160 Central Park South

Built in 1930 this 259,479 sq.ft. building is 66% Residential, 34% Other and contains 182 residential units and 3 non-residential units.

This building has 35 units available.


    • 57th St Route NRoute QRoute R 3 Minute walk, 0.1 Miles
    • 57th St Route F 4 Minute walk, 0.2 Miles
    • 59th St Route ARoute BRoute CRoute DRoute 1 5 Minute walk, 0.2 Miles
    • 7th Av Route BRoute DRoute E 7 Minute walk, 0.4 Miles
    • 59th St Route NRoute QRoute RRoute 4Route 5Route 6 12 Minute walk, 0.6 Miles
    • 47-50th Sts Rockefeller Center Route BRoute DRoute FRoute MRoute 7 13 Minute walk, 0.7 Miles
    • Times Square Route ARoute CRoute ERoute NRoute QRoute RRoute GSRoute 1Route 2Route 3Route 7 17 Minute walk, 0.9 Miles
    • Times Square Route ARoute CRoute ERoute NRoute QRoute RRoute SRoute 1Route 2Route 3Route 7 18 Minute walk, 0.9 Miles


    • Elementary School

      • P.S. 111 Adolph S. Ochs
        • Grades: PK,0K,01,02,03,04,05,08,SE
        • Principal: Edward Gilligan
        • Phone: 212-582-7420
        • Address: 440 West 53 Street
        • Website: schools.nyc.gov
    • Middle School

      • Zoned to District 2. No zoned school. Contact 718-935-2383 for more information.
    • High School

