1900 Broadway
Lincoln Square
New York, NY, 10023

Built in 1970 this 968,442 sq.ft. building is 61% Residential, 28% Office Space, 8% Garage Space, 3% Other and contains 655 residential units and 1 non-residential units.

This building has 11 units available.


    • 66th St-Lincoln Center Route 1 2 Minute walk, 0.1 Miles
    • 59th St-Columbus Circle Route ARoute BRoute CRoute DRoute 1 4 Minute walk, 0.2 Miles
    • 72nd St Route 1Route 2Route 3 10 Minute walk, 0.5 Miles
    • 7th Av Route BRoute DRoute E 13 Minute walk, 0.6 Miles
    • 47-50th Sts Rockefeller Center Route BRoute DRoute FRoute M 18 Minute walk, 1.0 Miles
    • 42nd St Route ARoute CRoute ERoute NRoute QRoute RRoute SRoute 1Route 2Route 3Route 7 21 Minute walk, 1.1 Miles


    • Elementary School

      • P.S. 191 Amsterdam
        • Grades: PK,0K,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,SE
        • Principal: Lauren Keville
        • Phone: 212-757-4343
        • Address: 210 West 61 Street
        • Website: schools.nyc.gov
    • Middle School

      • Zoned to District 3. No zoned school. Contact 718-935-2385 for more information.
    • High School

