Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays

While many people choose to remove their home from the market during the busy months of November and December in order to avoid dealing with showings, there are still active buyers during the holiday season. For homeowners who decide to keep their property listed through the holidays, there are some important tips for staying “showing-ready” while still being festive.

1. Keep decorations simple, elegant and minimal. Opt for ornaments in colors like silver and gold instead of red and green and choose white lights instead of colored to avoid clashing with decor. Setting up a small display of holiday cards on a decorative plate shows lifestyle without going overboard.

2. Be mindful not to obstruct light or views. If you have a tree keep it small so it doesn’t crowd your space. Don’t hang anything in the windows as it’s vital to maximize the amount of light coming through and to show off great views.

3. Don’t wrap doors. Your door is the first thing potential buyers see when visiting your home. If you feel the need to decorate it, stick with a small, neutral wreath.

4. Presents, if displayed, should be tastefully wrapped and stacked neatly out of the way. If presents are bulky or numerous, they should be stashed in a bin and removed from the apartment prior to showings. Shoving them in a closet can give the impression that the home doesn’t have enough closet space.

5. Make the most of holiday cheer by baking cookies and setting them out with festive napkins. Your apartment will smell wonderful and your potential buyers won’t leave hungry.

Buyers who are actively looking during the holidays tend to be serious about their hunt and ready to make a decision, so follow the above tips to make the best possible impression and get your home sold.

Photo via OiMax

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