      • Citywide High School Choice

    Units at this Address

    PriceUnitLast UpdateStatusPublic Records
    958Off Market10
    2511Off Market15
    741Off Market10
    2516Off Market17
    1509Off Market10
    948Off Market10
    949Off Market10
    3312Off Market10
    944Off Market10
    1501Off Market26
    946Off Market10
    1503Off Market10
    1504Off Market19
    941Off Market10
    942Off Market10
    943Off Market10
    Login Required12142017-12-20Sold0
    1216Off Market14
    3707Off Market10
    1211Off Market13
    Login Required12122012-03-23Available14
    Login Required321031112017-07-19Available0
    1218Off Market21
    1042Off Market10
    814Off Market10
    901Off Market12
    2716Off Market19
    COMMOff Market37
    Login Required37032018-11-07Sold21
    1438Off Market10
    1434Off Market10
    1435Off Market8
    1436Off Market2
    1430Off Market10
    1431Off Market10
    1432Off Market10
    1433Off Market10
    706Off Market10
    707Off Market10
    704Off Market10
    1006Off Market10
    Login Required10012018-12-09Available24
    703Off Market10
    701Off Market10
    1912Off Market18
    3710Off Market14
    1009Off Market15
    1008Off Market10
    708Off Market10
    Login Required7092019-01-13Available15
    1131Off Market10
    540Off Market10
    2707Off Market20
    1007Off Market10
    2815Off Market10
    1137Off Market10
    1136Off Market10
    1139Off Market10
    1138Off Market10
    542Off Market10
    2416Off Market16
    Login Required124612502012-11-10Available0
    Login Required35102015-05-18Available29
    3111Off Market16
    Login Required25012019-01-03Off Market33
    3118Off Market15
    1151Off Market7
    1720Off Market31
    3801Off Market16
    1723Off Market10
    409Off Market10
    408Off Market10
    3703Off Market24
    1727Off Market2
    405Off Market10
    404Off Market21
    407Off Market17
    406Off Market10
    401Off Market17
    1211Off Market12
    403Off Market10
    3815Off Market10
    834Off Market10
    835Off Market10
    2114Off Market10
    2115Off Market10
    2112Off Market10
    831Off Market10
    832Off Market10
    945Off Market10
    838Off Market10
    839Off Market10
    Login Required21182019-01-08Off Market15
    2020Off Market10
    760Off Market19
    3512Off Market10
    3515Off Market10
    3514Off Market10
    Login Required35162014-10-13Off Market0
    Login Required39032015-01-29Sold15
    3901Off Market16
    3906Off Market10
    3907Off Market10
    601Off Market14
    1507Off Market19
    3410Off Market17
    531Off Market10
    530Off Market10
    2208Off Market10
    2209Off Market25
    535Off Market10
    Login Required160716082018-12-12Off Market0
    537Off Market10
    536Off Market10
    539Off Market10
    538Off Market10
    1101Off Market13
    2201Off Market15
    550Off Market10
    2205Off Market10
    HOTELOff Market46
    1920Off Market12
    Login Required1446A2013-09-22Available0
    734Off Market10
    1520Off Market10
    501Off Market13
    829Off Market10
    631Off Market10
    828Off Market10
    1060Off Market13
    1201Off Market24
    930Off Market10
    Login Required8092016-10-07Sold23
    1219Off Market10
    803Off Market10
    439Off Market10
    Login Required18301832013-10-29Available0
    26RTOff Market12
    1526Off Market10
    458Off Market10
    2506Off Market10
    1801Off Market21
    2605Off Market10
    2604Off Market18
    339Off Market10
    338Off Market10
    2602Off Market14
    332Off Market10
    331Off Market10
    330Off Market10
    337Off Market10
    336Off Market10
    335Off Market10
    334Off Market10
    3011Off Market21
    3014Off Market10
    3015Off Market10
    3016Off Market10
    2001Off Market11
    1448Off Market10
    625Off Market10
    624Off Market10
    626Off Market10
    621Off Market10
    620Off Market10
    622Off Market10
    1162Off Market34
    Login Required11602018-01-20Sold20
    1161Off Market14
    629Off Market10
    628Off Market10
    908Off Market10
    Login Required9092019-01-07Available21
    901Off Market21
    903Off Market21
    904Off Market10
    905Off Market15
    907Off Market10
    2018Off Market10
    3011Off Market14
    Login Required101510182017-10-27Off Market0
    1445Off Market10
    1444Off Market10
    Login Required14462014-07-13Off Market28
    1918Off Market20
    1440Off Market10
    1442Off Market10
    751Off Market10
    750Off Market10
    755Off Market10
    754Off Market10
    756Off Market13
    2901Off Market10
    2408Off Market10
    2907Off Market16
    2905Off Market8
    Login Required24052015-02-01Sold15
    1910Off Market17
    2407Off Market10
    1701Off Market12
    2401Off Market12
    1703Off Market20
    2403Off Market10
    1041Off Market10
    324Off Market10
    1043Off Market10
    2010Off Market8
    2703Off Market15
    1044Off Market10
    2701Off Market13
    1046Off Market10
    1049Off Market10
    1637Off Market16
    2016Off Market10
    661Off Market12
    Login Required1101622017-03-08Off Market0
    720Off Market13
    Login Required6602018-10-23Off Market12
    2014Off Market10
    1610Off Market10
    1029Off Market14
    1612Off Market10
    1614Off Market10
    1615Off Market10
    1617Off Market10
    1020Off Market14
    1619Off Market10
    1908Off Market10
    1909Off Market2
