914Off Market7
    12104Off Market2
    Login Required15792018-09-01Sold4
    520Off Market10
    314Off Market12
    12126Off Market9
    12129Off Market1
    6160Off Market1
    15144Off Market8
    5157Off Market0
    1375Off Market2
    Login Required10022017-10-04Sold0
    3129Off Market6
    3126Off Market7
    1702Off Market3
    Login Required111262018-10-16Sold5
    1706Off Market2
    Login Required6022013-03-10Off Market2
    606Off Market0
    675Off Market4
    677Off Market4
    9142Off Market1
    679Off Market2
    7159Off Market4
    9144Off Market2
    992Off Market2
    993Off Market7
    Login Required13102013-07-27Sold15
    17105Off Market6
    1065Off Market11
    Login Required8502019-01-15Sold6
    17161Off Market9
    587Off Market4
    1063Off Market14
    9137`Off Market0
    1118Off Market1
    16144Off Market10
    5160Off Market13
    692Off Market5
    1110Off Market2
    510Off Market1
    1114Off Market6
    13112Off Market4
    16144Off Market6
    718Off Market2
    Login Required14022018-06-08Off Market7
    4126Off Market4
    710Off Market5
    1030Off Market0
    15144Off Market5
    1360Off Market2
    1365Off Market5
    Login Required10872017-01-05Sold4
    1740Off Market7
    1741Off Market5
    7160Off Market1
    7161Off Market5
    Login Required7752017-01-31Sold0
    779Off Market4
    Login Required71442019-01-21Available2
    Login Required71422013-09-04Sold13
    Login Required12402012-10-19Sold4
    Login Required121602013-06-25Sold9
    402Off Market5
    Login Required11062013-03-10Sold3
    1641Off Market7
    406Off Market7
    1102Off Market11
    560Off Market2
    1565Off Market1
    1560Off Market7
    8131Off Market2
    354Off Market2
    1487Off Market2
    8137Off Market1
    1241Off Market2
    1240Off Market4
    1243Off Market3
    12131Off Market13
    6131Off Market5
    Login Required61352014-06-24Sold4
    1006Off Market1
    10157Off Market4
    810Off Market12
    814Off Market2
    1410Off Market2
    1414Off Market2
    Login Required171312019-02-09Sold2
    1418Off Market2
    12160Off Market2
    320Off Market12
    Login Required3182013-02-06Sold0
    11158Off Market2
    15109Off Market0
    14137Off Market1
    14131Off Market7
    Login Required31442013-05-07Sold2
    11155Off Market2
    1702Off Market7
    11157Off Market2
    COMMOff Market16
    887Off Market3
    4126Off Market2
    14143Off Market2
    14142Off Market1
    14144Off Market3
    3131Off Market24
    960Off Market2
    1630Off Market5
    3160Off Market1
    Login Required111602013-05-10Sold2
    1014Off Market2
    11129Off Market4
    11126Off Market5
    6131Off Market7
    6137Off Market2
    6135Off Market2
    9104Off Market2
    879Off Market1
    9102Off Market12
    Login Required12142015-08-17Available16
    9109Off Market14
    3112Off Market9
    16109Off Market13
    587Off Market7
    67743Off Market0
    16103Off Market4
    16102Off Market8
    387Off Market2
    16104Off Market8
    12112Off Market9
    1365Off Market0
    Login Required13602019-02-06In Contract0
    1440Off Market2
    877Off Market2
    Login Required161042018-03-13Sold2
    4160Off Market2
    1441Off Market3
    8092Off Market0
    1731Off Market5
    16109Off Market10
    814Off Market2
    1141Off Market7
    Login Required8102013-02-06Sold7
    1462Off Market1
    Login Required14602014-09-03Sold3
    7129Off Market2
    7126Off Market7
    17135Off Market4
    17137Off Market4
    17131Off Market7
    720Off Market2
    13129Off Market4
    13126Off Market4
    443Off Market2
    441Off Market8
    440Off Market6
    1141Off Market11
    1218Off Market2
    1602Off Market15
    1606Off Market9
    1608Off Market2
    1210Off Market1
    1214Off Market11
    15104Off Market9
    15102Off Market7
    Login Required7202012-05-08Sold6
