209 E 45th St
Turtle Bay
New York, NY, 10017

Built in 2002 this 4,904 sq.ft. building is 80% Retail and contains 0 residential units and 206 non-residential units.

This building has 160 units available.


    • Grand Central-42nd St Route GSRoute 4Route 5Route 6Route 7 4 Minute walk, 0.2 Miles
    • 51st St Route ERoute MRoute 6 8 Minute walk, 0.4 Miles
    • 5th Av Route BRoute DRoute FRoute MRoute 7 11 Minute walk, 0.6 Miles
    • Lexington Av Route NRoute QRoute RRoute 4Route 5Route 6 15 Minute walk, 0.8 Miles
    • Times Square Route ARoute CRoute ERoute NRoute QRoute RRoute GSRoute 1Route 2Route 3Route 7 17 Minute walk, 0.9 Miles
    • Times Square Route ARoute CRoute ERoute NRoute QRoute RRoute SRoute 1Route 2Route 3Route 7 18 Minute walk, 0.9 Miles


    • Elementary School

      • P.S. 116 Mary Lindley Murray
        • Grades: PK,0K,01,02,03,04,05,SE
        • Principal: Jane Hsu
        • Phone: 212-685-4366
        • Address: 210 East 33 Street
        • Website: schools.nyc.gov
    • Middle School

      • J.H.S. 104 Simon Baruch
        • Grades: 06,07,08,SE
        • Principal: Rocco Macri
        • Phone: 212-674-4545
        • Address: 330 East 21 Street
        • Website: schools.nyc.gov
    • High School

