150 Charles St #4RS
West Village
New York, NY, 10014

This property is currently Off Market.


    Christopher St Route 1 7 Minute walk, 0.4 Miles
    West 4th St Route ARoute BRoute CRoute DRoute ERoute FRoute M 10 Minute walk, 0.5 Miles
    14th St Route FRoute LRoute MRoute 1Route 2Route 3 12 Minute walk, 0.6 Miles
    8th St Route NRoute R 19 Minute walk, 1.0 Miles
    Broadway-Lafayette St Route BRoute DRoute FRoute MRoute 6 20 Minute walk, 1.0 Miles
    Union Square Route LRoute NRoute QRoute RRoute 4Route 5Route 6 21 Minute walk, 1.1 Miles


    Elementry School

    Middle School

    High School

    • Citywide High School Choice

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    • Maps filed 2015-06-18 View Document
    • Condo Declaration (Deeds And Other Conveyances) was filed on 2015-06-18. Parties: 150 Charles Street Condominium View Document


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