    7157Off Market1
    15109Off Market3
    7110Off Market0
    14131Off Market9
    7137Off Market2
    Login Required101292013-03-10Sold2
    10126Off Market1
    8144Off Market1
    1514Off Market7
    531Off Market2
    1510Off Market2
    1454Off Market6
    1518Off Market6
    1785Off Market0
    Login Required131262011-10-25Available9
    365Off Market1
    362Off Market2
    360Off Market2
    754Off Market8
    11137Off Market7
    841Off Market17
    1669Off Market3
    432Off Market6
    Login Required16652018-02-02Sold2
    Login Required16662013-03-10Off Market3
    431Off Market1
    Login Required16612018-11-27Available0
    Login Required121312017-09-20Off Market14
    1663Off Market5
    12157Off Market2
    6077Off Market8
    454Off Market5
    1120Off Market3
    Login Required94041432018-06-19Off Market0
    11160Off Market10
    920Off Market2
    3157Off Market9
    3155Off Market3
    1714Off Market5
    Login Required6182017-04-12Off Market12
    Login Required17182015-10-24Sold6
    340Off Market2
    610Off Market3
    6102Off Market2
    6104Off Market1
    9137Off Market4
    6109Off Market4
    9131Off Market3
    987Off Market7
    1179Off Market2
    806Off Market5
    1177Off Market14
    1175Off Market2
    918Off Market4
    Login Required9102018-09-15In Contract7
    Login Required6602018-03-24Off Market7
    1102Off Market2
    5157Off Market1
    Login Required5022015-01-30Sold21
    13102Off Market2
    13104Off Market3
    Login Required91312013-03-10Off Market7
    13109Off Market4
    Login Required10062013-03-10Sold5
    17158Off Market7
    Login Required10131372014-09-23Off Market0
    16157Off Market2
    1431Off Market3
    4112Off Market3
    15159Off Market12
    Login Required41352017-03-03Off Market0
    1318Off Market1
    15155Off Market3
    15157Off Market10
    9137Off Market1
    1310Off Market7
    1077Off Market11
    1770Off Market6
    1079Off Market17
    1777Off Market2
    610Off Market4
    7112Off Market4
    614Off Market5
    Login Required140772013-03-10Off Market0
    618Off Market7
    619Off Market12
    1279Off Market5
    477Off Market4
    1790Off Market10
    579Off Market6
    Login Required15062016-06-05Sold0
    577Off Market12
    575Off Market10
    1654Off Market6
    479Off Market2
    16103Off Market5
    1220Off Market1
    8109Off Market2
    8104Off Market4
    1492Off Market20
    3020Off Market10
    6155Off Market4
    8102Off Market1
    Login Required7102018-07-25Sold7
    14102Off Market3
    779Off Market2
    Login Required8872019-02-19Available12
    17104Off Market3
    10144Off Market4
    775Off Market2
    802Off Market3
    777Off Market2
    10142Off Market3
    306Off Market5
    1420Off Market5
    Login Required3022018-02-08Sold6
    331Off Market2
    16131Off Market1
    17129Off Market21
    14126Off Market10
    3155Off Market1
    3157Off Market3
    987Off Market6
    14129Off Market10
    4135Off Market4
    4137Off Market2
    4131Off Market2
    493Off Market3
    875Off Market8
    1614Off Market1
    Login Required16162015-07-02Sold15
    977Off Market2
    1610Off Market5
    502Off Market11
    979Off Market1
    506Off Market2
    1618Off Market1
    COMMOff Market32
    1692Off Market8
    6144Off Market2
    6142Off Market8
    11131Off Market13
    6140Off Market8
    07102Off Market0
    Login Required151372018-06-15Sold2
    593Off Market1
    592Off Market1
    3104Off Market4
    11109Off Market1
    15131Off Market2
    3109Off Market9
    11104Off Market0
    Login Required13542018-04-20Off Market0
    16137Off Market1
    387Off Market2
    15126Off Market3
    12109Off Market9
    1120Off Market3
    Login Required3542017-09-07Sold4
    12104Off Market6
    12102Off Market2
    541Off Market2
    540Off Market2
    9160Off Market1
