What To Do When Your Home Won’t Sell

Nothing is more frustrating than wondering what to do when your home won’t sell. When the home you love languishes on the market you may begin to question your sanity, your agent’s talents—even the house itself! Luckily, you can do several things when your home won’t sell to increase your chances of a successful sale.

Make A Change When Your Home Won’t Sell

A home sale stuck in neutral is usually a sign that something isn’t working. There are several culprits to consider when your home won’t sell and fixing or altering any of them might be enough to move your home sale forward. Here are some adjustments you can make when your home won’t sell:

Everybody loves a bargain. It may take some emotional fortitude, but lowering the price of your home may help jump start interest when your home won’t sell. On the positive side, the money you lose by selling at a lower price may be recovered by lowering your monthly living expenses if you move into a less expensive home.

Change your situation. If you’re selling on your own, consider hiring a real estate agent—a fresh (and professional) set of eyes might catch something you’re missing. If you are currently working with a real estate agent, it might be time to evaluate your relationship. It’s not a marriage. If things aren’t working or you’re not happy, feel free to let your agent go and hire a new one.

Spruce things up. Take an honest look at your home and see if there aren’t changes you can make to make the home more desirable. Remember, not only are you competing with existing homes in your area, you’re also competing with new construction from big builders. A coat of paint is an inexpensive fix, but you might also want to hire a home inspector to help point out other fixes that might make your home more desirable.

Be flexible. Limiting showing hours or refusing to use a lock box can limit to pool of potential buyers for your home. If your home won’t sell, try relaxing any restrictions or limits you’ve put on showing your home.

Increase your marketing. Limited marketing can limit the number of prospective buyers who see your home. Make sure you’re maximizing your marketing in print and online. Consider offering incentives to agents and sellers like higher commission, a home warranty or closing cost incentives. Be creative and proactive when it comes to promoting your home.

Another alternative. When your home won’t sell, but financial needs dictate that it should, consider another alternative: rent. Renting your home may improve your cash flow while allowing you to take the home off the market until conditions improve.

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