      • Citywide High School Choice

    Units at this Address

    PriceUnitLast UpdateStatusPublic Records
    Login Required25C2016-02-26Sold0
    Login Required25B2015-12-31Sold0
    Login Required25A2016-02-19Sold0
    Login RequiredPENT2011-12-10Off Market0
    Login Required12C2015-07-12Sold0
    Login Required4E2016-06-20Sold0
    Login Required4D2015-12-01Sold0
    Login Required4G2015-12-18Sold0
    Login Required3L2016-08-19In Contract0
    Login Required4A2015-12-18Sold0
    Login Required4C2015-11-09Sold0
    Login Required4B2015-12-15Sold0
    4LOff Market0
    Login Required4H2015-07-01Sold0
    Login Required3J2016-10-21In Contract0
    33DOff Market0
    33COff Market0
    23GOff Market0
    Login Required3H2016-10-21In Contract0
    1(BLDG13Off Market0
    30FGOff Market0
    Login Required19D2015-12-17Sold0
    GAROff Market2
    Login Required3L2016-05-26Sold14
    Login Required22E2016-07-14Off Market0
    Login Required15D2015-09-22Sold0
    21FOff Market0
    Login Required2A2016-08-07Sold2
    Login Required27C2016-10-26Available0
    Login Required20A2016-11-09Available0
    Login Required1BM2016-09-28Available9
    301SOff Market24
    Login Required19B2015-11-15Sold0
    20EOff Market0
    J1806Off Market5
    15Off Market2
    3GOff Market0
    3DOff Market0
    3BOff Market0
    21DOff Market0
    2Off Market6
    Login Required18A2016-11-03In Contract0
    205SOff Market22
    53Off Market1
    RU23AOff Market2
    4COff Market1
    42COff Market8
    1Off Market24
    14DOff Market0
    14EOff Market0
    14AOff Market0
    14JOff Market0
    7LOff Market0
    7NOff Market0
    7JOff Market0
    7DOff Market0
    105Off Market0
    Login RequiredPH372016-10-16Available0
    6BOff Market0
    RU15BOff Market6
    RU15AOff Market6
    RU15FOff Market5
    RU15DOff Market6
    DUPLEXOff Market0
    Login Required8B2016-11-11In Contract0
    6COff Market0
    6BOff Market0
    4FOff Market2
    6EOff Market0
    6DOff Market0
    4IOff Market0
    Login Required22B2016-07-29In Contract0
    Login Required45E2016-10-22Available10
    Login Required28H2016-07-01In Contract0
    5AOff Market3
    Login Required9B2016-11-11In Contract0
    Login Required33D2016-07-18In Contract0
    Login Required5D2016-10-23In Contract0
    26Off Market1
    Login Required462016-04-16Sold16
    Login Required15A2015-01-30Sold9
    Login Required15C2015-01-30Sold10
    Login Required15B2015-01-30Sold9
    Login Required35A2016-11-03Available0
    HOTELOff Market1
    Login Required2D2016-07-21Sold11
    3NOff Market0
    5AOff Market3
    Login Required15I2016-11-03Available0
    RU4HOff Market5
    RU4DOff Market2
    324Off Market0
    RU4FOff Market5
    326Off Market0
    RU4AOff Market4
    Login Required82016-06-12Off Market0
    36FOff Market9
    36GOff Market8
    36COff Market13
    36AOff Market9
    Login Required8A2016-11-11In Contract0
    36HOff Market10
    Login Required6F2014-09-15Available0
    11COff Market0
    33DOff Market2
    11EOff Market0
    11FOff Market0
    11GOff Market0
    11JOff Market0
    11LOff Market0
    2COff Market14
    Login Required10B2016-11-11In Contract0
    Login Required40C2016-10-26Available0
    Login Required40B2016-10-25Available0
    Login Required40D2016-10-25Available0
    Login Required2E2015-02-02Sold10
    Login Required152016-10-13Available0
    Login Required6A2016-10-13Sold14
    Login Required6C2016-09-22Sold14
    Login Required6B2016-08-07Sold14
    20DOff Market0
    Login Required55B2016-11-03Off Market0
    20AOff Market0
    Login Required55A2016-11-03Off Market0
    504SOff Market22
    RESOff Market2
    Login Required9A2014-11-01Sold8
    COM1Off Market17
    Login Required9C2016-11-09In Contract0
    Login Required9B2016-11-09In Contract0
    5FOff Market0
    Login Required15B2011-10-25Available0
    Login Required15C2011-10-25Available0
    1AOff Market0
    1BOff Market0
    SUITEOff Market14
    58EOff Market7
    35BOff Market2
    1FOff Market0
    56HOff Market11
    Login Required4A2015-01-24Off Market0
    7H90Off Market2
    56AOff Market10
    56EOff Market12
    Login Required2C2016-07-21Sold8
    2BOff Market0
    Login Required2A2015-07-02Off Market0
    Login Required5B2016-11-01Available0
    Login Required39FGH2016-09-28Available0
    Login Required5A2016-11-07Available0
    Login Required23A2016-11-03In Contract0
    614Off Market1
    Login Required6B2016-08-03Sold2
    D9KOff Market0
    53EOff Market9
    12JOff Market0
    53HOff Market10
    18Off Market0
    TOWEROff Market12
    7AOff Market0
    19EOff Market0
    Login Required12A2016-07-21Sold10
    Login Required12B2016-10-29Available10
    10DOff Market0
    Login Required5F2016-10-24Available0
    Login Required5G2015-07-12Sold0
    Login Required5E2016-10-24Available0
    Login Required5B2016-01-23Sold0
    Login Required5C2015-10-31Sold0
    Login Required5A2016-02-12Sold0
    Login Required5H2015-07-22Sold0
    12GOff Market0
    4BOff Market0
    Login Required3A2016-07-21Sold10
    Login Required6B2016-11-10In Contract0
    Login Required6A2016-11-12Available0
    4EOff Market1
    SPACE1Off Market0
    Login Required16B2015-01-30Sold11
    Login Required16C2015-01-30Sold11
    Login Required7D2016-11-12In Contract0
    RU7AOff Market8
    RU7EOff Market5
    RU7DOff Market6
    RU7GOff Market5
    RU7FOff Market4
    RU7HOff Market3
    3AOff Market0
    1WOff Market1
    Login Required14C2016-07-01In Contract0
    1EOff Market4
    Login RequiredCMD2016-09-28Available9
    Login RequiredCMA2016-09-28Available9
    Login RequiredCMB2016-09-28Available9
    Login RequiredCMC2016-09-28Available9
    RU6DOff Market7
    RU16FOff Market5
    RU16DOff Market6
    RU6EOff Market2
    RU16BOff Market6
    RU16COff Market6
    RU16AOff Market5
    508SOff Market22
    Login Required3E2015-09-03Sold11
    Login RequiredS22016-09-23In Contract14
    Login RequiredS32016-11-01In Contract14
    S1Off Market14
    S4Off Market14
    Login Required5B2015-07-02Off Market0
    19DOff Market0
    15JOff Market0
    1Off Market1
    15AOff Market0
    15GOff Market0
    15FOff Market0
    Login Required18L2016-07-01In Contract0
    313Off Market0
    Login Required18H2016-07-01In Contract0
    315Off Market0
    Login Required18J2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required18K2016-02-12In Contract0
    Login Required18D2016-06-30In Contract0
    Login Required18E2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required18F2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required18G2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required18A2016-08-30In Contract0
    Login Required18B2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required18C2016-07-01In Contract0
    6AOff Market0
    1Off Market3
    Login Required8D2016-11-12Sold14
    406SOff Market20
    Login Required8B2016-10-09Sold14
    19AOff Market0
    Login Required7B2016-09-23In Contract14
    Login Required7C2016-09-23In Contract14
    19FOff Market0
    52FOff Market8
    Login Required32B2016-10-29Available0
    433Off Market0
    Login Required9D2016-09-23In Contract14
    Login Required3C2016-11-09In Contract0
    4BOff Market1
    5KOff Market0
    SPACE13Off Market0
    CU3Off Market14
    5HOff Market0
    Login Required18B2015-01-30Sold9
    Login Required18C2015-01-30Sold10
    Login Required18A2015-01-30Sold13
    18BOff Market0
    Login Required8B2014-11-01Sold10
    321Off Market0
    44GOff Market10
    8DOff Market1
    57HOff Market11
    57EOff Market11
    44EOff Market9
    Login Required57A2016-11-06Available7
    44DOff Market8
    Login Required14K2016-04-30In Contract0
    8COff Market10
    33GOff Market8
    37EOff Market12
    37GOff Market10
    37FOff Market8
    37AOff Market8
    24AOff Market2
    Login Required11C2015-12-07In Contract10
    1Off Market1
    21AOff Market0
    21DOff Market0
    11Off Market0
    Login Required102015-07-02Off Market0
    10GOff Market0
    10FOff Market0
    10EOff Market0
    10DOff Market0
    10COff Market0
    24FOff Market3
    32AOff Market2
    37COff Market0
    23FOff Market0
    Login Required4B2016-11-10Available0
    10HOff Market0
    5HOOff Market2
    Login Required4D2016-11-10Available0
    14KOff Market0
    34BOff Market0
    43AOff Market8
    Login Required16H2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required23C2016-02-26Sold0
    Login Required23B2016-03-21Sold0
    Login Required43F2016-09-28Available8
    Login RequiredPH2016-09-02Sold2
    Login Required272016-05-09Sold17
    Login Required262016-03-13Sold25
    Login Required11A2016-07-21Sold10
    133Off Market14
    Login Required11C2016-07-21Sold11
    30DEOff Market0
    Login Required6C2015-11-25Sold0
    Login Required16B2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required6A2015-12-15Sold0
    NAOff Market3
    Login Required6G2016-02-27Off Market0
    Login Required6F2016-06-06Sold0
    Login Required6E2016-10-24Available0
    Login Required6D2015-07-17Sold0
    20Off Market2
    14HOff Market0
    5BOff Market2
    Login Required72016-08-29Off Market0
    Login Required20A2016-07-21Sold10
    Login Required12016-08-29Off Market0
    RESOff Market3
    36BOff Market2
    36AOff Market3
    4FOff Market1
    44EOff Market1
    307SOff Market23
    NAOff Market1
    40COff Market0
    Login Required42016-11-11In Contract0
    Login Required22016-10-29Available0
    Login Required32016-09-29Off Market0
    RU30COff Market5
    Login Required8C2016-02-12Sold0
    16Off Market0
    Login Required8F2015-12-15Sold0
    Login Required252016-06-12Off Market0
    Login Required242016-05-18In Contract0
    Login Required262016-10-13Available0
    Login Required212016-05-18In Contract0
    25FOff Market0
    Login Required232016-10-13Available0
    Login Required222016-05-18In Contract0
    RU17AOff Market6
    RU17COff Market6
    RU17BOff Market5
    RU17DOff Market5
    RU17FOff Market5
    Login Required17B2015-10-08Sold0
    Login RequiredPH6WEST2015-04-06In Contract0
    2Off Market0
    20Off Market0
    PHWOff Market0
    2BOff Market0
    12HOff Market0
    12GOff Market0
    12EOff Market0
    12BOff Market0
    STORAOff Market14
    Login Required3Q2016-10-21In Contract0
    Login Required3P2016-10-21In Contract0
    RTAILOff Market12
    Login Required3F2016-10-21In Contract0
    Login Required3E2016-10-21In Contract0
