Downtown Storage Solutions

How often does Leia Furer need her pirate costume?
There are only two valid reasons to wear a pirate outfit: Halloween, and hijacking sailing ships. In other words, a pirate outfit is something you’ll probably only be wearing three or four times a year. But what to do with the outfit during the off-season? The feathered hat; the scimitar; the puffy shirt, all the plunder you amassed from your last pirate mission—it all takes up closet space. But you’re a downtowner. You live a sardine-packed existence…

You need extra storage space.

X marks the spot! Not one block a way from our apartment we found not one, but two Manhattan Mini Storage locations.

So we made enquiries. In fact, we did more than that—we are now the proud renters of a 4′ by 4′ by 5′ storage compartment. The cost? $60/month. Worth it? You bet! We couldn’t part with hundreds of books, or ski gear, or the Oscar trophy, or—how could we forget—the bomb defusing equipment. But with the high cost of real estate south of 14th street it just doesn’t make sense to pay for more square footage to house inanimate objects. The best part of the deal is that Manhattan Mini Storage will help to move your precious storables to and from their facility at no extra charge, saving you money and hassle.

We were relieved after having stored our sundry paraphernalia, as you can see.

Manhattan Mini Storage: Check them out here.

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