Selling Your Home With Pets At Home

Nothing is as demanding as selling your home with pets as home. As hard as it may be to believe, not everyone loves the thought of a four-legged friend scurrying around the house. Whether a buyer’s fears are real or imagined, the fact remains that pets can be a major stumbling block when it come to selling your home.

With Pets At Home, Selling A Home Doesn’t Have To Be A Challenge

Remember, it’s only temporary. The number one way to avoid issues with pets at home is to move the pets out temporarily. The most effective solution is to move pets to a friend’s or relative’s home during the home selling process. Next best is to have your pet hang out elsewhere during showings and open house events. Last on the list is to keep your dog in the yard or in a crate while showing your home.

Clean up. As you prepare the rest of the home for sale, be sure to concentrate on pet areas as well. Have carpets professionally cleaned—if stains won’t come out, remove or replace the flooring. Clean feeding and grooming areas. Remove food bowls, water bowls and pet bedding.

That special odor. Even the most meticulously clean pet may leave odors behind. Have a friend enter your home and give an honest opinion. If pet odors are a problem, try commercial enzyme-based odor removers. You may have to hire a professional to get rid of odors or remove the source of lingering odors such as stained flooring material.

The pet is OUT. Remove all signs that a pet is part of the family as you stage your home. Remove all toys, bowls, bedding and even photos of your pet. Be careful to stage photos of your home’s interior so that your pet isn’t present in any of the images. Although you’ll have to list your pet on disclosure forms, there is no need to turn potential buyers away before they’ve had a chance to view your home.

Marking territory. Repair any scratch marks, wall stains or screen damage caused by your pets before showing your home. Also, remove or cover distinctive signs of your pet’s presence like pet doors.

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