    Login Required3D2016-10-21In Contract0
    Login Required3C2016-10-21In Contract0
    Login Required3A2016-10-10In Contract0
    Login Required12A2014-12-31In Contract0
    Login Required3N2016-10-21In Contract0
    Login Required3M2016-10-21In Contract0
    Login Required12B2015-09-01Sold0
    Login Required3K2016-10-21In Contract0
    Login Required12D2015-09-23Sold0
    Login Required12F2015-07-12Sold0
    RU15COff Market6
    4JOff Market3
    4MOff Market2
    Login RequiredPH6EAST2016-09-17Sold0
    4BOff Market1
    Login Required082016-02-14Off Market0
    4DOff Market1
    Login Required4K2016-10-21In Contract0
    10JOff Market0
    Login Required16A2016-08-21In Contract0
    Login Required39A2016-11-03Off Market0
    Login Required33C2016-10-29Available0
    Login Required33A2016-10-29Available0
    Login Required11B2016-11-08Available0
    Login Required4G2016-10-21In Contract0
    Login Required20A2015-02-26Sold10
    Login Required20C2015-01-30Sold10
    3AOff Market2
    Login Required4C2016-10-21In Contract0
    Login Required19A2015-01-30Sold9
    Login Required19C2015-02-19Sold10
    Login Required19B2015-01-30Sold9
    D26BOff Market0
    301Off Market0
    Login Required23D2016-08-28Available0
    3FOff Market0
    Login Required142011-10-25In Contract0
    RETOff Market3
    RU28COff Market2
    Login Required17C2015-01-30Sold12
    Login Required17B2015-01-30Sold9
    Login Required17A2015-01-30Sold9
    5L70Off Market1
    RU6FOff Market6
    RU6GOff Market7
    RU6COff Market5
    RU6AOff Market3
    1BOff Market2
    RU6HOff Market4
    39ABOff Market0
    RU7COff Market6
    34HOff Market8
    34AOff Market10
    34BOff Market5
    34COff Market9
    34EOff Market9
    34FOff Market10
    34GOff Market8
    Login Required282016-06-16Sold17
    Login Required252015-04-06In Contract16
    Login Required242016-04-16Sold16
    Login Required232016-06-15Sold17
    Login Required222016-04-16Sold17
    1Off Market5
    Login Required28A2016-10-05Available0
    2FOff Market1
    Login Required4K2016-07-26Sold14
    Login Required4J2016-05-26Sold16
    Login Required21B2016-11-03Off Market0
    Login Required4H2016-09-23In Contract14
    COM2Off Market17
    18AOff Market0
    Login Required4C2016-07-06Sold14
    Login Required4A2016-05-20Sold18
    Login Required4L2016-06-20Sold16
    Login Required4F2016-06-19Off Market0
    Login Required4E2016-06-15Sold17
    Login Required4D2016-07-17Sold14
    14DPOff Market1
    Login Required19B2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required19A2016-10-19In Contract0
    Login Required19G2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required19F2016-01-09In Contract0
    Login Required4B2016-10-15Sold14
    Login Required19K2016-01-09In Contract0
    Login Required6D2016-11-11Available0
    Login Required19H2016-05-26In Contract0
    Login Required19L2016-07-01In Contract0
    308SOff Market20
    14BOff Market0
    Login Required27D2016-11-03Available0
    Login Required19C2016-07-01In Contract0
    306SOff Market24
    Login Required12C2016-07-21Sold11
    Login Required27F2016-06-30In Contract0
    41EOff Market0
    Login Required25B2016-09-10In Contract0
    45GHOff Market0
    Login Required19D2016-10-20In Contract0
    48GHOff Market2
    PHAOff Market0
    NAOff Market12
    Login Required19J2016-03-28In Contract0
    RESI1Off Market14
    RESI3Off Market12
    Login Required5C2016-07-21Sold9
    26DOff Market2
    26BOff Market3
    26AOff Market3
    Login Required38F2016-06-27Sold8
    Login Required7G2015-09-23Sold0
    Login Required11D2016-11-04Available0
    Login Required11F2015-07-22Sold0
    Login Required11A2015-11-12Sold0
    Login Required11B2015-07-29Sold0
    Login Required11C2015-08-22Sold0
    D29EOff Market0
    3DOff Market0
    5AOff Market2
    5GOff Market1
    5EOff Market4
    Login Required10C2016-07-21Sold10
    Login Required10B2016-07-21Sold11
    Login Required10A2016-07-21Sold10
    LOWEROff Market6
    Login RequiredPH7EAST2016-10-12Sold0
    20A2015-06-10Off Market0
    Login Required342016-10-13Available0
    Login Required352016-05-18In Contract0
    Login Required20D2016-02-03Sold0
    Login Required332016-08-12In Contract0
    Login Required20F2016-01-09Sold3
    2AOff Market0
    IRUOff Market20
    Login Required7H2015-10-25Sold0
    Login Required7D2016-09-28Available0
    Login Required7E2015-08-26Sold0
    Login Required7F2015-10-14Sold0
    Login Required7C2016-06-24Sold0
    Login Required42B2016-09-15Off Market8
    7Off Market1
    NAOff Market4
    Login Required5A2016-11-11Available0
    Login Required5D2016-11-11Available0
    CU1Off Market27
    RESOff Market11
    3WOff Market3
    RU9AOff Market6
    RU9FOff Market3
    22EOff Market0
    22DOff Market0
    22GOff Market0
    22FOff Market0
    22KOff Market0
    22JOff Market0
    22NOff Market0
    Login Required9A2015-12-31Sold0
    Login Required9F2015-12-15Sold0
    403Off Market1
    3BOff Market0
    Login Required22A2016-11-03Off Market0
    42GOff Market8
    RU18DOff Market3
    RES1Off Market26
    RU18FOff Market6
    1BOff Market5
    RU18AOff Market5
    RU18BOff Market5
    PH NOOff Market11
    11KOff Market0
    29AOff Market0
    7DOff Market0
    29BOff Market0
    11HOff Market0
    5AOff Market0
    3EOff Market11
    3DOff Market13
    Login Required6C2016-11-09In Contract0
    HOTELOff Market2
    46ABOff Market0
    Login Required36A2016-11-03Off Market0
    Login Required5M2016-11-03Sold14
    17IOff Market0
    Login Required5H2015-04-06In Contract14
    Login Required5J2016-07-21Sold14
    Login Required5K2016-09-23In Contract14
    17BOff Market0
    Login Required5G2016-08-20Sold14
    Login Required5B2016-08-18Sold14
    Login Required5C2016-05-09Sold25
    Login Required38C2016-11-03Off Market0
    Login Required10E2016-11-12In Contract0
    Login Required10A2016-11-12In Contract0
    19DOff Market0
    1AOff Market0
    2BOff Market1
    135Off Market14
    Login Required10B2016-11-09In Contract0
    Login Required5F2014-09-09Sold14
    207Off Market0
    2Off Market0
    C2Off Market2
    33COff Market3
    107SOff Market23
    Login Required312016-07-14Sold16
    22FOff Market0
    Login Required352016-04-16Sold19
    Login Required362016-04-16Sold17
    Login Required372016-04-16Sold16
    515Off Market0
    27DOff Market4
    Login Required25B2016-11-10Available0
    RESOff Market1
    38AOff Market13
    35GOff Market8
    Login Required35F2016-10-19Off Market8
    35EOff Market8
    35COff Market9
    35BOff Market5
    35AOff Market10
    PRKNGOff Market12
    Login Required16B2016-03-22In Contract0
    RU30AOff Market6
    50GOff Market8
    RU4BOff Market2
    S31Off Market7
    24DOff Market0
    322Off Market0
    Login Required17B2016-07-21Sold10
    29EOff Market2
    Login Required17A2016-07-21Sold10
    PH WEOff Market11
    36EOff Market10
    20COff Market0
    Login Required36B2011-10-25In Contract9
    8AOff Market1
    Login Required2B2016-11-12Available0
    PHIOff Market0
    3EFOff Market2
    1128Off Market0
    20NOff Market0
    6COff Market1
    305SOff Market22
    28BOff Market0
    Login Required31B2016-09-01Available0
    20FOff Market0
    42DOff Market0
    Login Required9B2015-01-30Sold10
    48COff Market0
    201Off Market1
    42HOff Market0
    Login Required9D2015-01-30Sold10
    48AOff Market0
    Login Required52016-08-29Off Market0
    38BOff Market2
    Login Required032016-10-13Available0
    Login Required10L2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required042016-10-13Available0
    RU19FOff Market5
    RU19DOff Market5
    RU19COff Market6
    RU19BOff Market2
    RU19AOff Market3
    10AOff Market0
    10DOff Market0
    10EOff Market0
    10GOff Market0
    505SOff Market22
    10JOff Market0
    10KOff Market0
    44Off Market1
    Login Required10C2015-07-10Sold0
    Login Required10B2015-07-11Sold0
    Login Required10A2015-11-09Sold0
    Login Required10F2015-07-22Sold0
    Login Required10D2015-07-23Sold0
    Login Required3B2015-05-01Off Market0
    Login Required17A2016-11-03Available0
    8BOff Market0
    Login Required17C2016-04-06In Contract0
    Login Required17D2016-05-09In Contract0
    RESOff Market1
    8HOff Market0
    9JOff Market0
    8KOff Market0
    9KOff Market0
    OFF UOff Market2
    18HOff Market0
    9HOff Market0
    26IOff Market0
    Login Required742016-11-09Available14
    Login Required9H2016-07-01In Contract0
    6KOff Market2
    6FOff Market2
    6DOff Market1
    Login Required762016-07-01Sold14
    6AOff Market1
    606SOff Market23
    139Off Market14
    18NOff Market0
    PH1SOff Market20
    6BOff Market0
    *5Off Market2
    Login Required17D2016-11-03Available0
    27FOff Market0
    UPPEROff Market6
    Login Required5C2016-11-11Available0
    Login Required5B2016-11-11Available0
    2EOff Market1
    *Off Market1
    Login Required9E2016-07-01In Contract0
    POff Market17
    RU4EOff Market4
    16Off Market5
    6Off Market1
    Login Required4B2016-10-21Off Market0
    206Off Market0
    13KOff Market2
    RU8BOff Market6
    816Off Market0
    RU8DOff Market6
    RU8FOff Market3
    21FOff Market0
    21GOff Market0
    Login Required42AH2016-08-20Available0
    21BOff Market0
    2WOff Market1
    21MOff Market0
    21NOff Market0
    RU4GOff Market5
    21HOff Market0
    CSMSOff Market19
    21JOff Market0
    21KOff Market0
    Login Required13B2016-11-09Available0
    Login Required2C2014-09-15Available0
    11KOff Market0
    Login Required2A2014-09-15Available0
    Login Required2D2014-09-15Available0
    Login Required59A2016-11-03Off Market0
    512Off Market1
    Login Required16G2016-07-01In Contract0
    2Off Market0
    5WOff Market0
    OFFOff Market2
    COMMOff Market5
    215Off Market0
    Login Required28B2016-11-03Off Market0
    Login Required28C2016-11-03Off Market0
    Login Required28A2016-11-03Off Market0
    2AOff Market0
    Login Required28G2016-07-18In Contract0
    Login Required28E2016-06-30In Contract0
    Login Required28D2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required28C2016-06-30In Contract0
    Login Required28B2016-10-25Available0
    Login Required28A2016-05-12In Contract0
    401SOff Market24
    Login Required452016-04-16Sold17
    Login Required442016-04-24Sold14
    Login Required472016-04-16Sold14
    Login Required412016-04-16Sold17
