The Classic 5 Apartment

Classic 5 Apartment

The term “Classic 5” refers to a prewar apartment that includes 5 rooms – two full sized bedrooms, a living room, a formal dining room and a kitchen. It is different to a Classic 6 in that it does not have a smaller maids room. However, one should not assume that such apartments are automatically small in nature. Classic 5 apartments can vary in size from extremely spaciously appointed rooms to much smaller spaces. The Classic 5 is also commonly modified and lends itself well to conversion to a 3 bedroom by dividing rooms – especially the large formal dining room. Classic 5 apartments should not be confused with 5 room apartments that were “carved” out of larger pre-war units. These “un-classic 5″ apartments often have 2 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and maids room, where the living room was the former dining room in an 8 + room apartment.

Sample of Classic 5 floor plan (with dining room split into 2 rooms):

The following unit has the original layout, but the bedroom was opened up to the foyer to create an additional living space/den.

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