Social Media Tools for Marketing Your Home

In addition to the multiple steps taken by RealDirect to market your real estate listing (REBNY, NYTimes, Streeteasy just to name a few) thanks to the proliferation of social connectivity tools on the web, there are also several ways you can increase your listing’s visibility for no cost other than a small investment of time. You may already use some of these social networking platforms and have familiarity with others. Some of them you might not have heard of. But all of them can help to drive more eyeballs to your property listing. The bulk of social sites that are useful for marketing real estate can be broken down into three categories: networking, bookmarking and location-based. Each category serves a different purpose, and there are multiple platforms within each category. The more you use social media tools for marketing your listing, the greater your potential reach.

Social Networking

E-mail: Quickly send your listing to everyone in your address book via e-mail. Ask them to pass along to anyone who might be interested.

Blog: If you already blog, you’re ahead of the game with a built-in audience. Absolutely use your blog to talk about selling your home and promote your listing.

Facebook: Share your listing with all of your friends on Facebook. You can include photos in an album and encourage your existing social network to share with their friends as well.

Twitter: Tweet a link to your listing, with a brief description. Ask followers to Retweet (RT) to expand your audience.

LinkedIn: Share a link to your listing with the people in your professional network. It’s like telling friends at the office that you have a place for sale, but with the reach of your entire professional network.

YouTube: YouTube is the largest video sharing network on the web. Create a slideshow or video tour of your apartment with a listing link and post it to YouTube.

Social Bookmarking:

Reddit: The social bookmarking sites all have the same premise: bookmark your favorite links from around the web and share with friends and others who have similar interests.

Digg: When you find a link that you like, you can share it on Reddit, Digg it, or Stumble it.

Stumbleupon: What that means is you like a link and you want to recommend it to others. You can use these services to recommend your listing link.

Location Based Services:

Facebook Places: Like the social bookmarking sites, location based services all work in basically the same way. When you visit a “place” you can check-in from a mobile device and let all of your “friends” know you’re there.

Foursquare: These services give you the opportunity to create a “place” if it’s not already in their database. This means you can create your listing as a “place” and check-in every time you’re there. Your listing will then show up any time someone checks in nearby.

Gowalla: You can also use location based services to leave tips about the area. So you can create tips that tell people who check in nearby about the great features of your building, your favorite local restaurant, or the best place to have dry cleaning done in the area.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all of the available social media platforms (we have over 341 available on all of our listings), but it does provide an overview of the broader categories, their utility and the biggest players with each category. While it’s not necessary or practical to employ every single social media tool and platform to get your listing sold, they are all free to use and a great way to expand awareness of your property with just a small investment of your time.

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