    Login Required422016-08-28Sold16
    16AOff Market0
    16COff Market0
    16BOff Market0
    16EOff Market0
    Login Required482016-05-09Sold16
    Login Required2A2016-05-03Sold0
    2BOff Market12
    RU4COff Market2
    2DOff Market13
    2EOff Market10
    Login Required8A2015-05-01Off Market0
    Login Required632016-11-03Off Market0
    4ROff Market1
    3BEDSOff Market0
    5AOff Market17
    2Off Market1
    NAOff Market4
    4AOff Market0
    4BOff Market0
    13AOff Market1
    RET UOff Market2
    Login RequiredPH602011-10-25Available0
    43HOff Market0
    43BOff Market0
    43DOff Market0
    4AOff Market0
    4BOff Market0
    Login Required8A2016-10-15Sold14
    Login Required4B2016-11-11Available0
    5COff Market1
    32AOff Market8
    38EOff Market8
    43HOff Market3
    38GOff Market8
    24DOff Market2
    3SOff Market0
    38COff Market8
    43BOff Market8
    43COff Market8
    38HOff Market8
    Login Required43G2011-12-23In Contract13
    43EOff Market8
    Login Required17F2015-11-12Sold0
    Login Required17D2015-09-20Sold0
    22AOff Market0
    25AOff Market0
    Login Required17A2015-10-15Sold0
    11AOff Market1
    Login Required27B2016-11-04In Contract0
    Login Required4L2016-10-21In Contract0
    Login Required16D2016-03-22In Contract0
    Login Required16C2016-06-20Off Market0
    Login Required4H2016-10-21In Contract0
    Login Required4F2016-10-21In Contract0
    Login Required4D2016-10-10In Contract0
    Login Required4E2016-10-21In Contract0
    Login Required4B2016-10-21In Contract0
    Login Required4A2016-10-21In Contract0
    7BOff Market1
    7DOff Market1
    52Off Market2
    Login Required4A2016-11-10Available0
    PH7BOff Market0
    Login Required20B2016-03-01Sold0
    20C2015-06-10Off Market0
    Login Required16A2015-05-01Off Market10
    Login Required16B2015-05-01Off Market0
    Login Required322016-10-13Available0
    2ROff Market1
    Login Required30B2016-08-21Off Market0
    Login Required162016-10-13Available0
    Login Required172016-05-18In Contract0
    Login Required182016-05-18In Contract0
    Login Required192016-08-20Off Market0
    2AOff Market18
    Login RequiredPHA2016-09-27In Contract0
    Login RequiredPHA2016-11-01In Contract0
    Login Required19E2016-07-01In Contract0
    3LOff Market1
    5EOff Market1
    23BOff Market2
    4Off Market1
    20JOff Market0
    5WOff Market1
    20LOff Market0
    20COff Market0
    20BOff Market0
    20GOff Market0
    20EOff Market0
    15DOff Market0
    Login Required5C2015-01-30Sold11
    Login Required33C2016-11-03Off Market0
    PHKOff Market0
    Login Required38B2011-10-25In Contract8
    Login RequiredPH22015-11-09Off Market7
    Login Required4H2014-09-09Sold13
    17Off Market1
    11DOff Market0
    RU1Off Market14
    17COff Market0
    6GOff Market0
    20COff Market1
    20DOff Market1
    609NOff Market6
    Login RequiredTIMES2016-09-06Available3140
    49AOff Market9
    RU2Off Market14
    47Off Market1
    Login Required27H2016-07-01In Contract0
    NAOff Market22
    C1Off Market18
    Login Required27A2016-10-29Available0
    Login Required27G2016-11-04In Contract0
    Login Required27D2016-04-09In Contract0
    402SOff Market24
    Login Required4B2014-09-09Sold9
    Login Required34B2016-11-03Available0
    15FOff Market2
    16BOff Market2
    15BOff Market0
    Login Required9G2016-07-01In Contract0
    5DOff Market9
    Login Required5A2015-01-30Sold10
    RU31COff Market2
    5BOff Market12
    Login Required4M2016-05-11Sold16
    4BOff Market0
    Login Required16E2016-11-03Available0
    Login RequiredPHNORTH2016-10-10Sold0
    106Off Market0
    Login Required8C2016-11-12Available0
    9DOff Market0
    Login Required13A2015-01-30Sold11
    8AOff Market0
    Login Required8F2016-11-08Available0
    Login RequiredPH1N2016-11-04Available7
    Login Required9B2016-09-23Available14
    Login Required9C2016-10-26Sold14
    Login Required26C2016-06-30In Contract0
    Login Required12B2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required12C2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required12A2016-08-18Off Market0
    Login Required12F2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required12G2016-07-01In Contract0
    33FOff Market0
    Login Required12E2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required12J2016-01-09In Contract0
    Login Required12K2016-01-09In Contract0
    Login Required12L2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required562016-05-11Sold17
    Login Required572015-04-06In Contract17
    Login Required2A2016-11-08In Contract0
    25DOff Market3
    Login Required522016-04-22Sold17
    25AOff Market2
    Login Required7C2014-07-09In Contract11
    Login Required42A2016-10-17Sold10
    Login Required42E2014-08-08Sold12
    39FOff Market12
    Login Required582016-07-06Sold14
    Login Required42F2014-06-21Available10
    C18JOff Market0
    MEDOff Market0
    15KOff Market0
    RMOff Market12
    Login Required3E2014-09-15Available0
    Login Required862016-05-12Sold16
    M901Off Market1
    RESTOff Market2
    141Off Market14
    Login Required2A2016-11-04In Contract0
    Login Required15A2016-07-21Sold10
    Login Required15C2016-07-21Sold10
    Login Required11C2016-11-03Sold14
    Login Required11A2016-09-23In Contract14
    PHSOOff Market3
    304SOff Market23
    6AOff Market13
    NAOff Market4
    Login Required44C2016-11-06Available9
    Login Required20C2016-11-03In Contract0
    Login Required20D2016-08-19In Contract0
    32EOff Market12
    7DOff Market0
    RETOff Market2
    44BOff Market3
    5BOff Market0
    5AOff Market0
    PH6WOff Market14
    40AOff Market12
    7JKOff Market1
    PH6EOff Market14
    Login Required11B2015-01-30Sold15
    CFOff Market14
    3Off Market1
    Login Required162016-08-27Sold0
    1Off Market0
    2AOff Market0
    PH AOff Market11
    2Off Market0
    2BOff Market0
    507SOff Market22
    31BOff Market10
    Login Required9A2016-10-10Sold14
    PH21Off Market10
    1Off Market24
    Login Required16D2015-08-27Sold0
    Login Required16F2015-08-20Sold0
    Login Required16C2015-09-22Sold0
    Login Required16B2016-08-19Off Market0
    7COff Market1
    Login RequiredPH22016-09-23In Contract14
    Login Required6D2016-05-14Sold7
    46COff Market0
    Login Required19B2016-09-28Off Market0
    RU20FOff Market2
    RU20DOff Market5
    RU20COff Market2
    RU20BOff Market7
    RU20AOff Market2
    2AOff Market0
    9MOff Market0
    Login RequiredPH1S2016-10-26In Contract5
    Login RequiredPHA2016-09-23In Contract3
    Login Required12D2016-06-30In Contract0
    604SOff Market22
    NAOff Market2
    101SOff Market23
    PH3SOff Market20
    Login Required12H2016-10-05In Contract0
    1Off Market19
    6COff Market0
    Login Required7B2016-11-11Available0
    Login Required7A2016-11-11In Contract0
    Login Required7A2016-09-30Available14
    SCHLOff Market2
    Login Required4F2014-09-15Available0
    8IOff Market0
    Login Required42H2016-09-29In Contract10
    UNDGROff Market4
    PH2Off Market3
    25EOff Market3
    Login Required552016-04-24Sold16
    Login Required512016-04-17Sold17
    4WOff Market1
    Login Required3F2016-10-17In Contract0
    1Off Market5
    46Off Market0
    39AOff Market12
    35AOff Market0
    Login Required10A2016-07-28In Contract0
    39GOff Market9
    42DOff Market10
    Login Required39E2016-11-06Available8
    14EOff Market0
    TOWNOff Market0
    Login Required7A2016-10-02Off Market0
    Login Required7C2016-10-02Off Market0
    Login Required7B2016-10-02Off Market0
    Login Required7D2016-10-22In Contract0
    Login Required11D2016-09-23In Contract14
    Login Required3D2016-11-11Available0
    17DOff Market1
    Login Required3A2016-11-11Available0
    610Off Market1
    RU18COff Market2
    1BOff Market0
    1AOff Market1
    Login Required10C2015-12-13In Contract0
    RET1Off Market1
    Login Required26H2016-07-01In Contract0
    29AOff Market2
    Login Required26B2016-06-30In Contract0
    Login Required26D2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required26G2016-06-30In Contract0
    Login Required682016-08-05Sold14
    403SOff Market25
    Login Required622016-04-17Sold16
    Login Required672016-04-22Sold16
    Login Required662016-04-17Sold14
    Login Required652016-09-17Sold17
    Login Required642016-04-17Sold17
    528Off Market0
    4BOff Market12
    4COff Market10
    Login Required4A2016-10-28Off Market16
    522Off Market0
    525Off Market0
    424Off Market0
    Login Required852016-09-17Sold14
    Login Required842016-06-10Sold25
    420Off Market0
    38DOff Market0
    Login Required882016-08-18Sold14
    428Off Market0
    5WOff Market1
    6BOff Market0
    6AOff Market0
    PH7WOff Market14
    Login Required5E2015-01-29Sold3
    PH7EOff Market14
    Login Required3F2014-09-15Available0
    32COff Market0
    32BOff Market0
    4AOff Market0
    8MOff Market0
    41HOff Market5
    Login Required3A2016-11-03In Contract0
    Login Required3B2016-11-11In Contract0
    Login Required3C2016-11-01In Contract0
    8EOff Market0
    8DOff Market0
    8GOff Market0
    41GOff Market10
    41AOff Market10
    8COff Market0
    41COff Market8
    Login Required17C2015-10-06Sold0
    15GOff Market1
    Login Required3C2014-09-09Sold14
    Login Required15A2015-11-12Sold0
    Login Required15B2016-11-11Available0
    Login Required15C2015-08-07Sold0
    23BOff Market0
    Login Required15F2015-08-01Sold0
    RU23BOff Market6
    RU23COff Market6
    Login Required18B2016-08-30Available0
    Login Required18D2016-05-25In Contract0
    Login Required21C2016-10-29Available0
    8AOff Market0
    1EOff Market2
    1BOff Market2
    8EOff Market0
    1NOff Market3
    8KOff Market0
    1JOff Market1
    32Off Market1
    1ROff Market2
    501SOff Market23
    Login Required2B2016-07-20Sold10
    Login Required2A2016-07-14Sold10
    2DOff Market0
    3COff Market14
    Login Required14C2016-05-20Sold13
    Login Required14B2016-07-21Sold10
    Login Required14A2016-07-21Sold11
    Login Required3B2015-11-01Sold7
    Login Required10A2016-09-23In Contract14
    Login Required10C2016-09-23In Contract14
    Login Required10B2016-06-19In Contract14
    Login Required10D2016-09-23In Contract14
    1Off Market0
    2Off Market0
    Login Required21C2016-04-14In Contract0
    RES2Off Market3
    6AOff Market10
    12KOff Market0