      • Citywide High School Choice

    Units at this Address

    PriceUnitLast UpdateStatusPublic Records
    Login Required14J2012-06-06Sold7
    40AOff Market3
    15AOff Market1
    15GOff Market1
    40FOff Market1
    14POff Market6
    15EOff Market1
    41UOff Market1
    Login Required40H2015-06-22Sold4
    14UOff Market1
    Login Required15H2012-03-24Sold9
    41ROff Market1
    15NOff Market1
    40NOff Market1
    40OOff Market1
    33GHFUROff Market0
    14AOff Market4
    Login Required24R2011-10-25Available7
    24SOff Market1
    24POff Market1
    24VOff Market4
    14COff Market12
    24TOff Market1
    24UOff Market1
    24JOff Market1
    24KOff Market1
    24HOff Market1
    41DOff Market1
    24NOff Market1
    24OOff Market1
    Login Required24L2016-12-13Sold2
    24MOff Market1
    24BOff Market8
    24COff Market1
    24FOff Market1
    24GOff Market1
    24DOff Market1
    14DOff Market0
    14GOff Market3
    41NOff Market1
    14KOff Market3
    23OOff Market1
    33GOff Market2
    23MOff Market1
    23LOff Market7
    33BOff Market1
    23JOff Market1
    23HOff Market11
    23GOff Market1
    23FOff Market1
    PHVOff Market0
    33MOff Market6
    23COff Market3
    33KOff Market1
    23AOff Market1
    Login Required14L2015-06-11Sold3
    33VOff Market1
    33TOff Market1
    33UOff Market0
    33SOff Market1
    33POff Market1
    23VOff Market1
    23UOff Market1
    23TOff Market1
    Login Required23R2013-12-24Sold6
    23POff Market1
    24EOff Market1
    21MOff Market1
    41VOff Market1
    14SOff Market1
    41TOff Market1
    41SOff Market5
    14TOff Market1
    14VOff Market1
    41GOff Market1
    41FOff Market12
    41EOff Market2
    14BOff Market0
    14EOff Market1
    41BOff Market1
    41AOff Market1
    14FOff Market1
    14HOff Market1
    41MOff Market3
    41LOff Market1
    41KOff Market1
    41JOff Market1
    14OOff Market6
    14NOff Market1
    20Off Market0
    20FOff Market1
    20GOff Market1
    20DOff Market5
    20BOff Market1
    20COff Market3
    20AOff Market1
    20NOff Market1
    36POff Market1
    20LOff Market7
    36ROff Market8
    20JOff Market1
    20KOff Market3
    20HOff Market2
    36VOff Market1
    36HOff Market3
    36KOff Market1
    36JOff Market10
    20ROff Market1
    36LOff Market1
    36OOff Market1
    Login Required36N2012-01-01Available5
    36AOff Market1
    36BOff Market1
    36EOff Market1
    36GOff Market1
    36FOff Market1
    33GHUNFUROff Market0
    9TOff Market1
    9UOff Market1
    Login Required9V2011-12-08Sold3
    9POff Market1
    9ROff Market3
    9SOff Market1
    Login Required9L2017-12-19Sold8
    9MOff Market1
    Login Required9N2014-02-08Sold14
    9OOff Market13
    28DEOff Market2
    20OOff Market1
    9DOff Market0
    9EOff Market1
    9FOff Market1
    9AOff Market1
    9BOff Market1
    9COff Market1
    42NOff Market1
    42OOff Market1
    42LOff Market1
    42MOff Market1
    42JOff Market1
    42KOff Market4
    42HOff Market8
    42FOff Market1
    42GOff Market1
    42DOff Market1
    42EOff Market1
    42BOff Market1
    42COff Market1
    42AOff Market1
    42VOff Market1
    42TOff Market1
    42UOff Market0
    42ROff Market1
    42SOff Market0
    42POff Market1
    Login Required29B~992016-06-18Sold0
    20TOff Market4
    20UOff Market1
    36MOff Market1
    26COff Market0
    Login Required29M2013-09-22Available2
    29LOff Market1
    29OOff Market1
    Login Required29N2015-02-19Sold3
    19ROff Market1
    19SOff Market1
    29KOff Market7
    29JOff Market1
    29EOff Market3
    29DOff Market1
    29GOff Market1
    29FOff Market1
    Login Required29A2016-05-26Sold2
    29COff Market1
    Login Required29B2013-09-22Available1
    19FOff Market1
    19GOff Market1
    Login Required19E2017-03-20Available1
    19BOff Market1
    19COff Market1
    19AOff Market1
    29UOff Market6
    29TOff Market6
    19LOff Market1
    Login Required19M2014-01-31Sold3
    19JOff Market1
    29POff Market1
    19HOff Market1
    Login Required29R2018-04-18In Contract5
    21TOff Market1
    10UOff Market1
    10TOff Market1
    Login Required10V2013-08-20Sold7
    10POff Market1
    10SOff Market1
    Login Required10R2016-06-18Sold10
    10MOff Market1
    10LOff Market1
    10OOff Market1
    10NOff Market2
    10KOff Market1
    21LOff Market1
    10EOff Market1
    10DOff Market0
    31ROff Market1
    10FOff Market1
    10AOff Market7
    35VOff Market8
    10COff Market1
    10BOff Market2
    35ROff Market1
