Home Selling And Privacy

Wondering how to protect your privacy while selling your home? Selling a home, by its nature, involves letting strangers into your living space. Identity theft is on the rise, and it’s only prudent to take the steps necessary to maintain your privacy while selling your home. Besides, information a prospective buyer might get from your home could weaken your bargaining position or ruin the chance of a sale.

Home Selling And Privacy: Practical Matters

Drawers and closets. Potential buyers can be expected to look in every drawer and closet in your home. Don’t assume furniture drawers are safe from prying eyes—remove all confidential documents and valuables from drawers and closets. Move these important belongings into a safe, safety deposit box or off-site storage unit for the duration of your home selling cycle.

Bring in the mail. Don’t leave mail (opened or sealed) on counters, in drawers or in the mailbox. If your home is unoccupied, pick the mail up regularly or have it forwarded to a post office box or alternate address. Even unopened mail can give prospective buyers information about your financial or personal status.

Personal items. While removing personal items is important for staging your home, it is also an important way to protect your privacy. Framed diplomas and awards can give away your profession, age and status. Marriage photos can give clues as to your religious beliefs and age. While you’re at it, take down any wall calendars or reminder boards that can also contain personal information. Also, don’t forget address books, diaries or journals!

Digital privacy. Today’s digital culture creates many new opportunities for those with bad intent to invade your privacy. Don’t leave your cell phone lying around where others can pick it up. Password protect and shut down home computers during showings. Unplug your answering machine to avoid personal messages during a showing or open house. Finally, if using a FSBO listing service, be sure to avoid providing personal information in the listing.

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