    9161Off Market12
    1279Off Market5
    1277Off Market3
    1275Off Market2
    Login Required71572015-11-21Sold4
    341Off Market1
    1370Off Market2
    Login Required3212013-02-05Sold0
    1719Off Market2
    1043Off Market6
    1041Off Market9
    1040Off Market7
    1475Off Market2
    4157Off Market8
    5102Off Market1
    Login Required9412013-12-03Sold3
    Login Required9402018-06-23Off Market0
    1132Off Market2
    1131Off Market7
    820Off Market1
    5109Off Market14
    1032Off Market7
    1030Off Market2
    1031Off Market2
    Login Required4312015-01-13Sold9
    17140Off Market10
    17142Off Market10
    10102Off Market5
    731Off Market2
    10104Off Market1
    1018Off Market0
    10109Off Market2
    406Off Market2
    914Off Market5
    PHOff Market0
    13137Off Market1
    1010Off Market1
    1719Off Market12
    1341Off Market2
    1342Off Market5
    1343Off Market4
    1610Off Market15
    14104Off Market2
    1618Off Market5
    1592Off Market12
    318Off Market12
    1579Off Market11
    492Off Market4
    7142Off Market11
    660Off Market6
    7144Off Market2
    1292Off Market2
    14142Off Market0
    14143Off Market7
    Login Required141442014-10-17Sold3
    Login Required14772013-07-03Sold6
    Login Required101312018-06-19Sold3
    7129Off Market4
    Login Required101372017-12-05Sold5
    1663Off Market2
    Login Required9432017-09-20Off Market2
    1661Off Market6
    1660Off Market2
    1667Off Market3
    1666Off Market8
    540Off Market2
    1693Off Market8
    Login Required17902012-07-12Sold6
    1792Off Market1
    1668Off Market8
    1506Off Market7
    375Off Market19
    1460Off Market1
    377Off Market1
    1462Off Market5
    1465Off Market4
    4144Off Market15
    14160Off Market1
    379Off Market9
    4140Off Market2
    5104Off Market2
    Login Required101442013-08-30Off Market13
    8143Off Market8
    8144Off Market9
    Login Required101422011-12-14Sold11
    1492Off Market1
    12109Off Market6
    787Off Market2
    13144Off Market4
    420Off Market4
    932Off Market7
    931Off Market1
    13143Off Market2
    12142Off Market9
    Login Required5312016-03-31Sold9
    9109Off Market6
    12144Off Market22
    850Off Market9
    13102Off Market2
    Login Required91022015-01-29Sold4
    Login Required51312013-08-12Sold11
    Login Required151602018-09-27Sold0
    492Off Market2
    493Off Market3
    3144Off Market1
    943Off Market11
    940Off Market4
    941Off Market7
    3142Off Market7
    11142Off Market0
    Login Required3792015-01-30Sold7
    375Off Market6
    910Off Market2
    6112Off Market4
    Login Required51602018-01-08Sold13
    9129Off Market4
    692Off Market12
    9126Off Market7
    694Off Market7
    979Off Market2
    1231Off Market5
    5131Off Market2
    5137Off Market2
    1587Off Market1
    Login Required6782013-02-06Off Market0
    906Off Market0
    5144Off Market4
    Login Required9022014-05-22Sold14
    Login Required6772015-08-15Off Market0
    1106Off Market5
    Login Required4792012-03-09Sold7
    477Off Market2
    Login Required5792011-11-15Off Market4
    7161Off Market0
    Login Required71602015-05-23Sold3
    1343Off Market3
    1342Off Market6
    1092Off Market4
    1093Off Market5
    Login Required41022018-07-30Sold2
    6140Off Market5
    Login Required14202019-02-17Available2
    1718Off Market2
    1306Off Market7
    Login Required41092013-03-10Sold2
    1669Off Market10
    1716Off Market10
    1302Off Market1
    15127Off Market14
    Login Required1310912011-10-25Available0
    1006Off Market1
    1002Off Market2
    875Off Market6
    13160Off Market3
    1765Off Market6
    1762Off Market2
    1760Off Market5
    7104Off Market4
    13131Off Market2
    602Off Market6
    1393Off Market2
    1392Off Market1
    7102Off Market1
