Empty Nest – Extra Bedroom

Florida. Arizona. Shuffleboard. Aquasize. Life expectancies have grown, quality of life has improved, and older adults are choosing to live life to the fullest. Instead of becoming snowbirds and heading off to warmer climes to join the weekly Canasta game, empty-nesters and retirees are ditching their suburban lives in favor of the excitement and opportunities afforded by an urban setting.

With the added financial stability that comes later in life, empty-nesters and retirees are in a perfect position to fully enjoy city living, including easy access to world-class restaurants, nightlife, museums, galleries, and theater. Green space is plentiful, with multiple small neighborhood parks and larger open spaces like Central Park and the High Line. City life has the added benefit of being able to enjoy green space without the exterior maintenance and lawn care that comes with a suburban, single-family home.

New York City consistently ranks among the top ten safest large American cities and transportation options are abundant (subway, trains, bus, taxi, and of course, walking), making it comfortable and easy to get anywhere one might want to go. The city also makes an excellent base for world travel, with three (EWR, LGA, JFK) major international airports. And for those who don’t feel like going out, everything imaginable is available for home delivery.

Empty-nesters and retirees should make sure they have an extra bedroom, because with all that New York City has to offer, children and grandchildren are sure to want to make frequent visits. Just be mindful that the guest room isn’t too comfortable; nobody needs grown-up birds getting any ideas about returning to the nest long-term.

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