From Russia With Love

I’m a proud American and I’ve been living in New York for almost 10 years. I love this city and it’s people. One benefit of New York is the fantastic restaurants where the staff speaks Russian, my native tongue. But it’s not just the purveyors of fine caviar that speak the language of Czars; heck no—not by a long shot. There’s my watch repairman, my dog-sitter, and my favorite real estate attorney. I can even go to hockey games at Madison Square Garden, curse loudly in Russian, and half of the New York Rangers will get offended. I don’t actually do this, mind you, but my point is that there are Russians everywhere. Most of them will tell you that communism sucks. But wait, does it?

Let’s take a communist organization like RealDirect, for example. Of the 5%-6% commission typically charged to a property seller, we take up to 1% and redistribute it to the people. That’s right: from the pockets of your real estate broker to the pockets of the needy—that’s you, apartment hunters. Because Carl Marx knows you’re going to need that 1% to help you cover your closing costs, mark my words.

The communist revolution is back, but this time it’s different. Is the message getting out to my fellow comrades? I hope that one day we’ll have a button on the top right hand corner of this website that says “Russian”, so we could share the benefits of the City’s most innovative Real Estate agency in Cyrillic. In the meantime, comrades, give me a call.

Image via Forbes

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