    606Off Market1
    792Off Market1
    418Off Market9
    7109Off Market8
    820Off Market5
    1780Off Market4
    Login Required10412013-03-10Sold13
    1514Off Market4
    13104Off Market4
    1785Off Market4
    1510Off Market2
    13109Off Market9
    Login Required121442018-11-20Available2
    Login Required121422014-08-15Sold8
    1518Off Market4
    1692Off Market0
    1231Off Market3
    1540Off Market2
    1541Off Market2
    1714Off Market8
    Login Required61422013-03-10Sold6
    6144Off Market6
    1616Off Market7
    Login Required7062019-01-09Sold0
    1614Off Market5
    10102Off Market3
    10104Off Market2
    710929Off Market0
    710926Off Market0
    10131Off Market8
    740Off Market1
    741Off Market1
    743Off Market1
    1402Off Market7
    306Off Market6
    1431Off Market2
    Login Required1302102019-02-14Off Market0
    302Off Market9
    14112Off Market10
    Login Required9602017-04-08Sold0
    16129Off Market8
    3160Off Market1
    9142Off Market0
    993Off Market6
    992Off Market6
    8112Off Market10
    860Off Market2
    4102Off Market5
    4104Off Market2
    906Off Market5
    518Off Market2
    1608Off Market2
    Login Required15602015-01-30Sold7
    902Off Market18
    1565Off Market11
    Login Required16022015-12-14Sold14
    510Off Market5
    1260Off Market2
    11109Off Market13
    6155Off Market2
    6157Off Market3
    11104Off Market3
    15155Off Market4
    15157Off Market2
    SCHOLOff Market15
    15159Off Market8
    3131Off Market10
    15127Off Market5
    11131Off Market9
    16129Off Market14
    392Off Market2
    10137Off Market12
    12137Off Market2
    9157Off Market10
    7109129Off Market0
    1260Off Market2
    9159Off Market6
    1192Off Market2
    Login Required13022016-05-29Sold6
    4144Off Market12
    841Off Market6
    1054Off Market1
    4140Off Market7
    Login Required131292016-07-01Sold6
    16157Off Market2
    932Off Market2
    520Off Market3
    16159Off Market1
    Login Required8312017-07-20Sold0
    7126Off Market5
    641Off Market7
    640Off Market2
    643Off Market2
    642Off Market4
    17155Off Market10
    702Off Market2
    1410Off Market2
    706Off Market2
    1375Off Market5
    1387Off Market6
    14155Off Market8
    1370Off Market2
    1275Off Market1
    1277Off Market2
    1379Off Market12
    Login Required5322015-09-22Off Market0
    1754Off Market5
    1093Off Market2
    Login Required10922016-11-02Sold1
    741Off Market2
    740Off Market1
    743Off Market1
    Login Required141572018-10-30Sold5
    8129Off Market2
    14155Off Market3
    Login Required161022013-02-05Off Market0
    8126Off Market4
    Login Required71312019-01-23In Contract0
    1392Off Market2
    Login Required13932016-11-13Off Market2
    1131Off Market6
    1640Off Market2
    Login Required16412015-01-29Sold5
    1575Off Market2
    1570Off Market2
    1477Off Market8
    8129Off Market1
    1475Off Market2
    340Off Market2
    341Off Market1
    8126Off Market2
    17158Off Market5
    1479Off Market2
    1665Off Market14
    6102Off Market5
    8159Off Market4
    10157Off Market4
    8157Off Market2
    8155Off Market9
    1502Off Market1
    793Off Market2
    792Off Market6
    Login Required14872019-02-06Sold0
    13157Off Market5
    13155Off Market4
    410Off Market6
    17161Off Market0
    7159Off Market1
    Login Required3622013-03-10Sold3
    360Off Market1
    365Off Market0
    1143Off Market2
    Login Required51092019-02-19Available0
    11144Off Market2
    5102Off Market0
    11142Off Market7
    14157Off Market12
    892Off Market8
    893Off Market3
    4157Off Market5
    3126Off Market1
    3129Off Market1
    487Off Market2
    954Off Market2
    1631Off Market12
    1630Off Market1
    Login Required131442015-07-30Sold7
    1732Off Market12

