The First 24: What Happens Once Your Real Estate Listing Is Published?

RealDirect's marketing outreach includes direct mail which is created and ordered within 24 hours of listing publication.

One of the cornerstone beliefs at RealDirect is creating efficiency in the real estate process through the smart use of technology. That’s why we’ve built a listing management dashboard that allows users to edit and update their listings, view stats, offer available showing appointments, set open houses and get helpful suggestions at any time. It’s also how we manage to accomplish an incredible amount of marketing outreach for each of our real estate listings within the first 24 hours of publication.

As soon as your listing goes live on, it is automatically syndicated to your local broker database (in most cases for Manhattan and Brooklyn, that’s the REBNY database, though we also publish to the MLS where applicable), which is where other brokers search for listings. It is also published to,,, and picked up by,, and multiple other real estate websites that pull their data from the MLS. And that’s just what happens automatically.

Because we have a marketing department which focuses on promoting every single listing (instead of forcing individual agents to do all of their own marketing), we have been able to create a very thorough and efficient process which distributes your listing far and wide within a day of publication. Once your listing goes live, it is published to:

RealDirect’s Facebook Page

RealDirect’s Facebook Listings Hub



Pinterest (both our “Favorite Real Estate” board, and its own dedicated board).

Our PR team  immediately begins work to pitch each of our listings to publications which might be interested in featuring them, and our homes frequently get press coverage in places like the Times, NYPost, Curbed, Brownstoner, Broker’s Weekly and more.

Additionally, all of our RealDirect Neighborhood Guides receive notification that a new listing has been published, so they know immediately that there’s something new that might fit the needs of their buyers. And, we create a direct mail piece which goes to the printer for delivery to your entire building within the first week of listing.

We also offer an Agent Managed program which includes even more extensive marketing and showings/open houses held by a RealDirect Neighborhood Guide.

Before you decide to list with a traditional broker, ask them for a detailed checklist of how much promotion you can expect your listing to receive within the first 24 hours. Then compare it with RealDirect’s quick, efficient and thorough marketing of each and every listing. We’ll come out on top, every single time.

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