The Edwardian 5 Apartment

Sometimes confused with a Classic 5 apartment, an “Edwardian 5” apartment refers to a prewar apartment that includes one full bedroom, a living room, a formal dining room, a kitchen and a maids room. These were spaciously appointed apartments, perhaps for the Edwardian bachelor who favored lavish parties and entertaining. Today, the maids room lends itself nicely to family living as a child’s room or when combined with the kitchen, for an eat-in alcove. Maids room bathrooms can be converted into a washer/dryer niche. Depending on the location and amenities of the building, and the character of the apartment itself including view, fireplace, and architectural details, the price of these types of apartments can vary significantly with some going for as high as $3M.

Sample of Edwardian 5 floor plan

17 East 89th Street

Edwardian 5 with Maids Room converted to 2nd Bedroom

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