    Public Records

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    • An easement was granted on 2017-09-19. Show Details
    • A mortgage with N.A Jpmorgan Chase Bank was satisfied on 2014-10-27. Show Details
    • A mortgage agreement for $1,999,998.00 was filed on 2014-10-10 Show Details
    • A $120,068.25 mortgage was taken from N.A. Jp Morgan Chase Bank on 2014-10-10. Show Details
    • On 2014-08-20 a mortgage on this property was transferred from Community National Bank to N.A. Jp Morgan Chase Bank. Show Details
    • A $300,000.00 mortgage was taken from Jpmorgan Chase Bank, NA on 2006-01-30. Show Details
    • A mortgage agreement for $1,394,000.00 was filed on 2005-04-29 Show Details
    • A $34,000.00 mortgage was taken from N.A. Jp Morgan Chase Bank on 2005-04-29. Show Details
    • On 2005-02-18 a mortgage on this property was transferred from Fa Washington Mutual Bank to Jp Morgan Chase Bank, NA. Show Details
    • A Power of Attorney associated with this address was filed on 2003-04-19 Show Details
    • A $1,360,000.00 mortgage was taken from Fa Washington Mutual Bank on 2003-04-25. Show Details
    • This property was sold for $1,700,000.00 on 2003-04-25. Show Details
    • A Power of Attorney associated with this address was filed on 1997-06-09 Show Details
    • Amended Condo Declaration (Other Documents) was filed on 2004-05-28. Show Details
    • A mortgage agreement for $0.00 was filed on 1998-07-17 Show Details
    • A mortgage agreement for $0.00 was filed on 1996-01-18 Show Details
    • This property was sold for $0.00 on 1995-12-26. Show Details
    • A mortgage agreement for $0.00 was filed on 1996-01-18 Show Details
    • UCC3 Release / UCC Amendment dated 1993-04-29, Secured Party: Chemical Bank, Assignee: Show Details
    • UCC3 Release / UCC Amendment dated 1993-04-29, Secured Party: Chemical Bank, Assignee: Show Details
    • UCC3 Release / UCC Amendment dated 1993-04-29, Secured Party: Chemical Bank, Assignee: Show Details
    • UCC3 Release / UCC Amendment dated 1993-04-29, Secured Party: Chemical Bank, Assignee: Show Details
    • A Miscellaneous legal document filed on 1993-04-28. Show Details
    • A Miscellaneous legal document filed on 1993-04-28. Show Details
    • A Power of Attorney associated with this address was filed on 1993-04-28 Show Details
    • This property was sold for $0.00 on 1993-04-21. Show Details
    • Maps filed 1993-03-23 Show Details
    • Declaration (Other Documents) was filed on 1993-03-23. Show Details
    • A Miscellaneous legal document filed on 1992-05-22. Show Details
    • On 1992-05-19 a mortgage on this property was transferred from Ansonia Associates to Chemical Bank. Show Details
    • A mortgage agreement for $0.00 was filed on 1992-05-19 Show Details
    • A mortgage agreement for $0.00 was filed on 1992-05-19 Show Details
    • A mortgage agreement for $0.00 was filed on 1992-05-19 Show Details
    • A mortgage agreement for $0.00 was filed on 1992-05-19 Show Details
    • A mortgage agreement for $0.00 was filed on 1992-05-19 Show Details
    • A $21,000,000.00 mortgage was taken from Chemical Bank on 1992-05-19. Show Details
    • A $12,400,000.00 mortgage was taken from Chemical Bank on 1992-05-19. Show Details
    • Maps filed 1991-11-27 Show Details
    • Declaration (Other Documents) was filed on 1991-11-27. Show Details

    HPD Registration

    This building was last registered at the Department of Housing Preservation and Development on Aug. 16, 2018 and the registration expires Sept. 1, 2019.

    • Corporate Owner: The Ansonia Condominium, 2109 Broadway, New York, NY 10023
    • Managing Agent: Marc Lippman, 2109 Broadway, New York, NY 10023
    • Head Officer: Marc Lippman, 2109 Broadway, New York, NY 10023
    • Officer: Jesse Krasnow, 2109 Broadway, New York City, NY 10023
    • Site Manager: Marc Lippman,

    Building Tips


    2109 Broadway, 10023
    Square Footage
    Lot Type
    1.01ft x 0.0ft
    Condo Number


    Upper West Side
    Historic District
    Community District
    City Council
    Police Precinct
    Fire Company
    School District
    Census Tract


    Zoning District
    Commercial Overlay
    Split Zoning
    Special Purpose
    Limited Height


    Tax Class
    MV Land
    MV Total
    AV Land
    AV Total

    Floor Area Ratio

    Built FAR

    Zoned FAR 4.0
    Max 177,500.0 sq. ft.
    Remaining -234,722.0 sq. ft.

    Zoned FAR 0.0
    Max 0.0 sq. ft.
    Remaining 0 sq. ft.

    Zoned FAR 4.0
    Max 177,500.0 sq. ft.
    Remaining -234,722.0 sq. ft.


    Condo Number
    Condo; Residential Unit In Elevator Bldg.
    Land Use
    Mixed Residential & Commercial Buildings
    Year Built
    Residential Units
    Total Units
    Floor Area


    This property is located in the 20th Precinct of Manhattan.

    Property Crime

    In 2015 the 20th Precinct saw 701 felony property crimes (Burglary, Grand Larceny and Grand Larceny of Motor Vehicle) committed per 100,000 residents**. This is lower then the borough's property crime rate, which was 1219 over the same period.

    Violent Crime

    Very low
    In 2015 the 20th Precinct saw 129 felony violent crimes (Murder, Rape, Robbery and Felony Assault) committed per 100,000 residents**. This is lower then the borough's violent crime rate, which was 444 over the same period.

    ** This does not take daytime population into account. Actual crime rates in areas where many people work (higher daytime population) may be lower. Conversely actual crime rates may be higher in areas where many people commute out for work (lower daytime population).