The Classic 6 Apartment

The term “Classic 6” apartment refers to a prewar apartment with six main rooms – a living room, separate formal dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms and a smaller maid’s room. Size is typically between 1500 and 2000 square feet, but smaller and larger Classic 6 apartments exist. It was common for such apartments to have anywhere from two to three baths. While the living quarters of the primary residents were large and spacious, the maids room was much smaller and located towards the back of the apartment, often directly off the kitchen, with room enough for little more than a bed and a table. The maids bath was generally small with the sink sometimes located in the maids dwelling instead of in the bath. Today, for the space deprived apartment dweller, the maids room can be a useful “extra” room, serving as a small nursery, study or storage area. Some larger maids rooms can also serve as a guest room. One of the most famous Classic 6 apartments might be “Charlotte and Trey’s” apartment on the HBO series Sex and the City.

Today many Classic 6 apartments have been modified to suit the needs of subsequent owners – an eat-in alcove may have replaced a maids room, a larger entertaining space may have been created by combining the living and dining rooms, or a dining room may have been converted into a third bedroom. Larger Classic 6 apartments with propertly situated windows, can even be divided into 7 or 8 rooms with 3 or 4 bedrooms. Regardless of such changes, the original “Classic 6” configuration will be listed when such an apartment is being sold or referenced.

Sample of Classic 6 floor plan:

110 Riverside Drive, New York

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