    2120Off Market15
    1411Off Market14
    1412Off Market12
    1416Off Market16
    1045Off Market10
    Login Required2118202019-01-08Off Market0
    1005Off Market18
    808Off Market10
    3214Off Market18
    2201Off Market12
    Login Required7052016-03-16Off Market18
    2103Off Market13
    2209Off Market15
    3212Off Market15
    230305Off Market0
    504Off Market10
    1246Off Market13
    728Off Market10
    3001Off Market12
    3201Off Market10
    3203Off Market20
    Login Required32052016-05-18Off Market0
    3206Off Market10
    3612Off Market10
    3610Off Market10
    Login Required27082013-09-25Sold30
    Login Required19202013-09-22Available15
    3614Off Market10
    3615Off Market10
    2118Off Market16
    1830Off Market23
    1833Off Market7
    Login Required18342019-01-04Available22
    1835Off Market10
    1836Off Market10
    1837Off Market10
    3115Off Market10
    3114Off Market10
    3116Off Market10
    Login Required31112018-10-03Sold26
    1130Off Market10
    508Off Market10
    Login Required31182019-01-14Available19
    1115Off Market15
    Login Required11322019-01-10Available34
    1535Off Market10
    Login Required1810MOP2015-09-30Off Market0
    1537Off Market24
    1536Off Market10
    1530Off Market10
    1533Off Market10
    1532Off Market10
    1833Off Market18
    1830Off Market17
    1220Off Market10
    1223Off Market10
    1222Off Market10
    1224Off Market10
    1227Off Market10
    1226Off Market10
    303Off Market10
    301Off Market37
    306Off Market10
    307Off Market10
    304Off Market10
    305Off Market10
    2901Off Market14
    308Off Market10
    309Off Market10
    2905Off Market16
    2907Off Market21
    2012Off Market10
    1904Off Market2
    2101Off Market12
    658Off Market10
    630Off Market10
    654Off Market10
    655Off Market10
    656Off Market10
    191820Off Market0
    650Off Market10
    651Off Market10
    715Off Market17
    Login Required11512016-05-18Sold14
    1405Off Market10
    1404Off Market10
    1155Off Market10
    712Off Market10
    1012Off Market10
    1408Off Market10
    1010Off Market10
    1011Off Market10
    1014Off Market10
    1901Off Market25
    1126Off Market10
    Login Required9512016-10-02Available20
    950Off Market10
    1122Off Market10
    956Off Market10
    Login Required11202017-07-06Sold18
    954Off Market10
    642Off Market10
    Login Required19032016-07-07Sold23
    1128Off Market10
    1129Off Market10
    1618Off Market10
    638Off Market10
    639Off Market10
    1715Off Market10
    Login Required17142017-05-26Sold22
    1717Off Market21
    1403Off Market10
    1710Off Market10
    1534Off Market10
    1712Off Market10
    920Off Market10
    1718Off Market10
    430Off Market10
    431Off Market10
    432Off Market10
    936Off Market10
    434Off Market10
    435Off Market10
    436Off Market10
    437Off Market10
    438Off Market10
    822Off Market10
    821Off Market10
    Login Required8202019-01-01Available21
    826Off Market10
    825Off Market10
    824Off Market10
    3506Off Market10
    3507Off Market10
    756Off Market14
    3505Off Market11
    2503Off Market14
    3503Off Market11
    COMMOff Market24
    3501Off Market10
    615Off Market15
    1410Off Market10
    3401Off Market12
    443Off Market10
    1704Off Market18
    505Off Market10
    506Off Market10
    507Off Market10
    501Off Market17
    2505Off Market10
    503Off Market10
    939Off Market10
    1446Off Market15
    509Off Market10
    607Off Market10
    2015Off Market10
    606Off Market10
    Login Required270727082018-02-16Off Market0
    3715Off Market10
    3714Off Market10
    442Off Market10
    3712Off Market10
    3710Off Market10
    646Off Market10
    1107Off Market10
    Login Required17262013-05-11Off Market29
    3803Off Market10
    Login Required38012017-07-20Sold21
    3807Off Market10
    3805Off Market10
    Login Required1730332018-12-18Off Market0
    1728Off Market10
    1515Off Market10
    1514Off Market10
    2303Off Market15
    2301Off Market16
    Login Required23072013-09-22Available41
    2305Off Market16
    2309Off Market10
    2308Off Market10
    1160Off Market19
    643Off Market10
    3901Off Market16
    3903Off Market11
    644Off Market10
    404Off Market1
    2116Off Market10
    Login Required12012019-01-08In Contract21
    836Off Market10
    837Off Market10
    348Off Market10
    349Off Market10
    346Off Market10
    830Off Market10
    344Off Market10
    345Off Market10
    342Off Market8
    343Off Market10
    340Off Market10
    341Off Market10
    810Off Market10
    2110Off Market8
    1154Off Market10
    619Off Market10
    749Off Market10
    1118Off Market10
    962Off Market24
    611Off Market10
    Login Required11152018-01-02Off Market30
    1114Off Market10
    614Off Market10
    615Off Market14
    1111Off Market15
    1110Off Market10
    811Off Market10
    1901Off Market30
    Login Required170917142015-11-12Available0
    919Off Market10
    Login Required9152019-01-15Available36
    912Off Market10
    911Off Market10
    910Off Market10
    3008Off Market20
    Login Required173031332017-09-01Available0
    649Off Market10
    3001Off Market22
    Login Required1703042016-05-18Sold0
    3003Off Market16
    3007Off Market17
    4001Off Market16