    Login Required6C2014-07-09In Contract11
    Login Required6B2014-09-09Sold13
    Login Required6E2014-09-09Sold10
    6DOff Market10
    Login Required6G2014-12-24Sold10
    Login Required6F2014-09-23Sold9
    Login Required6H2014-09-09Sold16
    12FOff Market0
    Login Required3C2016-11-11Available0
    12EOff Market0
    Login Required9B2016-11-09In Contract0
    Login Required6B2016-11-03Available0
    2Off Market0
    35HOff Market8
    1WOff Market1
    RU30VOff Market1
    Login Required82016-08-29Off Market0
    34DOff Market0
    Login Required42016-08-29Off Market0
    4AOff Market0
    Login Required22016-08-29Off Market0
    Login Required14B2015-08-21Sold0
    RUOff Market28
    RU30BOff Market5
    3BOff Market0
    Login Required28F2016-10-29Available0
    3AOff Market0
    4LOff Market1
    3JKOff Market1
    RENTLOff Market16
    3AOff Market0
    506SOff Market22
    3BOff Market0
    3DOff Market0
    3GOff Market3
    3HOff Market0
    3KOff Market0
    3JOff Market0
    3MOff Market0
    3LOff Market0
    Login Required5A2016-09-23Sold14
    Login Required6A2016-11-11Available0
    Login Required25H2016-10-25Available0
    Login Required25D2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required25E2016-10-17Off Market0
    Login Required25G2016-11-12In Contract0
    117Off Market1
    RESI2Off Market13
    Login Required32A2016-11-03Off Market0
    Login Required32C2016-11-03Available0
    Login Required7C2015-01-30Sold8
    7BOff Market9
    1Off Market4
    Login Required15B2015-05-01Off Market10
    202SOff Market24
    2KOff Market1
    5AOff Market0
    5GOff Market0
    5DOff Market1
    605SOff Market22
    Login Required5D2015-07-12Sold0
    8COff Market0
    8BOff Market0
    8AOff Market0
    Login Required3C2016-07-21Sold10
    1F70Off Market2
    7BOff Market0
    Login Required11B2015-04-06In Contract14
    *5Off Market3
    Login Required8B9B2016-11-11Available0
    Login Required29B2016-10-28Available0
    PUOff Market31
    2GOff Market1
    Login RequiredPHE2016-11-10In Contract0
    Login Required22G2016-09-27Off Market0
    Login Required10D2016-06-30In Contract0
    Login Required10E2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required10F2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required10G2016-07-01In Contract0
    38AOff Market3
    Login Required10B2015-12-13In Contract0
    Login Required10H2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required10J2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required10K2016-07-01In Contract0
    6AOff Market0
    9MOff Market0
    9FOff Market0
    9DOff Market0
    9EOff Market0
    PH EAOff Market11
    Login Required722016-06-25Sold25
    9AOff Market0
    Login Required8A2016-10-05In Contract0
    Login Required922016-05-11Sold17
    Login Required962016-10-29Available14
    Login Required942016-07-29Sold14
    3Off Market0
    Login Required982015-04-06In Contract14
    405SOff Market22
    17GOff Market0
    18DOff Market0
    Login Required1A2016-08-23Sold2
    Login Required25C2016-11-03Off Market0
    HOTELOff Market14
    Login Required25D2016-11-03Off Market0
    1Off Market1
    18COff Market0
    Login RequiredPENT2016-11-11In Contract0
    A7JOff Market0
    11FOff Market0
    203SOff Market24
    PH SOOff Market11
    RU29AOff Market7
    1DOff Market1
    Login Required22C2016-10-13In Contract0
    Login Required9B2015-07-02Off Market0
    Login Required7A2014-11-04Off Market10
    Login Required7D2014-11-04Off Market10
    Login Required7E2014-09-09Sold16
    0Off Market13
    602SOff Market23
    Login Required3A2016-09-25Sold2
    40COff Market10
    40BOff Market7
    Login Required40G2016-04-09Sold11
    Login Required40E2015-03-08Sold11
    Login Required40H2011-12-24In Contract8
    46AOff Market0
    46BOff Market0
    4WOff Market1
    46HOff Market0
    Login Required11E2016-11-11Available0
    4EOff Market1
    1Off Market10
    623Off Market0
    35BOff Market0
    35EOff Market0
    RU31AOff Market5
    Login RequiredPH2016-11-11Off Market0
    RU31BOff Market5
    Login Required16A2015-02-04Sold9
    NAOff Market18
    2FOff Market0
    Login Required7A8A2015-12-30Sold0
    Login Required4J2016-10-21In Contract0
    Login RequiredS62016-08-28Sold14
    Login Required14F2015-10-06Sold0
    22GOff Market0
    Login Required14D2015-08-24Sold0
    Login Required14C2016-06-27Off Market0
    Login Required14A2015-10-19Sold0
    4HOff Market3
    Login Required3B2016-07-21Sold10
    2HOff Market1
    Login Required3D2016-07-21Sold10
    Login Required19A2016-07-21Sold10
    Login Required19B2016-07-21Sold10
    6BOff Market0
    20FOff Market4
    1Off Market0
    2Off Market0
    103SOff Market22
    NAOff Market10
    PH5SOff Market20
    PHAOff Market0
    2Off Market2
    6Off Market1
    PHFOff Market0
    PHJOff Market0
    PHMOff Market0
    PHNOff Market0
    7AOff Market0
    TOWNOff Market0
    12EOff Market2
    25FOff Market0
    Login RequiredPHB2016-11-01Available0
    Login RequiredPHA2016-11-05Available0
    Login RequiredPHC2016-10-21In Contract0
    Login RequiredPHA2016-10-21In Contract0
    629Off Market0
    12BOff Market0
    PHEOff Market0
    Login Required45B2016-11-09Available8
    Login Required26D2016-11-03Off Market0
    Login Required45C2016-07-10Sold11
    Login Required6A2016-09-10Sold2
    Login Required26A2016-11-03Available0
    Login Required26C2016-11-03Off Market0
    Login Required5C2016-10-24In Contract0
    Login Required32G2016-11-03Off Market8
    49GOff Market8
    45FOff Market10
    4FOff Market0
    Login Required24B2016-07-31In Contract0
    Login Required24A2016-06-30In Contract0
    Login Required24G2016-04-14In Contract0
    Login Required24F2016-07-14Off Market0
    Login Required24E2016-10-29Available0
    Login Required24D2016-03-15In Contract0
    Login Required24H2016-09-23In Contract0
    Login Required322015-04-06In Contract16
    Login Required5L2015-04-06In Contract16
    Login Required342016-04-13Sold5
    3GOff Market1
    Login Required48A2016-11-09Off Market0
    49HOff Market8
    44COff Market0
    Login Required382016-05-15Sold16
    Login Required6B2016-10-28In Contract9
    Login Required6C2015-02-02Sold12
    Login Required1022016-08-14Sold14
    52GOff Market13
    Login Required1062016-10-04Sold14
    Login Required1042016-08-16Sold14
    401Off Market0
    3FOff Market1
    Login Required1082016-10-03Available14
    COM3Off Market17
    47EOff Market9
    46GGOff Market0
    47COff Market8
    47AOff Market8
    47HOff Market8
    50HOff Market9
    50COff Market8
    2A3AOff Market6
    50FOff Market10
    50EOff Market9
    17BOff Market0
    35COff Market3
    17AOff Market0
    17FOff Market0
    17DOff Market0
    17EOff Market0
    37AOff Market2
    18JOff Market0
    1AMOff Market10
    7GOff Market0
    Login Required11K2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required8A2014-11-01Sold10
    Login Required8D2015-01-30Sold10
    Login Required11L2016-01-09In Contract0
    Login Required8C2016-09-30Available14
    14AOff Market1
    Login Required11A2016-10-29Available0
    19COff Market0
    Login Required11G2016-07-01In Contract0
    PH2SOff Market11
    Login Required11E2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required11D2016-06-30In Contract0
    Login Required752016-07-02Sold14
    Login Required8D2014-09-15Available0
    27GOff Market0
    Login Required8F2014-09-15Available0
    28AOff Market2
    28COff Market2
    Login Required8H2016-07-02In Contract0
    Login Required3B2016-09-16Sold2
    RU25BOff Market6
    RU25COff Market6
    NAOff Market6
    7MOff Market0
    Login Required23C2016-04-07In Contract0
    E7FOff Market0
    COMM1Off Market12
    Login Required8E2016-07-02In Contract0
    Login RequiredS52016-07-21Sold14
    3LOff Market1
    Login Required4D2016-07-21Sold10
    6Off Market0
    Login Required4A2016-07-21Sold13
    Login Required4B2016-07-21Sold10
    Login Required18B2016-07-21Sold10
    Login Required18A2016-07-21Sold10
    3GOff Market2
    2LOff Market2
    3BOff Market1
    3COff Market1
    4IOff Market0
    21AOff Market0
    21BOff Market0
    3EOff Market0
    32COff Market8
    21KOff Market0
    4GOff Market0
    A6EOff Market0
    Login Required12C2016-09-23In Contract14
    Login Required12B2016-09-23In Contract14
    1Off Market0
    Login Required2B2014-09-15Available0
    Login Required17L2016-07-01In Contract0
    51AOff Market11
    1AOff Market18
    Login Required4G2014-09-09Sold15
    Login Required4F2014-09-09Sold14
    Login Required4E2015-02-02Sold10
    Login Required4D2014-09-09Sold14
    10HOff Market0
    15EOff Market0
    GROUNDFLROff Market0
    Login Required17K2016-01-09In Contract0
    5BOff Market0
    32FOff Market8
    CFUOff Market28
    RU10DOff Market6
    RU10FOff Market5
    Login RequiredSKYDUPLEX2016-11-06Available0
    RU10AOff Market7
    RU10COff Market7
    51COff Market8
    CSLLOff Market19
    Login Required17C2016-09-30In Contract0
    319Off Market0
    PHEOff Market0
    Login Required17B2016-07-01In Contract0
    PHAOff Market0
    36DOff Market0
    36EOff Market0
    Login Required28A2016-01-31Sold0
    1ROff Market0
    PH32AOff Market2
    PH32BOff Market2
    37COff Market8
    2NDFLOOROff Market0
    Login Required19F2015-04-30In Contract0
    Login Required19A2015-11-15Sold0
    34AOff Market0
    Login Required19C2016-04-18Sold0
    Login Required5A2015-05-23Sold10
    5COff Market1
    5AOff Market1
    13Off Market0
    37BOff Market9
    Login Required23F2016-10-29Available0
    Login Required23G2016-01-09In Contract0
    Login Required23D2016-07-01In Contract0
    5HOff Market0
    Login Required23B2016-07-14In Contract0
    Login Required23C2016-11-11In Contract0
    C2504Off Market1
    Login RequiredPHD2016-10-21In Contract0
    Login Required23H2016-07-01In Contract0
    2Off Market3
    Login Required16A2015-10-06Sold0
    RESMOff Market3
    RESLOff Market4
    2DOff Market1
    2EOff Market1
    627Off Market0
    PH8SOff Market22
    24BOff Market0
    Login Required51F2016-09-29Off Market14
    110Off Market0
    7AOff Market0
    7COff Market0
    Login Required7D2016-09-23In Contract14
    603SOff Market23
    102SOff Market20
    Login Required2H2014-09-23Sold9
    6AOff Market0
    6COff Market0
    6EOff Market0
    6DOff Market0
    34EOff Market0
    703Off Market0
