Staging Your Bathroom

Staging your bathroom is almost as important as the kitchen when it comes to staging your house. Even the biggest bathroom is typically smaller than most of the other living spaces in your home. This means that details will jump out at prospective homebuyers who tour your house. Successfully staging your bathroom will give buyers the feeling that they’ve stepped into a wonderful spa—a place they’ll want to call their own!

Tips On Staging Your Bathroom

Cleaning up. If you’ve ever stayed in a fine hotel, the clinically clean bathroom look is what you want to mimic as you begin staging your bathroom. Clean all of the fixtures, the floor and the mirrors and windows. Clean the grout between the tiles and that baseboard behind the door that always seems dusty. If the caulk around your shower or tub won’t come clean, remove it and replace it with new caulk. Once your bathroom sparkles, make every effort to keep it that way!

Clear. Remove all clutter from your bathroom, including grooming products, hampers full of dirty clothes and especially toothbrushes and hairbrushes. Keep the essentials in an overnight toiletry bag under the sink for the duration of the home selling process. Also, remove any rugs or fabric toilet covers to give your bathroom a streamlined look of simplicity.

A ray of light. Take advantage of natural light by opening curtains or blinds as wide as they will go. Dust your light bulbs and the interior of enclosed fixtures—you’ll be surprised how much extra light this simple step provides. Always have all available bathroom lights turned on during showings and open house events.

Fixtures. If your bathroom fixtures are dated, consider replacing them with updated or neutral alternates. Drawer pulls, faucets and even light switch covers are all candidates for a timely makeover.

Flowers. Place a vase full of fresh cut flowers in your bathroom. Not only will the flowers add a splash of color, they’ll bring a fresh scent to your bathroom as well. Keep the flowers well watered and replace as needed.

Accessorize. Splurge on some new towels and hang them prominently in your bathroom. Warm neutral colors will give your bathroom the feel of an upscale spa. Place an attractive wooden tray near the sink bearing a few containers of high-end soaps and lotions to reinforce the spa feel.

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