Staging Your Family Room

Your family room may be the most popular space in your home, but making it appeal to prospective buyers can be a challenge. As a hub of entertaining and family activity, your family room may have seen years of hard use. Staging your family room will mean updating the space and removing any signs of wear and tear.

Staging Your Family Room For Success

A clean slate. Before you begin staging your family room, clean the space thoroughly. Make sure all surfaces are wiped down or dusted, including windows, sills and baseboard trim. Clean flooring completely, or consider hiring a professional to do the job. Clean and dust all furniture and electronics in your family room—don’t forget TV screens and under the couch!

Light and airy. Your goal, when it comes to staging your family room, should be to focus on making the room appear as large and attractive as possible. Start by purging the room of books, toys, papers and other miscellaneous items that don’t really have a place in the room. Next, consider removing a few pieces of furniture to improve the traffic flow and make the room seem less crowded. Finally, remove personal items like family or pet photos so that potential buyers can feel less like they are intruding and picture themselves living in your family room.

Taking stock. Make a candid evaluation of the rugs, furniture and accessories in your family room. Are these pieces attractive and in good repair? Will they appeal to a large percentage of buyers that will look at your home? Rent new pieces to replace broken or dated furniture. Cover stained or worn furniture with new slipcovers. Remove worn or stained area rugs.

Draw the eye with detail. Use tasteful accessories to draw the eye and highlight attractive features of your family room. Placing low houseplants in front of windows can draw the eye to a great view. A tall flower arrangement can highlight a floor-to-ceiling mantle. Pick one or two areas of your family room and emphasize them with form or color.

Illuminating the positive. Light is another great way to make your room appear larger. Open your window coverings and let in as much natural light as possible. Install bright bulbs in all of your fixtures and have all the lights on during a showing. Consider adding up-lighting in corners or behind furniture to accentuate the height of your family room. Finally, make sure any dark areas of your family room are lit with a table or floor lamp.

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