    Login RequiredPH32016-10-19In Contract14
    Login Required10B2014-11-01Sold12
    10COff Market12
    2Off Market1
    Login Required10A2014-11-01Sold12
    Login Required10D2015-01-30Sold10
    2EOff Market0
    Login Required2G2016-06-06Sold19
    8FOff Market0
    Login Required16L2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required4C2016-10-24In Contract0
    Login Required16J2016-04-19In Contract0
    Login Required16K2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required16F2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required16D2016-07-06In Contract0
    Login Required16E2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required16C2016-07-01In Contract0
    18AOff Market0
    Login Required16A2016-10-29Available0
    7BCOff Market1
    Login Required37H2016-11-11Available11
    Login Required24C2016-01-31Sold0
    Login RequiredPH7WEST2016-09-23In Contract0
    415Off Market0
    413Off Market0
    Login Required3B2016-02-14Sold0
    RU27COff Market5
    Login Required3C2015-12-30Sold0
    2BOff Market1
    11BOff Market0
    11EOff Market0
    5EOff Market0
    PHNOOff Market3
    Login Required27C2016-11-03Available0
    Login Required27A2016-11-03Off Market0
    Login Required1A2016-11-11Available0
    24GOff Market4
    10LOff Market0
    Login Required19D2016-07-28In Contract0
    Login Required24C2016-08-25In Contract0
    8BOff Market0
    COff Market1
    Login Required40F2014-04-19Sold10
    Login Required5C2014-04-08Available10
    PHWEOff Market3
    5LOff Market0
    Login Required15C2016-09-23In Contract14
    Login Required29A2016-08-21In Contract0
    11AOff Market0
    11GOff Market0
    NAOff Market17
    1210Off Market1
    32BOff Market0
    Login Required5H2014-09-23Sold9
    9LOff Market0
    Login Required7A2015-07-02Off Market0
    Login Required5B2014-09-09Sold10
    7BOff Market0
    Login Required5D2015-10-31Sold14
    Login Required5E2015-09-03Sold10
    Login Required5G2014-01-04In Contract10
    4AOff Market17
    Login Required32D2016-10-29Available0
    9HOff Market0
    46EOff Market8
    Login Required46G2016-02-16Off Market8
    46FOff Market10
    46AOff Market12
    24EOff Market0
    Login Required46C2016-07-10Sold7
    46BOff Market3
    46HOff Market8
    51HOff Market3
    NAOff Market7
    51BOff Market4
    51EOff Market8
    51GOff Market3
    48EOff Market0
    34AOff Market3
    Login Required6C2016-07-21Sold12
    16COff Market0
    16DOff Market0
    16GOff Market0
    16FOff Market0
    16JOff Market0
    Login Required48H2011-10-25Available3
    Login Required782016-08-02Sold14
    37DOff Market0
    Login Required29C2016-11-06Sold0
    Login Required29B2016-03-06Sold0
    Login Required29A2016-03-13Sold0
    Login Required39C2015-01-23Available12
    18C2015-06-10Off Market0
    Login Required18B2015-11-05Sold0
    Login Required18A2015-10-20Sold0
    31Off Market1
    Login Required18F2015-10-20Sold0
    Login Required18D2015-10-05Sold0
    503SOff Market20
    RU24COff Market8
    RU24BOff Market5
    RU24AOff Market7
    Login Required20B2015-01-30Sold9
    Login Required24C2016-08-21In Contract0
    Login Required11B2016-11-11In Contract0
    Login Required9D2016-11-12Available0
    PHDOff Market0
    Login Required5B2016-07-21Sold11
    PHCOff Market0
    Login Required5A2016-07-21Sold3
    Login Required212011-11-04Sold0
    4AOff Market0
    5BOff Market0
    20KOff Market0
    20JOff Market0
    Login Required9A2016-11-12In Contract0
    201SOff Market23
    4FLROff Market0
    CU2Off Market14
    105SOff Market20
    CU1Off Market14
    PH7SOff Market24
    Login Required42016-08-07Available0
    Login Required11A2015-01-30Sold10
    Login Required52AB2015-10-08Available0
    Login Required11D2015-01-30Sold10
    9COff Market10
    39BOff Market3
    *Off Market4
    Login Required622016-11-09Available0
    Login Required212016-04-16Sold14
    XOff Market2
    2EOff Market0
    2DOff Market0
    2COff Market0
    18EOff Market0
    6DOff Market9
    RU11DOff Market6
    RU11COff Market5
    RU11BOff Market5
    RU11AOff Market5
    Login Required6A2015-01-30Sold11
    4AOff Market0
    RU29COff Market2
    RET1Off Market2
    56AOff Market1
    Login Required4F2016-04-16Sold0
    4AOff Market1
    4BOff Market2
    4AOff Market2
    Login Required20B2016-11-03Available0
    Login Required20C2016-11-03Off Market0
    Login Required20A2016-11-03Off Market0
    Login Required62016-08-29Off Market0
    Login Required26A2016-11-03In Contract0
    Login Required22D2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required22F2016-09-27Off Market0
    3AOff Market0
    Login Required22H2016-07-01In Contract0
    24BOff Market1
    516Off Market0
    Login Required3C2016-11-11Available0
    Login Required3B2016-11-11Available0
    47FOff Market9
    47GOff Market9
    Login Required542016-04-17Sold26
    4Off Market2
    RU5AOff Market5
    47BOff Market8
    3AOff Market1
    CY1SOff Market20
    2AOff Market1
    Login Required10A2016-11-11Available0
    45HOff Market7
    4HOff Market0
    32HOff Market8
    4JOff Market0
    32BOff Market8
    45AOff Market8
    4COff Market0
    1FOff Market2
    45DOff Market8
    4DOff Market0
    4GOff Market0
    45GOff Market10
    1002Off Market0
    1003Off Market0
    52HOff Market3
    52EOff Market9
    52AOff Market13
    52BOff Market6
    Login Required52C2016-11-04Available7
    15DOff Market0
    15EOff Market0
    15GOff Market0
    15AOff Market0
    37BOff Market2
    15COff Market0
    1EOff Market1
    42AOff Market0
    11GOff Market2
    Login Required32016-08-29Off Market0
    Login Required3D2016-10-02Off Market0
    Login Required3A2016-10-02Off Market0
    Login Required17H2016-05-18In Contract0
    Login Required3C2016-10-02Off Market0
    Login Required17J2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required17E2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required17D2016-10-10In Contract0
    Login Required17G2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required17F2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required17A2016-07-31In Contract0
    2BEDSOff Market0
    COMM2Off Market12
    Login Required2A2015-09-03Sold12
    Login Required2H2016-06-24Sold14
    Login Required2K2016-11-12Available14
    Login Required2J2016-10-06Sold14
    Login Required2M2016-08-01Sold14
    Login Required2L2015-04-06In Contract14
    Login Required2B2016-05-29Sold17
    36COff Market3
    Login Required3B2016-10-02Off Market0
    50AOff Market9
    Login RequiredPHNORTH2014-03-19In Contract0
    RU27BOff Market5
    RU27AOff Market6
    Login Required8B2016-07-21Sold10
    3AOff Market18
    Login Required8D2016-11-08Available12
    17COff Market0
    Login Required6B2016-07-21Sold12
    Login Required6A2016-07-21Sold11
    35AOff Market2
    Login Required7B2014-12-24Sold9
    Login Required12A2016-09-23In Contract14
    5AOff Market0
    5BOff Market0
    601Off Market0
    STUDIOSOff Market0
    10SOff Market1
    4EOff Market1
    Login Required14D2016-09-23In Contract14
    14AOff Market14
    Login Required14C2016-09-23In Contract14
    Login Required14B2016-09-23In Contract14
    16FOff Market0
    2JOff Market1
    RESOff Market1
    16JOff Market0
    RETOff Market2
    39HOff Market7
    RESOff Market2
    Login Required2D2014-12-24Sold10
    Login Required2G2014-10-24Sold10
    Login Required2F2015-10-23Sold19
    Login Required2C2014-09-09Sold15
    Login Required2B2014-12-24Sold10
    Login Required8A2016-07-21Sold11
    PH2NOff Market11
    Login Required8C2016-07-21Sold10
    CSUOff Market11
    301Off Market1
    7LOff Market2
    Login Required092016-10-13Available0
    RU12BOff Market7
    RU12COff Market5
    RU12AOff Market5
    RU12FOff Market5
    TIMEOff Market3
    RU12DOff Market5
    Login Required3E2016-11-07In Contract0
    RU25AOff Market5
    3COff Market0
    3DOff Market0
    3EOff Market0
    3BOff Market0
    20BCOff Market2
    CU2Off Market24
    17FOff Market0
    Login Required26B2014-12-05In Contract0
    Login Required26C2016-03-01Sold0
    Login Required26A2016-02-20Sold0
    RU29BOff Market5
    Login Required11J2016-07-01In Contract0
    RESOff Market1
    Login Required17B2016-11-03In Contract0
    14COff Market0
    Login Required11H2016-07-01In Contract0
    502SOff Market20
    7BOff Market0
    Login Required21H2015-12-13In Contract0
    Login Required5A2016-11-11Available0
    Login Required21B2016-01-23In Contract0
    Login Required21D2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login RequiredPH22011-12-21Off Market0
    Login Required21G2016-01-09In Contract0
    Login Required11C2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required11B2016-07-01In Contract0
    RU3EOff Market7
    RU3DOff Market6
    RU3GOff Market6
    RU3FOff Market2
    RU3AOff Market2
    RU3COff Market5
    RU3BOff Market5
    RU3HOff Market6
    607SOff Market27
    206SOff Market24
    Login Required31B2015-08-26Sold0
    Login Required31C2016-11-06Sold0
    Login RequiredPHA2016-11-06Off Market0
    601SOff Market23
    104SOff Market23
    4GOff Market0
    Login Required7A2015-02-10Sold12
    4BOff Market0
    Login Required12A2015-01-30Sold11
    Login Required12B2015-01-30Sold9
    Login Required12C2015-01-30Sold9
    1403Off Market2
    Login Required14B2016-07-01In Contract0
    10LOff Market0
    Login Required14D2016-06-30In Contract0
    Login Required14E2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required14F2016-07-03In Contract0
    Login Required14H2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required8A2014-09-15Available0
    Login Required14J2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required14L2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required8D9D2015-04-29Sold0
    Login Required2D2016-11-10Available0
    Login Required2B2016-11-10Available0
    Login Required2C2016-11-05In Contract0
    Login Required2A2016-11-10Available0
    Login Required50A2016-11-09Available0
    Login Required3J2016-09-23In Contract14
    Login Required3K2016-09-23In Contract14
    Login Required3H2016-11-09Sold14
    Login Required3M2016-07-24Sold16
    Login Required3B2016-09-23Sold14
    4WOff Market0
    Login Required3G2016-08-28Sold17
    Login RequiredPH22016-10-02Off Market0
    NAOff Market1
    2BOff Market0
    8BOff Market0
    5AOff Market2
    Login Required21C2016-11-03Available0
    31DOff Market0
