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Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve been dreaming of building a better real estate search engine. Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I have, for years, been thinking about the real estate industry, and how we can use technology to improve it. Our first entry into this space was our seller platform, which gives sellers of residential real estate the tools, technology and expertise to sell a home like a pro, but without a typical listing commission. To date, we have saved sellers over $1M in commissions. But selling is only half of the story when it comes to a real estate transaction.

Today, we are proud to unveil (in beta) our new property finder, featuring a maps-based user interface, as well as a number of new interactive features including first-ever listing compatibility rankings based on search criteria, a unique lasso tool for tailored neighborhood definitions and enhanced graphing for market research and analysis.

Real estate is all about compromise and shifting the list of wants, needs and dealbreakers as one’s search evolves. For this reason, we built’s new interface to provide users with a streamlined and simple hub for researching and ranking listings. As a tech-focused firm, our goal is to continually stay ahead of the market and provide clients with the most advanced tools for a more in-depth, intuitive approach to real estate.

We hope you’ll check out our state-of-the-art features below and click through to take our real estate search engine for a spin.

Maps-Based Interface’s enhanced search function centers around an elegant map-based interface that is clear and user-friendly. Users are able to set their own personal neighborhood boundaries, lassoing specific areas across New York City and searching specifically within these customized borders.

In a city of neighborhoods with fluctuating borders and micro-neighborhoods that can vary greatly within a matter of a few blocks, the pre-defined neighborhood options don’t mirror how people outline their ideal location when searching for homes. We created the lasso tool to let clients define their own neighborhoods, thus returning more targeted results and cutting through the real estate clutter.

Compatibility Rankings
Upon entering their criteria, users will receive a wider variety of matches from REBNY’s comprehensive listing database that may have previously been overlooked by traditional searches – all ranked by percentages according to how closely they meet search requirements.’s cutting-edge interface was designed to enhance the traditional method of search, which only returns exact matches, to create a more thorough way to analyze results.

The tool not only provides users with their perfect matches, which are based on a highly varied number of search algorithms, but also ranks close matches based on relevancy to the original search with an at-a-glance overview.’s search tools also help ensure that listings with missing or incorrect information aren’t completely lost in the search process due to human error.

Data and Metrics
RealDirect’s new interface also includes dynamic tools for researching and analyzing the market. Real-time charts and graphs display current availability, pricing, size and unit breakdowns by neighborhood, including side-by-side analyses that help users compare multiple neighborhoods at once. for Buyers offers resources and access to RealDirect’s expert real estate consultants. In working with, buyers have the opportunity to earn a rebate of up to 1 percent on the sale price of a home at closing. provides prospective buyers with two-tiered guidance in managing their apartment search, including a unique Buyer Profile that helps clients better understand their living needs.

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