Biggest Mistakes Made When Selling Your Home

When selling your home, the biggest mistakes can cost you time, money and peace of mind. Although it’s easy to fixate on the financial side of selling your home, the biggest mistakes often come when sellers fail to consider the details of the home itself. Remember: when selling your home, treat the home like a product. Marketing and displaying your product in its best light is the only path to a successful sale.

When Selling Your Home, Avoid The Biggest Mistakes

You want HOW much? Overpricing is the number one mistake most novice home sellers make. Regardless of the current market, you always need to do your homework before pricing your home for sale. Take emotion out of the equation and use comparable sales in your area as your pricing yardstick.

Condition. Another of the biggest mistakes made when selling your home is to ignore the condition of your house. Waiting until a real estate agent or (worse!) a prospective buyer points out your home’s repair shortcomings is too late and will cost you a sale. Take the time to go over your house in detail or consider hiring a home inspector to take a look at your home before you put it on the market.

Marketing. Given that your home is the most expensive product you’ll probably ever sell, it only makes sense to market it to the best of your ability. Take high quality photos of your home and create an attractive listing. Once you have that listing, be sure to publish in as many markets (both online and in print) as possible with services like Also, consider brochures, flyers and other forms of marketing. Above all, don’t settle for a simple listing on a single web site!

Staging. The process of staging your home involves creating an attractive interior space for showings and open house events. The web is a great place to find a staging consultant in your market. If you don’t wish to spend a ton of money, consider hiring a consultant for a written consultation and then make the changes to your home’s interior yourself.

Experience. While most sellers don’t have a lot of experience in selling a home, they should tap into others experience to get the job done right.  Merely working as a real estate agent however, doesn’t guarantee experience.  The smart seller looks at real data to make their decisions.  If you are not selling it yourself, work with a company that understands historical data and marketing, and is not merely focused on getting their next listing. 

Curb Appeal. When selling your home, avoid the mistake of ignoring the outside of your home. Landscaping and the exterior of your home combine to form your home’s curb appeal. Make any repairs and spruce up your hedges and flowerbeds to create the best first impression your home can give. Flower containers on the front porch are a quick and inexpensive way to bring color to your entry. And co-op/condo owners should also make sure their own version of curb appeal – i.e. “hall appeal”- works in their favor as well.  While it may not be your responsibility, make sure your halls and common areas of your building are clutter free upon entering your home.

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