    Login Required35S2018-02-15Sold10
    32EOff Market1
    32DOff Market1
    Login Required32G2015-09-15Sold11
    32FOff Market9
    32AOff Market1
    32COff Market5
    32BOff Market1
    32LOff Market4
    32OOff Market1
    32NOff Market0
    32HOff Market7
    32KOff Market1
    32JOff Market6
    32VOff Market1
    32POff Market1
    32SOff Market5
    32ROff Market6
    21SOff Market1
    30NOff Market0
    21ROff Market1
    35EOff Market1
    41HOff Market1
    IE27LOff Market6
    16BOff Market2
    16DOff Market1
    15UVOff Market0
    17TOff Market1
    17UOff Market1
    17VOff Market1
    17POff Market1
    17ROff Market1
    17SOff Market1
    17DOff Market1
    17EOff Market1
    17FOff Market1
    17GOff Market1
    17AOff Market1
    17BOff Market1
    17COff Market1
    17LOff Market1
    17MOff Market1
    17NOff Market0
    17OOff Market1
    17JOff Market1
    17KOff Market0
    39POff Market0
    39ROff Market1
    39SOff Market0
    39TOff Market1
    39UOff Market9
    39VOff Market1
    25POff Market3
    25SOff Market6
    25UOff Market5
    25TOff Market7
    Login Required32RS2016-06-18Sold0
    39AOff Market0
    25KOff Market1
    Login Required25J2017-08-27Off Market13
    39DOff Market1
    25LOff Market1
    25OOff Market1
    25NOff Market1
    Login Required39H2012-08-16Off Market8
    39JOff Market1
    Login Required39K2016-02-07Off Market9
    39LOff Market2
    39MOff Market2
    39NOff Market3
    39OOff Market2
    38COff Market1
    29SOff Market1
    39OPUNFOff Market0
    14DUOff Market0
    22MOff Market5
    Login RequiredM352016-09-17Sold0
    9KOff Market1
    14MOff Market1
    18UOff Market2
    18TOff Market1
    18VOff Market1
    18POff Market1
    33FOff Market1
    18EOff Market22
    18DOff Market12
    18GOff Market1
    18FOff Market1
    18AOff Market6
    18COff Market2
    18BOff Market1
    18MOff Market5
    18LOff Market1
    18OOff Market1
    18NOff Market1
    18HOff Market2
    Login Required18K2015-01-29Sold8
    Login Required13O2013-01-01Available0
    Login Required13P2013-01-01Available0
    18RSOff Market2
    Login Required21G2018-01-30Sold3
    21FOff Market1
    21COff Market8
    Login Required21B2014-05-31Sold6
    35TOff Market0
    35UOff Market1
    21OOff Market4
    21NOff Market1
    21KOff Market10
    21JOff Market1
    35LOff Market1
    Login Required35M2016-06-27Off Market8
    35NOff Market0
    35OOff Market1
    35HOff Market1
    35JOff Market1
    35KOff Market1
    35DOff Market1
    25MOff Market1
    35FOff Market1
    35GOff Market1
    35AOff Market1
    35BOff Market1
    35COff Market2
    28HOff Market0
    43LOff Market1
    Login Required25D~032016-06-18Sold0
    Login Required28DE2016-11-07Sold0
    25HOff Market1
    26NOff Market1
    Login Required39C2018-03-05Available0
    23EOff Market1
    39EOff Market1
    43MOff Market1
    22HOff Market1
    43OOff Market1
    43HOff Market1
    43KOff Market1
    43JOff Market10
    Login Required39G2018-04-18Available1
    43AOff Market1
    22JOff Market1
    25AOff Market1
    Login Required34V~042016-06-18Sold0
    22KOff Market1
    43UOff Market1
    22LOff Market1
    43VOff Market14
    43POff Market3
    43ROff Market3
    22NOff Market1
    Login Required10R~032016-06-18Sold0
    Login Required25E2013-05-10Sold4
    22OOff Market1
    25DOff Market13
    25GOff Market1
    22AOff Market0
    25FOff Market1
    19KOff Market1
    34HOff Market1
    22DOff Market1
    22EOff Market12
    34MOff Market1
    34LOff Market3
    38VOff Market5
    38UOff Market1
    38TOff Market4
    38SOff Market6
    38ROff Market1
    38POff Market1
    26TOff Market7
    26VOff Market2
    26POff Market1
    25COff Market6
    26ROff Market5
    26SOff Market5
    26LOff Market1
    38FOff Market2
    38EOff Market3
    38DOff Market2
    26HOff Market1
    Login Required38B2015-12-02Sold1
    38AOff Market1
    26KOff Market1
    38OOff Market1
    38NOff Market1
    26FOff Market1
    26GOff Market1
    38KOff Market1
    26AOff Market1
    26BOff Market1
    38HOff Market4
    Login Required18RS2018-03-17Sold9
    260Off Market0
    33DOff Market1
    Login Required33E2015-01-29Sold3
    Login Required23K2017-12-22Off Market4
    33COff Market1
    31HOff Market1
    31JOff Market1
    Login Required31K2016-06-18Sold5
    31LOff Market5
    31MOff Market1
    31NOff Market1
    31OOff Market1
    31AOff Market1
    31BOff Market0
    33AOff Market1
    31DOff Market1
    31EOff Market1