    4003Off Market18
    4002Off Market11
    4004Off Market17
    2911Off Market17
    Login Required7602016-08-04Off Market22
    762Off Market10
    2008Off Market10
    2009Off Market2
    1021Off Market10
    Login Required10202017-01-21Off Market18
    1026Off Market10
    1025Off Market10
    1024Off Market10
    2001Off Market37
    1029Off Market18
    2003Off Market10
    2006Off Market10
    2714Off Market10
    2715Off Market10
    1054Off Market10
    1055Off Market10
    2711Off Market18
    1050Off Market10
    1051Off Market10
    1141Off Market10
    2718Off Market10
    1058Off Market10
    1059Off Market10
    2217Off Market10
    3203Off Market25
    860Off Market13
    715Off Market11
    1018Off Market10
    Login Required3101182017-07-20Sold0
    1015Off Market12
    462Off Market10
    2801Off Market23
    460Off Market20
    1628Off Market10
    812Off Market10
    845Off Market10
    2507Off Market10
    543Off Market10
    544Off Market10
    545Off Market10
    546Off Market10
    815Off Market10
    548Off Market10
    549Off Market10
    818Off Market10
    2508Off Market10
    1733Off Market19
    862Off Market10
    860Off Market21
    660Off Market14
    661Off Market14
    843Off Market10
    842Off Market10
    2220Off Market15
    1427Off Market9
    319Off Market10
    460MOPOff Market0
    3215Off Market10
    801Off Market31
    Login Required32102017-07-19Available30
    3301Off Market12
    1031Off Market10
    562Off Market10
    561Off Market17
    560Off Market17
    612Off Market10
    1809Off Market10
    1808Off Market10
    1805Off Market10
    1804Off Market10
    1807Off Market14
    Login Required18012011-10-25Available24
    1803Off Market10
    3108Off Market10
    3103Off Market10
    Login Required31012018-10-26Off Market20
    3107Off Market15
    532Off Market10
    1242Off Market10
    1241Off Market10
    1240Off Market10
    1246Off Market28
    534Off Market10
    Login Required4142018-12-24Off Market18
    1238Off Market10
    1236Off Market10
    1237Off Market8
    1234Off Market10
    1232Off Market10
    1233Off Market10
    1230Off Market8
    1231Off Market10
    311Off Market10
    310Off Market10
    312Off Market10
    315Off Market10
    314Off Market10
    2918Off Market12
    2203Off Market10
    2916Off Market12
    318Off Market10
    2914Off Market14
    2915Off Market14
    2912Off Market0
    1406Off Market10
    1601Off Market20
    2911Off Market32
    2405Off Market14
    2403Off Market17
    2401Off Market13
    525Off Market10
    1140Off Market10
    729Off Market10
    1142Off Market10
    1143Off Market10
    1412Off Market25
    1145Off Market10
    645Off Market10
    1411Off Market25
    Login Required7202019-01-16Available20
    721Off Market10
    1149Off Market10
    648Off Market10
    724Off Market10
    725Off Market10
    1418Off Market10
    1419Off Market10
    926Off Market10
    1523Off Market10
    924Off Market10
    1521Off Market10
    922Off Market10
    1527Off Market10
    1524Off Market10
    1525Off Market10
    Login Required310131182018-07-14Available0
    1528Off Market10
    641Off Market10
    929Off Market10
    1061Off Market10
    711Off Market10
    640Off Market10
    1144Off Market10
    3212TOff Market0
    441Off Market10
    1708Off Market10
    Login Required17092016-12-29Sold23
    1146Off Market10
    440Off Market10
    1703Off Market20
    1701Off Market14
    1707Off Market10
    1704Off Market20
    1148Off Market10
    425Off Market10
    424Off Market10
    422Off Market10
    858Off Market10
    Login Required4202013-06-13Sold23
    856Off Market10
    445Off Market10
    854Off Market10
    855Off Market10
    410Off Market24
    722Off Market10
    429Off Market10
    851Off Market10
    3101Off Market14
    446Off Market10
    726Off Market10
    Login Required10602018-11-26Off Market19
    1522Off Market10
    450Off Market10
    451Off Market10
    Login Required4562019-01-15Available24
    454Off Market10
    455Off Market10
    Login Required160116372012-01-01Available0
    511Off Market10
    510Off Market10
    1120Off Market15
    515Off Market20
    514Off Market10
    1537Off Market16
    925Off Market10
    3705Off Market10
    3310Off Market10
    3701Off Market10
    3315Off Market10
    3314Off Market10
    3407Off Market10
    Login Required28112018-07-26Available10
    2816Off Market10
    Login Required34012017-07-20Sold32
    2814Off Market10
    3810Off Market10
    3812Off Market10
    2818Off Market18
    3814Off Market10
    3405Off Market10
    2220Off Market14
    3505Off Market14
    1244Off Market10
    3503Off Market14
    2818Off Market23
    1504Off Market12
    962Off Market12
    2316Off Market10
    960Off Market17
    1906Off Market10
    610Off Market10
    Login Required9602017-07-20Sold30
    3910Off Market22
    418Off Market10
    555Off Market17
    522Off Market10
    Login Required27072013-09-27Sold34
    1112Off Market10
    HOTELOff Market35
    1633Off Market10
    350Off Market10
    1135Off Market10
    1903Off Market19
    561MOPOff Market0
    3415Off Market10
    1125Off Market10
    412Off Market10
    940Off Market10
    2503Off Market19
    1519Off Market10
    1518Off Market10
    1108Off Market10
    1109Off Market22
    609Off Market10
    608Off Market10