    COMMERCIALOff Market0
    Login Required53C2016-07-02Off Market10
    53AOff Market8
    Login Required53G2016-11-05Available7
    53FOff Market10
    23A2015-06-10Off Market0
    Login Required3H2014-09-23Sold9
    Login Required3F2014-01-03In Contract10
    Login Required3G2014-09-09Sold14
    3DOff Market10
    Login Required3B2014-09-23Sold9
    Login Required3A2014-12-24Sold12
    CY2SOff Market22
    Login Required2B2016-11-07In Contract0
    PHBOff Market0
    Login Required33H2013-08-22Sold12
    PHAOff Market0
    44HOff Market6
    33AOff Market9
    Login Required44F2014-01-07Sold13
    33COff Market8
    Login Required33B2016-10-19Available8
    33EOff Market9
    5GOff Market0
    44AOff Market12
    33FOff Market12
    Login Required532011-11-04Sold0
    1527Off Market0
    14JOff Market0
    14MOff Market0
    14BOff Market0
    14DOff Market0
    CUOff Market7
    31EOff Market0
    4BOff Market0
    4AOff Market0
    31AOff Market0
    31COff Market0
    31BOff Market0
    Login Required27A2016-02-14Sold0
    Login Required27C2016-03-16Sold0
    Login Required27B2016-02-18Sold0
    12COff Market0
    7MOff Market0
    RU28BOff Market6
    RU28AOff Market7
    906Off Market0
    902Off Market0
    Login Required28B2016-09-26Off Market0
    Login Required28C2016-08-21In Contract0
    6MOff Market0
    Login Required11B2016-07-21Sold11
    6IOff Market0
    6EOff Market0
    6AOff Market0
    Login Required20L2016-07-01In Contract0
    RU26AOff Market5
    RU26COff Market5
    RU26BOff Market6
    Login Required6H2015-12-02Sold0
    303SOff Market20
    Login Required26B2016-09-01Available0
    Login Required26C2016-11-03In Contract0
    425Off Market0
    Login Required4G2016-07-06Sold14
    7BOff Market0
    UNDGROff Market2
    Login Required4C2016-07-21Sold3
    Login Required7D2016-07-21Sold11
    Login Required7A2016-07-21Sold10
    Login Required7B2016-07-21Sold11
    Login Required7C2016-07-25Sold10
    1HOff Market1
    5BOff Market2
    2BOff Market0
    5COff Market0
    5EOff Market0
    5FOff Market0
    16GOff Market0
    Login Required30A2015-10-31Sold0
    Login Required30C2016-03-16Sold0
    Login Required30B2016-03-13Sold0
    2AOff Market1
    16AOff Market0
    D15DOff Market0
    16DOff Market0
    16JOff Market0
    16KOff Market0
    26Off Market2
    Login Required9B2016-07-21Sold12
    Login Required9C2016-07-21Sold10
    Login Required9A2016-07-21Sold13
    1BOff Market0
    1AOff Market0
    Login Required9K2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required9J2016-07-01In Contract0
    18JOff Market0
    18KOff Market0
    18MOff Market0
    Login Required9L2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required9C2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required9B2016-07-01In Contract0
    18BOff Market0
    Login Required20G2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required9F2016-07-01In Contract0
    18FOff Market0
    Login Required9D2016-07-02In Contract0
    Login RequiredPHWEST2016-09-23In Contract0
    4EOff Market0
    4DOff Market0
    12AOff Market2
    4COff Market0
    Login Required612016-05-09Sold7
    Login Required3C2016-10-23In Contract0
    C20COff Market0
    Login Required20B2016-07-21Sold10
    Login Required11F2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required8C2016-11-09In Contract0
    Login Required39C2016-06-30In Contract0
    Login Required33A2016-11-03Available0
    Login RequiredPHB2016-10-21In Contract0
    4DOff Market9
    407SOff Market24
    Login RequiredPH12015-03-19Sold10
    Login Required4D2011-12-23Available0
    Login Required20K2016-04-02In Contract0
    Login Required20J2016-03-28In Contract0
    Login Required20H2016-01-09In Contract0
    2Off Market0
    Login Required20F2016-01-09In Contract0
    Login Required20E2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required20D2016-11-11In Contract0
    Login Required20C2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required20A2016-10-26Available0
    Login Required13C2015-01-30Sold9
    Login Required13B2015-01-30Sold10
    Login Required8E2016-11-11In Contract0
    33BOff Market0
    RESOff Market1
    1Off Market3
    137Off Market14
    Login Required19B2016-11-03Off Market0
    Login Required19C2016-11-03Off Market0
    Login Required19A2016-11-03Available0
    1E2DOff Market1
    12FOff Market2
    E16FOff Market0
    CY3SOff Market23
    Login Required19C2016-11-03In Contract0
    401Off Market0
    Login Required58A2016-09-28Available7
    Login Required822016-06-20Sold25
    6KOff Market0
    6HOff Market0
    6FOff Market0
    6DOff Market0
    6BOff Market0
    10BOff Market0
    3EOff Market1
    1FOff Market0
    Login Required49FGH2016-11-11Available0
    5B70Off Market1
    408SOff Market20
    Login Required12D2016-09-23In Contract14
    31AOff Market2
    Login Required15G2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required15F2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required15E2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required15D2016-10-05In Contract0
    Login Required15C2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required15B2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required15L2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required15K2016-01-09In Contract0
    Login Required15J2016-07-01In Contract0
    Login Required15H2016-07-01In Contract0
    6GOff Market1
    RES1Off Market2
    Login Required22C2016-11-03Off Market0
    COMMOff Market10
    RU11FOff Market4
    26GOff Market2
    NAOff Market2
    55AOff Market8
    3ABHOff Market1
    302SOff Market24
    Login Required27C2016-11-03In Contract0
    Login Required27A2016-10-03Off Market0
    1028Off Market0
    RETOff Market10
    5SOff Market0
    Login Required4C2014-09-09Sold14
    622Off Market0
    3AOff Market0
    Login Required4A2014-09-23Sold9
    10KOff Market0
    48FOff Market8
    54FOff Market8
    54GOff Market11
    54EOff Market10
    54COff Market8
    54AOff Market12
    16AOff Market0
    54HOff Market3
    Login Required1A2014-10-24Sold11
    14HOff Market0
    Login RequiredPHB2016-11-06Off Market0
    4BOff Market0
    Login Required58H2016-09-10Available7
    14GOff Market0
    49EOff Market8
    49FOff Market11
    Login Required31A2016-04-26Sold0
    2503Off Market2
    Login Required49C2016-10-02Available11
    308Off Market1
    14Off Market0
    2Off Market6
    3EOff Market1
    1Off Market6
    Login Required8L2016-07-02In Contract0
    19KOff Market0
    19JOff Market0
    Login Required8J2016-07-23In Contract0
    Login Required8K2016-07-02In Contract0
    Login Required8D2016-11-04In Contract0
    19FOff Market0
    Login Required8G2016-07-02In Contract0
    19COff Market0
    19BOff Market0
    Login Required8B2016-07-02In Contract0
    RU14AOff Market6
    RU14BOff Market5
    RU14COff Market2
    RU14DOff Market6
    809Off Market0
    RU14FOff Market6
    1DOff Market0
    5DOff Market0
    5EOff Market0
    5COff Market0
    1BEDSOff Market0
    Login Required5D2016-07-21Sold10
    CF1Off Market14
    30IOff Market0
    23FOff Market2
    Login Required202016-10-13Available0
    1BOff Market0
    3DOff Market0
    1COff Market0
    Login Required24A2016-01-30Sold0
    Login Required24B2015-12-23Sold0
    5BOff Market0
    5AOff Market0
    Login Required3D2015-12-21Sold0
    Login Required3E2016-01-20Sold0
    Login Required3F2016-10-24Available0
    Login Required3G2016-02-05Sold0
    Login Required3H2015-11-25Sold0
    5MOff Market0
    E8BOff Market0
    Login Required29C2016-08-21In Contract0
    32COff Market0
    32DOff Market0
    32EOff Market0
    30DOff Market3
    Login Required4A2016-10-21In Contract0
    Login Required4C2016-11-12Available0
    RU8COff Market5
    Login Required4D2016-11-12Available0
    64Off Market1
    Login Required14B2015-07-02Sold14
    Login Required14C2015-01-30Sold9
    Login Required9B2016-11-12In Contract0
    Login Required14A2015-01-30Sold9
    7EOff Market0
    21DOff Market0
    10HOff Market2
    7FOff Market0
    Login Required18C2016-11-03Off Market0
    18COff Market0
    108SOff Market25
    RU5HOff Market7
    RU5GOff Market7
    RU5FOff Market2
    RU5EOff Market2
    RU5DOff Market4
    RU5COff Market5
    RU5BOff Market9
    2EOff Market0
    2GOff Market0
    31HOff Market8
    2AOff Market0
    Login RequiredPHSOUTH2016-10-19In Contract0
    204SOff Market23
    17Off Market1
    TEST1Off Market0
    RU10BOff Market5
    2Off Market0
    17AOff Market0
    17BOff Market0
    BASEOff Market2
    17KOff Market0
    17JOff Market0
    RETOff Market14
    RESOff Market12
    404SOff Market22
    Login Required23D2016-11-03Available0
    Login Required41C2016-06-30In Contract0
    Login Required41D2016-07-18In Contract0
    Login Required52B2016-11-03Available0
    Login Required14G2016-07-01In Contract0
    330Off Market0
    35COff Market0
    39BOff Market0
    8JOff Market0
    3BOff Market0
    Login Required41D2016-08-07Off Market8
    Login Required6D2016-08-26Sold14
    41EOff Market10
    41FOff Market8
    18Off Market0
    302Off Market0
    1AOff Market0
    1Off Market8
    55EOff Market12
    41BOff Market8
    Login Required28C2016-08-07Sold0
    55HOff Market9
    Login Required1D2016-11-03Off Market10
    Login Required3A2015-07-02Off Market0
    Login Required1B2014-09-09Sold10
    Login Required1C2014-01-04In Contract10
    15GOff Market0
    608SOff Market23
    Login Required4A2016-11-01In Contract0
    Login Required4B2016-11-08In Contract0
    23EOff Market2
    CF2Off Market11
    CF3Off Market14
    48COff Market8
    48BOff Market9
    48AOff Market9
    48GOff Market9
    Login Required48E2011-10-25Available8
    31COff Market11
    Login Required31A2011-10-25Available12
    7COff Market0
    Login Required31G2016-08-05Available8
    31FOff Market11
    31EOff Market9
    7GOff Market0
    7JOff Market0
    7KOff Market0
    CY4SOff Market24
    7MOff Market0
    Login Required50B2016-11-03Off Market0
    PHEAOff Market3
    28EOff Market0
    Login Required5F2014-09-15Available0
    Login Required5E2014-09-15Available0
    35BOff Market0
    2EOff Market1
    Login Required28B2016-03-08Sold0
    HUOff Market24
    1WOff Market1
    12LOff Market0
    2WOff Market1
    5JOOff Market4
    12EOff Market0
    12DOff Market0
    12GOff Market0
    30COff Market2
    12BOff Market0

