The Studio Apartment

A studio apartment of current day is not to be confused with the grand studios of the mid-19th century that were built as artist’s studios with attached living quarters. Today a studio apartment is a modest open one room layout with no distinct rooms other than the bathroom. Although occasionally the kitchen area may be separate, it is more common for the kitchen to be part of the open space.

Nonetheless, with some careful decorating and organization, a studio can be a beautiful and airy space. A bedroom corner can be created with a separating ornamental screen or by dividing the space with a couch and chairs. A fold out table can be placed against a wall for dining. Lighter paint colors, slimmer furniture and sheer drapes or blinds can add to a lighter and more open feel.

Studios can range in size. Most are on the smaller size, being more suitable for a single resident, but there are some prewar studios that can be found with impressive dimensions.

Samples of NYC Studio Apartment floorplan:

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