    1104Off Market18
    1105Off Market16
    605Off Market10
    411Off Market10
    1517Off Market10
    Login Required11012015-11-23Available33
    601Off Market17
    1103Off Market10
    1207Off Market10
    1206Off Market16
    1205Off Market18
    2806Off Market10
    1916Off Market15
    1918Off Market7
    Login Required5552017-04-04Off Market26
    1209Off Market10
    915Off Market15
    807Off Market22
    1429Off Market10
    Login Required14272014-03-06Sold18
    1426Off Market10
    1425Off Market10
    806Off Market10
    1423Off Market10
    1422Off Market10
    1420Off Market10
    2109Off Market2
    1032Off Market10
    1035Off Market10
    1036Off Market10
    1037Off Market10
    1038Off Market10
    1039Off Market10
    Login Required1507042012-12-11Sold0
    Login Required25112019-01-14Available23
    426Off Market10
    Login RequiredC4072013-03-14Off Market0
    1106Off Market10
    3107Off Market14
    558Off Market10
    1733Off Market6
    1229Off Market2
    1730Off Market22
    1737Off Market14
    1736Off Market10
    1735Off Market10
    1734Off Market10
    1632Off Market10
    2811Off Market16
    1630Off Market10
    415Off Market10
    1636Off Market10
    1637Off Market20
    1634Off Market10
    1635Off Market10
    Login Required21012018-09-01Sold10
    556Off Market10
    2103Off Market10
    1001Off Market18
    805Off Market10
    804Off Market10
    551Off Market10
    2106Off Market10
    1161Off Market18
    2108Off Market10
    1162Off Market13
    2516Off Market16
    4004Off Market12
    2514Off Market10
    2515Off Market10
    3210Off Market19
    3212Off Market15
    3915Off Market10
    3914Off Market10
    Login Required39102011-10-25Available41
    3912Off Market10
    1407Off Market10
    1812Off Market10
    520Off Market10
    521Off Market10
    526Off Market10
    Login Required18172017-08-27Available21
    Login Required18142019-01-08Off Market23
    1815Off Market10
    1507Off Market12
    1818Off Market10
    859Off Market10
    2218Off Market10
    1501Off Market16
    3601Off Market22
    2501Off Market15
    18301833Off Market0
    2908Off Market14
    515Off Market23
    456Off Market12
    2708Off Market15
    850Off Market10
    428Off Market10
    2701Off Market12
    2703Off Market19
    1212Off Market14
    421Off Market10
    1216Off Market12
    1218Off Market20
    1156Off Market10
    2003Off Market16
    1814Off Market1
    420Off Market13
    1022Off Market10
    Login Required1830332014-06-09Available0
    325Off Market10
    326Off Market10
    327Off Market10
    320Off Market10
    321Off Market10
    322Off Market10
    328Off Market10
    329Off Market10
    951Off Market9
    3003Off Market19
    2415Off Market17
    2416Off Market20
    3007Off Market29
    3005Off Market20
    Login Required30082017-03-21Available37
    2418Off Market12
    Login Required18102018-12-09Sold27
    636Off Market10
    637Off Market10
    634Off Market10
    635Off Market10
    632Off Market10
    739Off Market10
    738Off Market10
    737Off Market10
    736Off Market10
    735Off Market10
    515518Off Market0
    732Off Market10
    731Off Market10
    730Off Market10
    935Off Market10
    934Off Market10
    937Off Market10
    1028Off Market10
    931Off Market10
    524Off Market10
    932Off Market10
    Login Required26042013-10-25Sold17
    2605Off Market15
    2602Off Market12
    938Off Market10
    2601Off Market10
    528Off Market10
    1056Off Market10
    748Off Market10
    529Off Market10
    2918Off Market12
    742Off Market10
    743Off Market10
    740Off Market10
    2916Off Market12
    746Off Market10
    Login Required27162014-05-22Off Market13
    744Off Market10
    745Off Market10
    849Off Market10
    848Off Market10
    2418Off Market12
    1730Off Market16
    844Off Market10
    2415Off Market19
    846Off Market10
    841Off Market10
    840Off Market10
    2411Off Market18
    1737Off Market13
    1604Off Market12
    1401Off Market10
    1607Off Market17
    541Off Market10
    1601Off Market16
    1603Off Market12
    Login Required110111622019-01-15Available0
    1608Off Market17
    1018Off Market16
    Login Required1607082014-04-07Available0
    2301Off Market25
    2303Off Market18
    2305Off Market17
    2307Off Market18
    1603Off Market10
    1916Off Market16
    1915Off Market11
    1914Off Market8
    Login Required16072019-01-16Available23
    444Off Market10
    1604Off Market10
    449Off Market10
    448Off Market10
    1609Off Market10
    Login Required16082018-12-14Sold23
    562Off Market14
    519Off Market10
    560Off Market33
    561Off Market20
    1132Off Market15
    1409Off Market10
    518Off Market7
    Login Required33012019-01-12In Contract16
    3305Off Market10
    3307Off Market10
    3414Off Market10
    Login Required28012018-04-05Sold18
    1512Off Market10
    1158Off Market10
    3410Off Market14
    2805Off Market10
    3412Off Market10
    2807Off Market10
    2808Off Market10
    512Off Market10
    3510Off Market24
    1015Off Market14
    4002Off Market10
    Login Required40032013-10-29Sold35
    4001Off Market14
    360Off Market24
    362Off Market10
    1416Off Market15
    1124Off Market10
    3605Off Market10
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    Public Records

