Tips For Selling A Condo

Selling a condo in a down market can be a challenge. You’ll need to get everything just right to beat the trend of falling prices and long sales cycles. Selling a condo means selling a lifestyle as well. Be sure your efforts are targeted at buyers who appreciate a low-maintenance, controlled environment.

Six Tips For Selling A Condo Quickly

The price is right. Make every effort to set a competitive price for your condo. Before you begin the process of selling a condo, check local print and Internet listing for similar units in your area. If you work with a real estate agent that has experience with condo marketing, she should be able to provide comparable sales to help guide you. Need to make a quick sale? Price your condo 5% below the average selling price for similar units or consider incentives like covering closing costs.

Tell us about it. Take plenty of pictures of your condo (inside and out) and create a detailed written description of your unit. Detail the desirable features of your condo, the development and the surrounding community.  These materials will form the basis for your marketing campaign and will be a big help in selling your condo.

The power of marketing. Once you have a description and pictures of your condo, be sure to post them in as many places as possible. Online real estate portals, “for sale” sites like and other Internet venues should all be targets for your listing. Newspapers, flyers and brochures should also be on your list of marketing activities.

Cast a wide net. Don’t limit your marketing to the local scene. International marketing is a great way to promote your condo in countries like Mexico, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Staging is for condos too. If you are selling a condo that is vacant, consider staging it much like single family homes are staged for sale. Staging consultants can provide rented furniture and accessories that will turn your empty condo into a showplace that will help your unit stand out for potential buyers.

Lean and mean. If you live in your condo, make every effort to de-clutter and de-personalize the unit before you put it on the market. Fewer possessions will make the space seem larger. A lack of personal items will help potential buyers imagine themselves living in the space.

Be flexible. Try to be as accommodating as possible when it comes to showing your condo. Being available for walkthroughs and amenable to installing a lockbox will go along way toward exposing your condo to the widest pool of buyers.

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