Staging Your Living Room

Staging your living room is the perfect way to set off a large space that is often a gathering place for entertaining and conversation. By converting your living room into an open, inviting area, you’ll help your home appeal to a wider selection of prospective buyers. Ideally, staging your living room should result in a centerpiece that sets the tone for the rest of the house.

Tips For Staging Your Living Room

Purge. The simplest way to begin staging your living room is to remove excess items or items that don’t have a specific place in the room. Remotes, kids’ school books and stray magazines should all be taken from the room. Also, remove all but a few of your collectibles—a room crowded with items seems smaller than it really is.

De-personalize. Remove personal photos, souvenirs and other family items. When a buyer walks into your living room, you want them to be able to imagine themselves living there—family items get in the way of that illusion.

Upgrade. Take an honest look at your furniture and decide if it will create a favorable impression on buyers that tour your home. If your furniture is run down or in poor repair, consider renting new pieces for the duration of the sale process. Stained or worn pieces can be covered with a new slipcover that coordinates with the other colors in the room.

Simplify. Consider removing some of the furniture from your living room if the current arrangement limits movement through the room or creates a cramped feeling. As an alternative, re-arrange the furniture to create smaller conversational groupings.

It seems odd… Knickknacks and other display pieces look more natural to the eye if they are arranged in an odd number of items. Try to arrange and display living room accessories alone or in settings of three, five or seven pieces.

A word on lighting. When it comes to staging your living room, light is your strongest ally. A well-lit room appears larger than a dimly lit space. First, make sure all lamps and fixtures have the brightest bulbs possible and make sure they are turned on during a showing. Next, open all window coverings to flood the room with natural light. Finally, if your living has dark corners or other areas, place a floor lamp or table lamp to “fill in” these areas with light.

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