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    • No documents found.

    HPD Registration

    This building was last registered at the Department of Housing Preservation and Development on July 3, 2018 and the registration expires Sept. 1, 2019.

    • Corporate Owner: Dtrs Essex House, Llc, 160 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019
    • Managing Agent: Dtrs Essex House, Llc, John Rieman, 160 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019
    • Head Officer: John Rieman, 160 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019
    • Site Manager: Michael Gaddis,

    Building Tips


    160 Central Park South, 10019
    Square Footage
    Lot Type
    206.0ft x 211.0ft
    Condo Number


    Central Park South
    Historic District
    Community District
    City Council
    Police Precinct
    Fire Company
    School District
    Census Tract


    Zoning District
    Commercial Overlay
    Split Zoning
    Special Purpose
    Limited Height


    Tax Class
    MV Land
    MV Total
    AV Land
    AV Total

    Floor Area Ratio

    Built FAR

    Zoned FAR 10.0
    Max 414,370.0 sq. ft.
    Remaining 154,891.0 sq. ft.

    Zoned FAR 4.0
    Max 165,748.0 sq. ft.
    Remaining -93,731.0 sq. ft.

    Zoned FAR 10.0
    Max 414,370.0 sq. ft.
    Remaining 154,891.0 sq. ft.


    Condo Number
    Special Condominium Billing Lot
    Land Use
    Mixed Residential & Commercial Buildings
    Year Built
    Residential Units
    Total Units
    Floor Area


    This property is located in the Midtown North Precinct of Manhattan.

    Property Crime

    Very high
    In 2015 the Midtown North Precinct saw 3618 felony property crimes (Burglary, Grand Larceny and Grand Larceny of Motor Vehicle) committed per 100,000 residents**. This is higher then the borough's property crime rate, which was 1219 over the same period.

    Violent Crime

    In 2015 the Midtown North Precinct saw 603 felony violent crimes (Murder, Rape, Robbery and Felony Assault) committed per 100,000 residents**. This is higher then the borough's violent crime rate, which was 444 over the same period.

    ** This does not take daytime population into account. Actual crime rates in areas where many people work (higher daytime population) may be lower. Conversely actual crime rates may be higher in areas where many people commute out for work (lower daytime population).