RealDirect for Buyers

About 7 weeks ago we launched the Agent Managed RealDirect service, which allows home owners to sell their home with our powerful online sales platform and have the entire process managed by a RealDirect agent (and do it for as little as a 1% commission).  Today we announced RealDirect for Buyers - an equally revolutionary buyer service for home buyers in Manhattan.  Learn more about the service here.

RealDirect for Buyers is consistent with our mission of bringing buyers and sellers of residential real estate together in a more efficient way – and ultimately passing the savings on to our clients.  Here, we borrow from another area of the online world to improve upon the real estate brokerage.  In this case, we leverage structured databases (think online dating).  Quite simply, there are a lot of attributes in an apartment that make it the right fit for a buyer – and these go way beyond the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and neighborhood.  With RealDirect for Buyers, we are doing what any good agent would do – we are gathering all of the clients needs and assessing the right place for them.  However, we are taking it a bit further.  We break these datapoints (we collect ~70 of them) down and score them by level of importance.  We then match the buyer’s relevant criteria to specific properties we believe best represent the data.  And then we track which homes (and characteristics) the buyer ultimately chooses and adjust our scoring to reflect the real life choices being made.

In a lot of ways, this is what an experienced agent does.  They can tell that your desire for outdoor space may ultimately mean you want more light in your next apartment.  Or that if you work from home, you should have a specific layout.  In the end, this collective wisdom from structured data ensures that every client gets this benefit  – and ultimately helps the client find the right home faster.

Yes – we all realize that every home and individual is unique, and that an algorithm cannot create a perfect match every time.  That’s why we have agents working with every RealDirect for Buyers client.  But where there are patterns that can help guide a buyer to the home they will ultimately buy in a shorter time frame, they should be explored.

Oh, and most importantly, because we are so confident that our process makes us more efficient, we give a 1% rebate to all of our clients on closing.  Happy buying!

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