Is December a Good Time for Real Estate?

This is the beginning of the holiday month and real estate will be a little slower in December. However, contrary to conventional wisdom, in my experience, December is a great time to be in the real estate market.  I find that listings that are active at this time, especially those that are running open houses, tend to be from more motivated sellers. Additionally, buyers who are actively looking in December are more serious. As a result, over the years I have seen the best deals happen for clients during the month of December.

So…for those of you who will be in town I would urge you to stay active throughout this month – you may be glad that you did.

December is a great time to buy an apartment:

Apartments that are being shown during this season are by more motivated sellers – and brokers. If someone is holding an open house on a Sunday in December you know that they are serious. Because fewer buyers are out there this month, you have much less competition. Things don’t move as fast so you don’t have to rush to make an offer. Also I have found that you can often negotiate a better deal in December with those sellers who would like to get into contract before January.

December is a great time to sell an apartment:

Buyers who are looking at apartments this month are not just browsing. People are very busy in December and there are many demands on their time so if they come to look at your home, they are serious buyers. These buyers often have a timetable in mind – they may have to be out of their current home by the Spring and know that they have to get in contract by year’s end or early January in order to accomplish this. They probably spent much of the Fall checking out the market and are ready to make a buying decision. Having your home available to view at a time when there is less competition helps you to stand out from the crowd.

Due to this experience I will remain in town and stay active throughout this month and will continue searching for apartments and previewing for my clients on a regular basis. So…if you want to take advantage of the December real estate market please let me know.

I hope you and your family have a happy and healthy season.

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