    Public Records

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    • This property was sold for $5,941,469.48 on 2014-09-30. Show Details
    • Maps filed 2014-01-02 Show Details
    • Condo Declaration (Deeds And Other Conveyances) was filed on 2014-01-02. Show Details
    • UCC3 Termination dated 2013-02-20, Secured Party: Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Plc, Assignee: Show Details
    • UCC3 Termination dated 2013-02-20, Secured Party: Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Plc, Assignee: Show Details
    • UCC3 Termination dated 2013-02-20, Secured Party: Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Plc, Assignee: Show Details
    • UCC3 Termination dated 2013-02-20, Secured Party: Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Plc, Assignee: Show Details
    • Termination Of Assign Of L&R (Other Documents) was filed on 2013-02-20. Show Details
    • Partial Release Of Mortgage (Mortgages & Instruments) was filed on 2013-02-20. Show Details
    • Sundry Miscellaneous (Other Documents) was filed on 2013-02-11. Show Details
    • Memorandum Of Lease (Deeds And Other Conveyances) was filed on 2013-02-11. Show Details
    • Mortgage And Consolidation (Mortgages & Instruments) was filed on 2013-02-11. Show Details
    • On 2013-01-24 a mortgage on this property was transferred from L.L.C. Rpap Hotel Debt (Alex) to National Association Wilmington Trust. Show Details
    • This property was sold for $115,000,000.00 on 2013-01-23. Show Details
    • Tax Lien Sale Certificate (Other Documents) was filed on 2012-08-28. Show Details
    • Assignment Of Tax Lien (Other Documents) was filed on 2012-07-23. Show Details
    • Ucc3 Continuation (Ucc And Federal Liens) was filed on 2010-11-04. Show Details
    • Asgn Of Asgn Of L&R (Mortgages & Instruments) was filed on 2010-08-19. Show Details
    • On 2010-07-01 a mortgage on this property was transferred from Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Limited to Rpap Hotel Debt (Alex) LLC. Show Details
    • On 2010-06-29 a mortgage on this property was transferred from Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Limited to Rpap Hotel Debt (Flatotel), LLC. Show Details
    • Discharge Of Tax Lien (Other Documents) was filed on 2009-06-19. Show Details
    • This property was sold for $0.00 on 2009-01-01. Show Details
    • This property was sold for $0.00 on 2009-01-01. Show Details
    • This property was sold for $0.00 on 2009-01-01. Show Details
    • This property was sold for $0.00 on 2009-01-01. Show Details
    • A $230,000,000.00 mortgage was taken from Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Plc on 2008-11-07. Show Details
    • A $10,000,000.00 mortgage was taken from Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Plc on 2008-11-07. Show Details
    • Initial UCC1 dated 2008-11-20, Secured Party: Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Plc Show Details
    • Initial UCC1 dated 2008-11-20, Secured Party: Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Plc Show Details
    • Initial UCC1 dated 2008-06-10, Secured Party: Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Plc Show Details
    • An Assignment of Leases and Rents was filed on 2008-05-30 Show Details
    • A $10,000,000.00 mortgage was taken from Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Plc on 2008-05-30. Show Details
    • An Assignment of Leases and Rents was filed on 2007-11-15 Show Details
    • A $4,000,000.00 mortgage was taken from Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Plc on 2007-11-15. Show Details
    • An Assignment of Leases and Rents was filed on 2007-10-05 Show Details
    • A $3,500,000.00 mortgage was taken from Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Plc on 2007-10-05. Show Details
    • An Assignment of Leases and Rents was filed on 2006-11-22 Show Details
    • A $7,500,000.00 mortgage was taken from Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Plc on 2006-11-22. Show Details
    • Initial UCC1 dated 2006-02-14, Secured Party: Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Plc Show Details
    • UCC3 Termination dated 2006-02-14, Secured Party: N.A. Corus Bank, Assignee: Show Details
    • UCC3 Termination dated 2006-02-14, Secured Party: N.A. Corus Bank, Assignee: Show Details
    • UCC3 Termination dated 2006-02-14, Secured Party: N.A. Corus Bank, Assignee: Show Details
    • Initial UCC1 dated 2005-12-02, Secured Party: Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Plc Show Details
    • Subordination Of Mortgage (Mortgages & Instruments) was filed on 2005-12-02. Show Details
    • An Assignment of Leases and Rents was filed on 2005-09-22 Show Details
    • A mortgage agreement for $60,000,000.00 was filed on 2005-09-22 Show Details
    • A $11,385,912.35 mortgage was taken from Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Plc on 2005-09-22. Show Details
    • Tax Lien Sale Certificate (Other Documents) was filed on 2005-09-16. Show Details
    • Termination Of Assign Of L&R (Other Documents) was filed on 2004-09-16. Show Details
    • Termination Of Assign Of L&R (Other Documents) was filed on 2004-09-16. Show Details
    • Termination Of Assign Of L&R (Other Documents) was filed on 2004-09-16. Show Details
    • Subordination Of Mortgage (Mortgages & Instruments) was filed on 2004-09-16. Show Details
    • An Assignment of Leases and Rents was filed on 2004-04-30 Show Details
    • A mortgage agreement for $49,000,000.00 was filed on 2004-04-30 Show Details
    • A $17,000,000.00 mortgage was taken from Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Plc on 2004-04-30. Show Details
    • On 2004-04-28 a mortgage on this property was transferred from N.A. Corus Bank to Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Plc. Show Details
    • Initial UCC1 dated 2004-05-13, Secured Party: Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Plc Show Details
    • Tax Lien Sale Certificate (Other Documents) was filed on 2003-10-14. Show Details
    • Tax Lien Sale Certificate (Other Documents) was filed on 2003-08-27. Show Details
    • UCC3 Release / UCC Amendment dated 2002-12-31, Secured Party: Atlantic Bank Of Newyork, Assignee: Show Details
    • UCC3 Release / UCC Amendment dated 2002-12-27, Secured Party: Atlantic Bank Of Newyork, Assignee: Show Details
    • UCC3 Release / UCC Amendment dated 2002-10-11, Secured Party: Atlantic Bank Of Newyork, Assignee: Show Details
    • Release dated 2002-05-17. Show Details
    • A $6,244,554.72 mortgage was taken from N.A. Corus Bank on 2002-05-17. Show Details
    • A $19,755,445.28 mortgage was taken from N.A. Corus Bank on 2002-05-17. Show Details
    • On 2002-05-17 a mortgage on this property was transferred from 205 East 45 LLC to N.A. Corus Bank. Show Details
    • On 2002-05-17 a mortgage on this property was transferred from 205 East 45 LLC to N.A. Corus Bank. Show Details
    • On 2002-05-17 a mortgage on this property was transferred from 205 East 45 LLC to N.A. Corus Bank. Show Details
    • A mortgage agreement for $0.00 was filed on 2002-05-17 Show Details
    • On 2002-05-17 a mortgage on this property was transferred from Atlantic Bank Of Newyork to N.A. Corus Bank. Show Details
    • A Miscellaneous legal document filed on 2002-05-17. Show Details
    • On 2002-05-17 a mortgage on this property was transferred from Omega Commercial Mortgage Corp. to N.A. Corus Bank. Show Details
    • Release dated 2002-05-17. Show Details
    • On 2002-05-17 a mortgage on this property was transferred from Atlantic Bank Of Newyork to Omega Commercial Mortgage Corp.. Show Details
    • UCC3 Release / UCC Amendment dated 2002-05-13, Secured Party: Atlantic Bank Of Newyork, Assignee: Show Details
    • Initial UCC1 dated 2002-05-03, Secured Party: N.A. Corus Bank Show Details
    • Initial UCC1 dated 2002-05-03, Secured Party: N.A. Corus Bank Show Details
    • Initial UCC1 dated 2002-05-03, Secured Party: N.A. Corus Bank Show Details
    • UCC3 Termination dated 2002-05-02, Secured Party: Atlantic Bank Of Newyork, Assignee: Show Details
    • UCC3 Release / UCC Amendment dated 2002-05-02, Secured Party: Atlantic Bank Of Newyork, Assignee: Show Details
    • UCC3 Release / UCC Amendment dated 2002-04-26, Secured Party: Atlantic Bank Of Newyork, Assignee: Show Details
    • Initial UCC1 dated 2002-03-08, Secured Party: Atlantic Bank Of Newyork Show Details
    • On 2002-01-23 a mortgage on this property was transferred from 205 East 45 LLC & 120 East 90 LLC & Rocky 116 L.L.C. to Atlantic Bank Of Newyork. Show Details
    • A $3,425,000.00 mortgage was taken from Atlantic Bank Of Newyork on 2002-01-23. Show Details
    • Tax Lien Sale Certificate (Other Documents) was filed on 2001-06-28. Show Details
    • A Miscellaneous legal document filed on 2001-06-20. Show Details
    • A Miscellaneous legal document filed on 2001-06-20. Show Details
    • A $1,000,000.00 mortgage was taken from Atlantic Bank Of Newyork on 2001-02-22. Show Details
    • A $5,000,000.00 mortgage was taken from Atlantic Bank Of Newyork on 2000-02-09. Show Details
    • This property was sold for $0.00 on 1999-12-23. Show Details
    • On 2000-02-09 a mortgage on this property was transferred from 205 East 45 LLC to Atlantic Bank Of Newyork. Show Details
    • Initial UCC1 dated 2000-01-13, Secured Party: Atlantic Bank Of Newyork Show Details
    • Ucc3 Continuation (Ucc And Federal Liens) was filed on 1999-03-29. Show Details
    • A Miscellaneous legal document filed on 1998-08-13. Show Details
    • This property was sold for $0.00 on 1998-02-02. Show Details
    • A Miscellaneous legal document filed on 1998-08-13. Show Details
    • Declaration (Other Documents) was filed on 1998-08-13. Show Details
    • Initial UCC1 dated 1998-07-21, Secured Party: Newyork Branch Commerzbank Ag Show Details
    • Initial UCC1 dated 1994-05-05, Secured Party: Inc. Enersave Show Details
    • A Miscellaneous legal document filed on 1993-07-14. Show Details
    • ... and 1 older documents.

    HPD Registration

    This building was last registered at the Department of Housing Preservation and Development on July 5, 2016 and the registration expires Sept. 1, 2017.

    • Corporate Owner: 84 White Street Llc, 872 Madison Avenue #2A, New York, NY 10021
    • Managing Agent: Rialto Management Corp, Scott Lerman, 872 Madison Avenue #2A, New York, NY 10021
    • Head Officer: Juan Lacroze, 872 Madison Avenue #2A, New York, NY 10021
    • Site Manager: Daniel Marmol,

    Building Tips


    209 E 45th St, 10017
    Square Footage
    Lot Type
    57.5ft x 100.42ft
    Condo Number


    Turtle Bay
    Historic District
    Community District
    City Council
    Police Precinct
    Fire Company
    School District
    Census Tract


    Zoning District
    Commercial Overlay
    Special Purpose
    Limited Height


    Tax Class
    MV Land
    MV Total
    AV Land
    AV Total

    Floor Area Ratio

    Built FAR

    Zoned FAR 10.0
    Max 57,830.0 sq. ft.
    Remaining 52,926.0 sq. ft.

    Zoned FAR 15.0
    Max 86,745.0 sq. ft.
    Remaining 81,841.0 sq. ft.

    Zoned FAR 15.0
    Max 86,745.0 sq. ft.
    Remaining 81,841.0 sq. ft.


    Condo Number
    Special Condominium Billing Lot
    Land Use
    Commercial & Office Buildings
    Year Built
    Residential Units
    Total Units
    Floor Area


    This property is located in the 17th Precinct of Manhattan.

    Property Crime

    In 2015 the 17th Precinct saw 1014 felony property crimes (Burglary, Grand Larceny and Grand Larceny of Motor Vehicle) committed per 100,000 residents**. This is lower then the borough's property crime rate, which was 1219 over the same period.

    Violent Crime

    Very low
    In 2015 the 17th Precinct saw 158 felony violent crimes (Murder, Rape, Robbery and Felony Assault) committed per 100,000 residents**. This is lower then the borough's violent crime rate, which was 444 over the same period.

    ** This does not take daytime population into account. Actual crime rates in areas where many people work (higher daytime population) may be lower. Conversely actual crime rates may be higher in areas where many people commute out for work (lower daytime population).

    Street View