Kitchen Countertops – The Best Choice for Resale Value

From concrete to stainless steel to quartz and laminate in every color under the sun, there are so many choices for kitchen countertops that making a selection can be overwhelming. There are a multitude of factors that play into this choice, including aesthetics, durability, price and ultimately, which kitchen countertops are the best option for resale value. If you’re considering replacing kitchen countertops, read on. We’ve outlined the various materials on the market along with their prices, characteristics and our top picks for resale.

Material: Granite

Cost: $80+ per s.f.

Pros: Heat resistant, durable, wide variety of colors and finishes, the top choice for buyers.

Cons: Price, can stain, chip or crack.

Material: Soapstone

soapstone is a durable option for kitchen countertops and good for resale valueCost: $60+ per s.f.

Pros: Chemically inert, attractive patina, won’t stain below surface.

Cons: Soft, no color variety, can chip, smaller slabs mean there may be seams

Material: Concrete

concrete is a trendy countertop choiceCost: $75+ per s.f.

Pros: Trendy, durable.

Cons: Heavy, difficult to fabricate, can crack.

Material: Marble

Cost: $200+ per s.f.

Pros: Waterproof, heatproof, wide variety of colors & patterns.

Cons: Stains easily, requires constant sealing, very high price.

Material: Wood

Cost: $100+ per s.f.

Pros: Warm, can be used for cutting.

Cons: High maintenance, soft, can stratch.

Material: Quartz

Cost: $60+ per s.f.

Pros: Wide variety of colors, durable, resists scratches & stains, as popular as granite in terms of resale.

Cons: Price, not as much depth of color as natural stone.

Material: Stainless Steel

Cost: $100+ per s.f.

Pros: Modern, attractive look, heat resistant, seamless.

Cons: Price, can scratch and dent.

Material: Ceramic Tile

Cost: As low as $1 per s.f. for DIY

Pros: Cheap, durable, heat resistant, wide variety of colors & styles.

Cons: Grout stains and is difficult to clean, can chip, uneven surface, can be detrimental to resale.

Material: Laminate

laminate countertops are a cheap and cheerful option for kitchen renovationCost: $15+ per s.f.

Pros: Affordable, wide range of colors & patterns.

Cons: No longer trendy, seen as “cheap”, scratches easily, prone to heat damage, has visible seams.

Material: Solid Surface

solid surface countertops such as corian and silestone are affordable and seamlessCost: $40+ per s.f.

Pros: seamless, affordable, variety of styles, stain resistant.

Cons: Not heat resistant, scratches, not as desirable to home buyers as natural stone.

Top picks for resale:

Granite & Quartz

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