    31FOff Market1
    31GOff Market1
    33NOff Market2
    33OOff Market2
    31POff Market1
    31ROff Market4
    31SOff Market1
    31TOff Market1
    31UOff Market1
    31VOff Market1
    Login Required36S2016-06-18Sold17
    19VOff Market11
    33JOff Market1
    23BOff Market1
    19UOff Market1
    21UOff Market1
    Login Required32HJ2015-02-12Sold0
    19POff Market1
    26DEOff Market2
    9NOff Market1
    36UOff Market15
    33GHOff Market1
    16ROff Market1
    16POff Market1
    16VOff Market1
    16UOff Market1
    16KOff Market1
    16HOff Market1
    16OOff Market1
    16NOff Market1
    16MOff Market1
    16LOff Market1
    16COff Market5
    16BOff Market7
    16AOff Market1
    16GOff Market1
    16FOff Market1
    33OOff Market1
    19OOff Market1
    34COff Market0
    34BOff Market1
    34AOff Market1
    Login Required29V2018-03-01Available11
    Login Required34G2017-09-14Sold14
    34FOff Market7
    Login Required34E2016-11-29Sold1
    34DOff Market1
    34KOff Market1
    34JOff Market5
    22BOff Market1
    Login Required22C2012-01-10Sold14
    34OOff Market1
    34NOff Market6
    22FOff Market1
    22GOff Market1
    34SOff Market1
    Login Required34R2015-08-19Sold5
    34POff Market1
    39FOff Market1
    Login Required34V2012-12-19Sold8
    34UOff Market1
    Login Required34T2015-01-29Sold7
    22POff Market1
    22ROff Market1
    22SOff Market1
    22TOff Market1
    22UOff Market1
    22VOff Market5
    20SOff Market1
    20POff Market1
    11AOff Market1
    40POff Market0
    15SOff Market1
    40ROff Market1
    40SOff Market7
    40TOff Market1
    20COff Market2
    40VOff Market0
    15UOff Market4
    27OOff Market1
    15BOff Market1
    15COff Market1
    40BOff Market6
    40COff Market4
    15FOff Market1
    40EOff Market1
    Login Required15D2015-10-05Sold15
    40GOff Market1
    15JOff Market0
    15KOff Market1
    40JOff Market2
    40KOff Market1
    40LOff Market1
    40MOff Market1
    15LOff Market1
    Login Required15M2018-04-22Available4
    Login Required10J2015-07-02Sold2
    12GOff Market1
    12FOff Market1
    12EOff Market1
    12DOff Market1
    12COff Market0
    Login Required12A2018-04-20In Contract0
    12OOff Market1
    12NOff Market1
    12MOff Market1
    12LOff Market1
    12KOff Market1
    12JOff Market1
    Login Required12H2016-05-25Sold6
    12VOff Market1
    12TOff Market1
    12SOff Market1
    12ROff Market1
    Login Required14OP2014-06-22Off Market0
    30OOff Market1
    38GOff Market1
    30MOff Market1
    30LOff Market1
    30JOff Market1
    30HOff Market1
    30FOff Market1
    30EOff Market1
    30DOff Market1
    30COff Market1
    30BOff Market1
    Login Required26O2015-06-12Sold2
    30VOff Market1
    30UOff Market1
    30TOff Market1
    30SOff Market1
    30ROff Market6
    30POff Market7
    26JOff Market1
    21VOff Market3
    27FOff Market12
    37ROff Market1
    37SOff Market1
    Login Required26C2012-01-03Sold2
    27POff Market1
    28NOff Market1
    28OOff Market1
    28LOff Market5
    Login Required28M2015-01-30Sold2
    28JOff Market2
    28KOff Market1
    28HOff Market2
    37UOff Market0
    28FOff Market1
    28GOff Market1
    28DOff Market14
    28BOff Market1
    28COff Market8
    28AOff Market7
    Login Required27M2018-03-21Sold4
    28VOff Market4
    28TOff Market1
    28UOff Market0
    28ROff Market2
    28SOff Market1
    28POff Market1
    37KOff Market10
    Login Required11V2014-01-31Sold6
    11TOff Market1
    Login Required11U2014-03-03Sold6
    11ROff Market1
    11SOff Market1
    11POff Market1
    11NOff Market1
    11OOff Market1
    11LOff Market1
    11MOff Market1
    11JOff Market1
    11KOff Market1
    11HOff Market1
    11FOff Market1
    11GOff Market1
    11DOff Market1
    11BOff Market1
    11COff Market2
    27VOff Market1
    15ROff Market1
    39OPOff Market0
    37MOff Market1
    15POff Market1
    25FGOff Market0
    15VOff Market2
    27COff Market1
    27BOff Market1
    Login Required27A2015-08-08Sold4
    15TOff Market1
    27DOff Market1
    27KOff Market1
    27JOff Market4
    37POff Market1
    27HOff Market4
    37VOff Market1
    37TOff Market1
    27LOff Market0
    37JOff Market1
    Login Required27R2017-08-14Sold2
    37HOff Market1
    26MOff Market1
    37NOff Market1
    37OOff Market1
    27TOff Market1
    37BOff Market1
    37COff Market1
    37AOff Market1
    37FOff Market1
    37GOff Market12
    Login Required37D2016-11-21Sold10
    37EOff Market1

    Public Records

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    • A mortgage with N.A. Citibank was satisfied on 2015-08-20. Show Details
    • Tax Lien Sale Certificate (Other Documents) was filed on 2015-08-25. Show Details
    • This property was sold for $5,941,469.48 on 2014-09-30. Show Details
    • This property was sold for $45,884,979.00 on 2008-09-25. Show Details
    • Amended Condo Declaration (Other Documents) was filed on 2006-07-27. Show Details
    • This property was sold for $362,419,501.00 on 2006-02-03. Show Details
    • This property was sold for $80,195,400.00 on 2005-09-19. Show Details
    • Mortgage And Consolidation (Mortgages & Instruments) was filed on 2005-05-27. Show Details
    • A mortgage with Fa Washington Mutual Bank was satisfied on 2004-03-25. Show Details
    • A mortgage with Fleet National Bank was satisfied on 2004-01-20. Show Details
    • A $250,000.00 mortgage was taken from Fleet National Bank on 2001-06-25. Show Details
    • A $150,000.00 mortgage was taken from Citibank Na on 2003-02-03. Show Details
    • Assignment Of Tax Lien (Other Documents) was filed on 2000-05-15. Show Details
    • Tax Lien Sale Certificate (Other Documents) was filed on 1999-06-29. Show Details
    • Assignment Of Tax Lien (Other Documents) was filed on 1999-01-20. Show Details
    • Tax Lien Sale Certificate (Other Documents) was filed on 1998-07-29. Show Details
    • A mortgage with Chase Manhattan Bank was satisfied on 1996-09-30. Show Details
    • A Miscellaneous legal document filed on 1996-09-30. Show Details
    • A mortgage agreement for $0.00 was filed on 1995-11-15 Show Details
    • A mortgage agreement for $0.00 was filed on 1994-02-15 Show Details
    • This property was sold for $0.00 on 1993-02-03. Show Details
    • A Miscellaneous legal document filed on 1990-05-29. Show Details
    • Declaration (Other Documents) was filed on 1988-07-26. Show Details
    • Declaration (Other Documents) was filed on 1986-12-02. Show Details
    • A mortgage agreement for $0.00 was filed on 1985-10-24 Show Details
    • A $5,000,000.00 mortgage was taken from Manufacturers Hano Tr Co on 1985-10-24. Show Details
    • This property was sold for $0.00 on 1985-09-30. Show Details
    • A Miscellaneous legal document filed on 1984-04-05. Show Details
    • A mortgage agreement for $0.00 was filed on 1983-11-23 Show Details
    • This property was sold for $0.00 on 1983-11-16. Show Details
    • Declaration (Other Documents) was filed on 1983-11-16. Show Details
    • Maps filed 1983-11-16 Show Details

    HPD Registration

    This building was last registered at the Department of Housing Preservation and Development on Feb. 8, 2018 and the registration expires Sept. 1, 2018.

    • Corporate Owner: One Lincoln Plaza Condominium, 20 West 64Th Street, New York, NY 10023
    • Managing Agent: Ogden Cap Properties Llc, Brian Perna, 20 West 64Th Street #9B, New York, NY 10023
    • Head Officer: Oded Aboodi, 680 Fifth Ave #7TH FL, New York, NY 10019
    • Officer: Aaron Singer, 680 Fifth Ave #7TH FL, New York, NY 10019
    • Site Manager: Brian Perna,

    Building Tips


    1900 Broadway, 10023
    Square Footage
    Lot Type
    232.0ft x 375.0ft
    Condo Number


    Lincoln Square
    Historic District
    Community District
    City Council
    Police Precinct
    Fire Company
    School District
    Census Tract


    Zoning District
    Commercial Overlay
    Special Purpose
    Limited Height


    Tax Class
    MV Land
    MV Total
    AV Land
    AV Total

    Floor Area Ratio

    Built FAR

    Zoned FAR 10.0
    Max 598,010.0 sq. ft.
    Remaining -370,432.0 sq. ft.

    Zoned FAR 10.0
    Max 598,010.0 sq. ft.
    Remaining -370,432.0 sq. ft.

    Zoned FAR 10.0
    Max 598,010.0 sq. ft.
    Remaining -370,432.0 sq. ft.


    Condo Number
    Office Space
    Land Use
    Mixed Residential & Commercial Buildings
    Year Built
    Residential Units
    Total Units
    Floor Area


    This property is located in the 20th Precinct of Manhattan.

    Property Crime

    In 2015 the 20th Precinct saw 701 felony property crimes (Burglary, Grand Larceny and Grand Larceny of Motor Vehicle) committed per 100,000 residents**. This is lower then the borough's property crime rate, which was 1219 over the same period.

    Violent Crime

    Very low
    In 2015 the 20th Precinct saw 129 felony violent crimes (Murder, Rape, Robbery and Felony Assault) committed per 100,000 residents**. This is lower then the borough's violent crime rate, which was 444 over the same period.

    ** This does not take daytime population into account. Actual crime rates in areas where many people work (higher daytime population) may be lower. Conversely actual crime rates may be higher in areas where many people commute out for work (lower daytime population).

    Street View